One for you, one for me.... we're not talking about a box of Celebrations here, we've already established that I'm a savoury girl.  I'm talking presents.  

Now I am properly sick.  I am feeling exceptionally sorry for myself, I think I may have proper flu.  My head feels like there's a sledgehammer going off inside it, my ribcage aches, my shoulders ache, I can't breathe through my nose, I am a vision of gorgeousness. 

Actually I've been asleep all day which is totally unheard of for me and I am typing from my sick bed.  

I forgot I have to get The Husband another present.  I'm quite lucky in that he doesn't read the blog so he will have no idea (just in case someone in his office decides to share my cunning plan with him though, I'm not going to reveal the one thing I already bought him.  This is something he asked for months ago and *punches air* I got it.  I should probably explain that I did in fact forget to get it and managed to miss numerous money off codes and then had to panic buy the last one nationwide at full price.  What a total numpty.)

But whilst I was having a little look at Matches Men, I sort of swerved into the Women's department.  It's really not that exciting shopping for men.  There.  I've said it.  Men's wallets or women's bags?  Err that's not a proper comparison surely?

Now I don't need a bag (well that's not true, I do actually *need* ie I would like) another black bag as I am black bag tastic at the moment.   And it would be remiss of me not to share (from the sick corner) the bargains that there are at Matches at the moment, especially of the DVF variety. 

To be honest, when it comes to "designer bags" hers are really good value anyway.  But with 30, 40 or even 50% off, they are my definite recommendation for under the tree this year (seeing as a Bottega Veneta bag is never ever ever going to happen!)

Starting with black, there are some lovely options.

Courier Rail Shoulder Bag from DVF was £360 now £180

Sutra Hobo Bag from DVF was £305 now £213

The Red version is even cheaper now was £305 now £183 and there are some gorgeous other colours online as well. 

The other bag shape I adore from DVF is the Sutra Duffle Bag was £280 now £186

Whilst I was there I also thought I'd have a quick look at some of the accessories.  These aren't cheap, they're still really expensive but it is Christmas......  Neither of these will be some people's cup of tea but I think with a plain dress or a tee and blazer, you'd have these for years.  They are rather "out there", I'll give you that.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Multi charm necklace 30% off at £374  

Rosantica by Michela Panero was £505 now £353

But a more reasonable little number would be some sunnies.  I have two pairs that I've had for years and both are absolutely cream crackered.  Seriously, my old Tom Ford glasses are verging on frosted glass, they're that scratched.  And the arm of my Dior ones keep falling off.  I am one step away from Jack Sugden style sellotaping it back on.

But these from DVF again look pretty darn perfect. 

However I abandoned Matches for His present as after a quick little google, I did manage to find it cheaper at ASOS.  It just means I'll have to wrap it myself *delegates to 10yr old* (she's still at that age when she loves wrapping presents - I remember so so looking forward to it every year.  And now?  Well I'd rather poke forks in my eyes.  I'm not well remember.....) 

Paul Smith Reversible Stripe Scarf was £65 (still is at Matches!) now £45.50 in blue.  Done.  Other colours again available reduced at ASOS - I just put Paul Smith Scarf in the search bar.

So I did actually accomplish something on my sick day.  I have no photo of any outfit as I have honesty worn my pyjamas for three days.  I can't actually remember being this ill, but at least I've hopefully got the worst of it over before next week when the festivities commence.  I now need to go and lie down.  Please send get well vibes as I have so so so so much to do tomorrow, let alone Thursday.  GAH!

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  1. Kat get well soon petal. That first necklace looks a magnet style anything that sticks works but knowing you it would work... not bitter honest !

  2. Hi Kat, loved the black M&S pointed suede ankle boots you wore with the sequin dress recently. I actually managed to get my hands on a pair today, the 7 were a little too loose, the 6.5 a little tight so I went for the 6.5 as I am likely to wear them with tights under a dress. I might be able to get a pair of those gorgeousM&S leopard print wedges, can you kindly tell me how the sizing of these are? Are they are generous sizing? thank x

    1. PS: Get well soon, some retail therapy helps ;-) x

  3. Where the M and S leopard print wedges? Please tell me! Get well soon, I have to tell you about the Calzonia half pleather leggings as apparantlty 50% off in sale!

  4. It's not the same without a picture of you Kat. Get well soon and if it makes you feel better, I'm sporting a huge cold sore - niceeeeeeee x

  5. Hope you're feeling better soon kat.

  6. Poor Kat! Get better soon! I was stuck at home too for the past two days with two sick boys and I pray they will go back to school tomorrow. so far it feeks like I haven't inhereted anything from them ( knock on wood) You still managed something so that's OK!

  7. Get well soon Kat! You will bounce back in no time!

  8. They had BV bags in TK Maxx in Manchester last Friday for £699. May be some in your local one too.

  9. This cough/flu etc is doing the rounds - if its any consolation, I felt better after about 3/4 days and a day in the gardening with the fresh air cleared my head a little. Just the cough remains two weeks later. So a day in the fresh air shopping will help you no doubt. More ideas re. sunglasses for 2015 please. Get well soon.

  10. Hope you are feeling better Kat. Your search for a black bag - have you checked out the amazing website Vestiaire Collective. All the fashionistas and bloggers use it - you can find some amazing preowned designer labels (clothes, jewellery, bags, watches, shoes). Several items are even brand new. Have to admit I use it mostly to sell things - but I have picked up some amazing and new Chanel black espadrilles. Thousands and thousands of items - so easy to use and by selling some of your items, you replenish your bank balance to go shopping again! Win win.

    1. VC are renowned for selling fakes and for poor customer service so be careful

  11. Thanks for the warning Tabitha - so far so good (got receipt with the shoes.........phew!), but like I said I tend to sell on there.
    Kat - handbag wise few discounts at