It's amazing what a difference footwear can make

Especially in keeping your feet clean, warm and dry.  Boom boom!  In all seriousness though, it never fails to amaze me how finding the perfect pair of boots or shoes can be the cure all for wardrobe dilemmas. 

We've all done it.  We know we have a wardrobe full of amazing things.  Outfits that we love, that we've worn before.  We've even added a few new season gems in as we know they'll work perfectly with what we already have. 

So why then do all those aforementioned fabulous outfits that worked in Sept, Oct just feel meh now. 

I know.  I've worked it out.  It's the fault of the footwear.  I honestly think that coats and what you wear on your feet can have the biggest impacts on the look of an outfit. 

Change the shoes for boots, the flats for heels and suddenly, the outfit just doesn't work anymore.  Or it might even be that it's not quite the look you want at that moment in time.  I don't know about anyone else but with the weather getting chillier (and my waistline getting bigger thanks to Mini Stollen - that's plural not just the one), I want to wear oversized jumpers, skinnies and boots.  I want to be cosy with chunky clothes on. 

And I need chunky boots.  My bestie is the opposite and she was after a pair of knee high boots (which I have neglected to look at this season At All and should definitely give some consideration to) which I can see would give a whole new look to an old outfit but nope, for me, I wanted something a bit grungier. 

Biker boots.  I have old KG biker boots that have served me very well for the past five years and owe me diddly squat now but biker boots have come on in leaps and bounds and so when my friends at Seven Boot Lane asked me if I'd like to add to my collection with a pair of A/W boots, I nearly bit their hands off for their Caitlyns.

These are amazing.  I had been looking at Biker Boots and so I've also got some alternatives from the High Street for you to have a look at.  But for me, the Caitlyn is the perfect boot.  I love the rose gold stud detailing (matches my black studded bag perfectly), I love the extra strap you get with them for more embellishment which I immediately threw on as well.  I love the way they're wider at the top and you can in fact loosen or tighten them round your ankle, depending on which you prefer.

I chose the Caitlyn as I think, being tall, it gives a better sense of proportion as I can adjust the looseness of them as appropriate for the outfit.  They're the perfect height up my leg (this is a case of preference) but for me I didn't want ankle or knee high - mid calf was exactly what I wanted. 

Caitlyn Biker Boot from Seven Boot Lane £185


If the leather is too masculine then a suede option may be better and so the Carrie would be the one to look for - and before you ask, they're water resistant suede!

The Carrie biker boot £175 - fur lined with charcoal suede. 

Someone did ask me on the blog the other day if I could recommend how to wear these if you're not as tall.  Well, like I said, I think it does depend on the look that you want - some people do like these to be higher up the leg and so these would be fine then for all heights. 

But if you're after a shorter pair then these are just the ticket. 

The Charlotte in Charcoal Suede £175

Or the Carrie in Grey suede £175

Seven Boot Lane are offering, as I mentioned the other day, 15% off any product with the code DMBAW14 till the 24th December.
If you're after a chocolate leather pair then these looked great from M&S.  These have enough extra detail to look interesting without having too much added hardware which I feel can tip you over into Hell's Angel territory.  It's a fine balance.  I have to say I prefer more metal bling than less but you can easily go over the top.  These are definitely the lite version which I know lots of people will love.

Leather Stretch Zip Padded Biker Boots in Chocolate £85

And in black £85

Ditto an understated pair from Boden.

The Biker Boot from Boden was £139 now £97.30

They also do them in a brown as well. 

If you did prefer a brown leather then I've seen these ones in the flesh at Clarks and they look pretty great.  I personally don't think they're as gritty or as edgy as some of the other ones but that may well be the preference for some.

Clarks Orinocco Jive in Brown £89.99

They do also do them in black as well. 

I know people rave about the Hobbs ones.  Slightly boxier with less detailing - a cleaner look a la Hobbs style.

Black Zana Biker Boot £199

And these don't quite fit into the Biker mould but a friend has just bought them and they look amazing on her.  Still a nod to all things Biker with the buckles but laces included for a slightly different look with a smooth sole.

Hobbs NW3 Ivan Boot £179

If you are looking for less chunky then these from Dune might be worth a look.  

The Dune Robbin Buckle Biker boot - now on offer at £69 

These remind me of my old KG ones which are gorgeous - I have to say I prefer the extra stud detailing on the Seven Boot Lane Caitlyn's but these would be my second choice.

The Jigsaw Marco Biker Boot £149

So have you found your perfect boots for the A/W yet?  I am done.   Lucky enough to have a pair of boots for every occasion which is handy seeing as the forecast is for cold, cold and more cold.  Please don't anyone mention snow.........

Here I am today in an old outfit that I am totally re-feeling the love for with the addition of new boots.


Black and off white striped cashmere jumper - Joseph
Yellow swing cardigan - Goat Library
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Coated skinnies - Dorothy Perkins
Caitlyn Biker boots - Seven Boot Lane
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

How is everyone else getting on with their Winter wardrobes?  Anything you feel you're missing still  I can't get enough of the jumpers - I've got a party on Saturday night and at this point in time, I'm wondering if I can get away with a jumper and my biker boots?!  Who turned the heating off??

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23 comentarios:

  1. They look fab on, I love the slouchy look and I think the shorter ones would fill a boot hole in my to have a look xx

    1. It's the slouchiness of them I think is so perfect. The shorter ones are absolutely gorgeous but a little too like my old Rockerfellas (which I should get out again....!)

  2. I live in biker boots in winter! I've got some old Belstaff ones from several years ago which are a browny black and look great with everything - they're actually men's, but being size 8 I can get away with that. And a couple of years ago I got some tan ones from Ash with studs all the way around. Good for stomping about in!

    1. They are so so so SO amazing aren't tney? I am literally living in mine at the moment! x

  3. Aww, thank you Kat... you answered my stumpy prayers from yesterday & have def got an addition for the Christmas wish list to throw on my size 3s. ( Plus, I have to say, the grungy look is very reminiscent of Ricky's back in the day too!)
    Keep up the winter work, am loving your tips so far, esp layering & comfiness - all so true. Love!

    1. You are more than welcome! (and YES I had some fabulous R&B boots that I Wore and trashed at Ricky's as they were a tan suede - what a tool)

  4. I've got the brown Orinoco Jives from Clarks & for me, they're the perfect biker boot. I'm not fond of biker boots with thin soles so these fit my criteria!

    I did spot a couple of pairs of ankle biker boots in my local garden centre the other day - they were in the , ahem, older lady, sensible wear section but they're bloody lovely! Their sale started today so I'm popping in tomorrow in the off-chance they're reduced, lol! ;) x

    1. Yes the Clarks ones do look fab - have to say it's about the buckle detail for me! And those boots sound fab!

  5. Love your new moto boots, the rose gold studs on both straps are just the right touch of tough glam. I bought my burberry moto boots a couple of years ago and they make me smile whenever I wear them. As far as recent boots purchases, I finally caved in and bought proper outdoor boots (I'm a wimp to freezing temps now), Sorel's Joan of Arctic.

  6. I've got some from Next of all places from about 4-5 years ago and I love them, but looking at these I'm thinking I could do with an upgrade F xx

  7. Those Seven Boot Lane boots are so fab. I have a pair from Aldo which are a few years old and are quite similar, the right height and slouchy. I can't justify another pair of boots this winter so they will just have to do for another year!

  8. LOVE those boots - totally and utterly love them

  9. Loving the biker boots but the big prob now is similar to yours - footwear to go with outfits to go to xmas drinks/canapes, parties etc. Got the dress etc sorted but the shoes i bought last year just don't seem to do it for me and there does seem to be a shortage of nice shoes out there. Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated.

  10. Thank you for this blog. I have been looking for a new pair of biker boots that are different to the others I own. I love the Seven Boot Lane Charlotte's - think they would work just as well in Spring with a dress. Another thing added to my Christmas list for my husband.

  11. I've only gone and ordered the Caitlyns, you are officially a VERY BAD INFLUENCE!!! Ah the terrible mixture of guilt and anticipation, not only that (& here it is, confession time) I bought a pair of Clarks Orinoco Sash (have a look & see my problem a couple of weeks ago, worn them once, thrown away the packaging (in order to hide the purchase) and now if I keep the Caitlyn's they will be consigned to the back of the wardrobe never to see the light of day. Gah! Bad bad bad...

  12. I'm impressed that you even managed to choose a pair from that selection. They're all gorgeous!

    Becky x

  13. Just took delivery of the beautiful beautiful Caitlyns - and am sending straight back *sobs*, have got high arches and genuinely, try as I might (and I did, I really did) I can't actually get them on! Nooooo.

    1. I'd just like to add to the above comment that the issue is genuinely down to my freakishly shaped feet and that the boots were the most deliciously covetable boots I've ever seen! Also excellent customer service at Seven Boot Lane, they were great!

  14. Gorgeous boots, Kat. I bought the Clarks Mezze Game boots recenrly and I love them! The perfect biker boots for me. Lynne x

  15. I have just taken delivery of the Caitlyns, I may actually sleep in them. Just what I have been searching high and low for - am terrible boot fuss pot when it comes to toe shape and heel. These are perfect. Thanks so much for the tip and the discount code meant they were reasonable really when it comes to boots!!

  16. I ordered the Seven Boot Lane Caitlyns but they were too small despite ordering my usual size. Am sending back but not loving the nagging emails from the company asking me why I haven't sent them back yet! Annoying given I am still well within the return period.

  17. I loooove these Caitlyn boots. They're just edgy enough, and just pretty enough. I've finally managed to destroy a pair of Ash boots after 6 years of loyal service. The current ones Ash do either have TOO much hardware on them, or they have a really masculine thick-toed shape which my husband hates. The Caitlyns look like a perfect replacement. And they look great on you.