Merry Christmas. It's Rule Time

Firstly can I say that I hope each and every one of you had a truly magical Christmas with your families and loved ones.  We without a shadow of a doubt had the best Christmas ever, it just gets better with the kids every year, it really does.  Some of our best friends over in the morning, family here for lunch and then on the sofa in the evening, just my little family watching Christmas movies.  Simply perfect.  And today we get to do it all again with more of our family (and this time I'm not cooking *punches air*) 

But before then, we have work to do.  It's sales time peeps.  And I'm going straight in with The Rules.  I'm more than aware that we all know them.  I certainly know them.  Do I always follow them?  Do I heck as like.  So just as a timely reminder to stop us all buying things just because they're a bargain (ooh and I have one to add which a couple of people suggested in the Summer and it's a beaut).  But the rest I have cut down - these are the ones you really need to now and if you follow, you'll be fine.

  1. Only buy something if it goes with at least two things in your existing wardrobe. 
  2. Imagine the sale price item were full price in Zara or H&M (or pick normal shop of choice).  Would you buy it?  Are you only buying it as it's a great reduction....
  3. When you're trying it on, only buy it if it looks as good or better than the outfit you went shopping in.
And that's it for this year folks.  I'm just sticking with three rules which frankly, none of us have any excuse not to stick to. 

In an ideal world, I always think it's a good idea to make a list of things that you would like to find as well.  Otherwise, the lure of the 90% off pink sequin bomber jacket may prove too much..... (although they might go with my pink shoes that I am yet to wear.... pah.) 

So what do I have on my list?  If you can possibly believe it, I have not spent one minute looking at anything.  I ate too much yesterday and ended up in our new bed with two small boys watching Noah and fell asleep! 

And this morning I had my first lie in for as long as I can remember but I've managed to have a sneaky peak as I've got some ideas of what I'm after. 

I'm in thinking ahead mode.   January for most people is a quite month but not for me.  It's my birthday in January which equals party month for me.  And handily I have a couple of other friends who also have birthdays this month which means I have more than a few good nights out to look forward to. 

As I mentioned the other day, I am "dressed" out (well unless I see an amazing dress of course, we all know I have the backbone of a mussel).  Top of my list for nights out for the coming few months is going to be a jumpsuit.  

Of which there are some cracking ones around which will perfectly going into the Spring.   And (dare I say it) if they go in the washing machine, these are great for just throwing on during the day as well, especially when it starts getting a bit warmer and we don't want to get the legs out but can team these with sneakers or sandals (I mentioned the sandals word in Dec - I think that may officially be a criminal offence)

Whistles Snake Print Jumpsuit was £170 now £85 (this one is 100% polyester so although it says dry clean only I would so handwash this)

This looks like the same shape (although slightly different fabric which is definitely machine washable - love this one - the most useful so far for sure.  I would LOVE to wear this today actually.  GAH)

Similar and just as easy to wear at Mango and also in the sale. 

Much dressier back at Whistles but perfect for evenings out now and I would absolutely wear this in the Summer as well.

Classic Black at FCUK.  This one would work for a while yet - I think you could even wear it to work.  Perfect for NYE...... 

It may be a bit out there but red does work really well in the Spring as well. 

Coast Kandis Jumpsuit in red was £115 now £75

If we are on the subject of dressy then this one from Mint Velvet would be ideal for January parties.  (and dare I say would be a staple for Christmas next year - I know I know, wash my mouth out... also loads of other half price bargains at Mint Velvet online

Also from Mint Velvet is this fantastically versatile one - either super strappy or with the little chiffon overlay - double bubble outfit.  Love this.  Top of my list for versatility for both now and all the way through the Summer.  Machine washable.  Perfection in a jumpsuit.

And more wearable into the Spring for during the day but fling on some bling for nights out.  Bargain at MV. 

Another jersey number which would be super useful for a myriad of occasion in the sale at Baukjen. 

They also do a slightly longer sleeved v neck version which looks fab with a belt - the Weston in blue was £99 now £79

And I'm sure there are loads more - the one site I definitely want to explore as they do a fab sale is By Malene Birger but I shall have to save that gem for tomorrow as I've got to go and ready to go out for the day.  

Now I do have loads of outfits from this week but finishing just with my two dressier outfits. 

From a party on the 23rd.  Flats.  Who'd have thought it?  Love them with this outfit and may have found a whole new look. 


Black jumper - Jigsaw
Peg leg pleather trousers - Zara
Delphine pumps - Hobbs

And yesterday for Christmas Day.  Loved my new dress.  But don't ask about the navy shoes.  I looked like a politician's wife in the navy court shoes.  One to return this week.


Navy and mustard heart dress - Sandro
Black shoe boots - M&S 

Hope everyone else is having a great week, hopefully I'll be back tomorrow (hangover permitting..... haven't had one all week which is MIRACLE!)  More importantly, how is everyone else doing in the sales?  Any bargains to share?!

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8 comentarios:

  1. Glad to hear you had a good day. Looking fabulous in those leather trousers! I ordered the Zara pleather version this morning, but only because I know i'll have an opportunity to take them back next week - I'm such an optimist... Happy (belated) Christmas!

    Becky x

  2. Punching air at that Whistles snake print jumpsuit, thank you Kat - last time I looked it wasn't on sale. Spent all last summer longing for one like that.

  3. Wore the grey Boden peacock dress in grey on Christmas day with black tights and boots. Never in a million years would I have bought this if it wasn't for your blog. It looked - and I felt- fantastic. So glad a found your little piece of the internet in 2014 - looking forward to more inspiration (and entertainment) in 2015. Cheers

  4. Kat my cousin lives in the USA and wants to buy the Sandro dress in the Bloomingdales sale, do you mind saying what size are you wearing? thanks

    1. I have the Sandro dress and they are small sizes. I am a size 10-12 and had to go for the largest size 3!

  5. Happy Xmas to you too Kat. After your week off sick you deserved to have a good one! Ours was fab - just the four of us on Xmas day (most of our close family live overseas) but a very special day made even better by the glorious weather! I know I need to look at the sales but I feel shopped out. Bet when I am in the mood everything I want will have gone! My list included an oversize cream jumper (Reiss or Whistles) the Boden navy cashmere jumper you have (not sure if it's on sale yet) and an outfit for a big bash I am going to. And a jumpsuit, now that you've mentioned it! Love the Whistles and Mint Velvet ones. A word of warning about the Baujken ones - I tried in and returned both the short and long sleeved. The first came up very big, and both had long hanging crutches. It might be my body shape as other than that they were the perfect easy to wear outfits.

  6. Just popping in to say that the Whistles Philippa jumpsuit (the black one) is sold out at John Lewis but available in all sizes from Next (of all places) at £55. I'd be actually sitting on my hands if I weren't typing. *scurries off to cut up credit card*