Let the discount codes begin

The best thing about the gazillion seasons we now have in fashion, is that retailers need to churn their stock quickly.  And we don't buy yet at the pace they want us too and so to entice us to part with our hard earned pennies, they have stumbled across the gem of all persuading gems - the discount code. 

Hell yes.  As a consumer, what's not to love?  No more waiting for the sales, now you can buy exactly what you want as opposed to what they think should be reduced, much earlier in the season and with often as good a discount as you would get in the sales anyway. 

At the beginning of seasons, they have also started using them to lure us in.  And I'm as big a sucker as any and am always tempted to look (and often buy - yes, much to the chagrin of The Husband, I am a marketeer's dream.  Apparently for someone with 3 As at A level, I frequently demonstrate a lack of savvy.  Moth to a discount flame - yup - that's me) 

We can usually rely on Grazia to overdose on the codes at this time of year (and January) but I'm slightly/exceptionally concerned that with the changes at Senior Editorial level, these might also have gone. *prays for a Whistles code...*

However we can still rely on email and first up, we have The Finery with a killer code. 30% off. *small skip*.  Lasts till Monday.  Speaking of senior fashion peeps, I have it on good authority from one who is a friend, that this is a brand to watch.  Excellent value, different from what else is on the high street and a real find in what can be a quagmire of retail sameness.  (plus free delivery and free returns over £50.  WHOOP)  Code to be used at checkout is BANKHOLIDAY.

I think (correct me if I'm wrong, time goes so fast I can't keep up) that this is their first A/W season.  Actually I've just looked it up and apparently they launched last year.  I officially have the brain cells of an amoeba. 

So let's have a look at what they've got to offer and what I think is worth a punt with 30% off. 

Firstly - this whole look is the sort of vibe I want to channel this A/W (that's fancy fashion tripe for "in my dreams I'll look like this").  Smart, sophisticated but with a laid back, easy to wear with a hint of cosy.  She (model in first pic below) manages to pull it off without the remains of a Squash'em on her sleeve which is merely a state of perfection I can only aspire to.  Doesn't look like she's got three kids and a dog, does she?

Starting with the Everleigh (everything does have rather random names... but who cares?) blocked stripe jersey tee £22 in navy and tobacco.

Something so simple that can look so effective.  Yet be chucked on with boyfriend jeans, sneakers and a blazer on a warm Autumnal day (I'm banking on a few of these) would also be absolutely perfect.

Staying with stripes - now this is too similar to a Whistles one I have that I love, which was a lot more than this.  Don't get me started on the skirt...... (LUST)

Harling Breton Stripe Jumper £45

Speaking of the skirt.... oh BUM sold out in my size.... What a bargain though with 30% off for a leather skirt. 

Lillie Leather Split Front Skirt in Berry £99

Another leather skirt which I have to throw in - as I may have to try it, is the navy (yes NAVY) peplum skirt.  Their description not mine as I'm not sure I'd describe it as peplum.  I would describe it as freaking amazing though.  Navy leather midi skirt.  Considering how much wear I've had out of my black leather midi one from Whistles AND that I have navy coming out of my ears in tops, I am definitely ordering this.  I just hope it looks as amazing on as it does in my head. (navy polo neck... camel Acne Cypress boots and camel coat.  Leopard print patent Tory Burch clutch....  Be still my beating heart)

Lamont Leather Peplum Skirt £119

Just to throw in another skirt whilst we're here and this is an unusual one from me... I love it.  Hulah hulah thank you ladies.  This though, with a black polo neck and black glad heels or shoots - oh hello.  Gorgeous.  Or with a cream oversized blouse tucked in.  Leopard print heels and a tan clutch.  Just so so perfect and really so versatile.  And - like most things at Finery - just that little bit different. 

Rowlett Fringe Pencil Skirt £89

Back to tops and plain now - adore adore adore - it may only be a sweatshirt but hellooooo - this could be so easily dressed up and made *fancy* (warning - I've had a glass of wine now - this could all go very wrong).  Unfortunately the swoonsome sheer (although it does look a tad itchy) poloneck underneath isn't online yet.  Darn it.

Murton Sweatshirt £45 in navy.  Oh how I love navy and grey together.

Knitwear that takes my fancy - this with navy wide leg cropped trousers and white (or Golden Goose...) sneakers....Perfect.  I have to say I'm struggling to muster up enthusiasm for the brown velvet trousers but each to their own and we can't wear all of the things all of the time.  I think I'll leave these. 

Sander Contrast Knit Jumper £45

Clearly I'm loving their classic colours and this is a twist on a casual classic - a smarter boxy tee. 

Ladywell Boyfriend Jersey Tee £22

Moving away from tops and to an amazing - there is no other word for it - amazing coat.  So unusual, so unique, so timeless.  On an item like this - this is where the 30% counts. 

Embleton Leather Coat £295

I am developing a serious footwear addiction and these may be my next fix.  Absolutely love them.  Easily smart enough to work in place of ballet flats and loafers.

Elwood Luxury Trainers with Mock Croc finish £65 (leather!)

Or they have them in a cream and nude (as well as black and white online) £59

There are of course loads of other amazing things online (although it isn't the biggest repertoire that's for sure, which is quite reassuring in a way) - these are just what floats my boat. 

I am definitely definitely ordering the skirt - I think that's my girl's lunch outfit sorted.  Yes, because it's September shortly and I have one of those coming up.  You have been warned.... 

So today - well it rained. A LOT.  A "need a glass of wine by 7pm" amount of rain.  Ginny, our miniature Australian Labradoodle had another trip to the groomers today (feel free to bust a lung laughing at the pics on Instagram - @doesmybumlook40) and we spent a lovely afternoon with one of my closest friends and her children.  Twister was the order of the day.  In fact, it was such a hit that the 8yr old Aspie MADE me go and buy it on the way home.  And with other friends over for supper, it proved to be well worth the tenner it cost (gotta love Lidl).  Two hours, not an iPad, an xBox or a tv between the six of them.  Only downside is that they've said we have to take it away on hols and that we (me and the old man) have to join in.  I can feel a trip to A&E coming on as I type. 

Here I am in all my Autumnal glory.  I have officially given up on summer clothes until it stops raining for more than three hours on the trot.


Navy jumper - Uniqlo
Jeans - Zara
Plaid shirt - hush
Trench - Banana Repbulic
Cracked leather Stan Smiths - adidas
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

Tomorrow - yes it's going to rain again.  I can't even be bothered to make plans.  Poor 10yr old has the last day of her revision course and I have just remembered she doesn't have any school shoes.  Joy.  That's tomorrow morning sorted then... ugh.

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25 comentarios:

  1. Gorgeous skirt and you're not alone, my hubby thinks I'm a marketers dream also but I protest I'm saving us money in the long run! x

    1. I'm with you on that - not sure the hubbies would agree.....!

  2. Oh no! I deleted that code in a puritan moment but then after reading your blog snuck back for a look and bought the mock croc trainers and this!https://www.finerylondon.com/uk/products/trimby-rib-detail-tunic-with-turn-back-cuff-1402aw1511khaki?taxon_id=8 - how did you miss this gorgeous jumper! Keep telling myself that I'm just trying on and can always send back. That's my resolve gone to buy nothing but a jumpsuit this season - ha ha - I blame it on the rain, need cheering up!

    1. oh ha!!! And I have a jumpsuit blog on the cards so watch this space xxx

  3. Great find Kat. These pieces look fab, must take a look... apparently I too am "a marketer's dream"!!

  4. Will definitely check this site out. A lovely glossy mag appeared on my doormat from Madeleine.co.uk last week, wondering if you've tried them before?
    Sue (aka sucker for codes)

    1. ooh no I haven't - I'll have a look thank you x

  5. Spent a happy hour perusing the Finery website and ended up with 2 pairs of shoes (including the pointy trainers), 2 tops (love the Everleigh tee!), shorts and a belt! (I'm overseas so needed to spend more for free shipping!) Feeling a bit giddy having bought so much from a brand I didn't even know existed an hour ago!!

  6. This brand is lovely. Have also never heard of them. Kat, a few months ago you featured a beautiful military style jacket for A/W. Don't know if you remember but if so where was it from please? I think you may have seen it at a press day? Thanks xx

    1. Was it a denim mix one? If so, that was from Boden but that hasn't dropped yet. I think it's September....they've got lots coming online then. Or was it a khaki one? I think that was from Banana Republic. Good luck x

  7. Ooh always up for a new brand, especially one with an impressive code ;-) Thanks Kat x

  8. Ordered navy leather skirt, croc shoes and stripe tshirt to try, can't wait! Thanks Kat x

    1. You're welcome. I've also ordered the skirt so fingers crossed...

  9. I've ordered a few things from Finery and ended up sending most of them back as they weren't quite "right". I am tempted by the leather skirt but am supposed to be on A spending ban as going on holiday next week!

    1. oh no why? To be honest, I find this with most places I order from online. It's a bit like going into shops - you never buy absolutely everything you try on all day! Some things just aren't going to work. I have high hopes for the leather skirt..

  10. I love Finery. Have lots of their plain tops - wash brilliantly (even if you accidentally put on too hot... oops!).

    1. That's v good to know! (as I do it a lot....)

  11. Just ordered the navy leather skirt and the navy sweatshirt..... You are a bad influence! Also spotted a rather lovely longline leather biker jacket but luckily or not, they had sold out in my size, I can't wait for these to arrive, thank you x

    1. Did you order the 10 skirt? If so DARN YOU!!! I didn't order it last night but have ordered the 12 today and just hope it comes up small....!!!

    2. Lol!!! I wish I had ordered the 10 skirt, no the 16

  12. Got the Lillie skirt & Harling Breton today. Really lovely, such a treat. The skirt is sooo nice. I’m a petite 5’ 3” so was concerned it would be too long but got the size 6, a bit snug but length is perfect just above the knee. Would wear with ankle boots and tights for daywear – not sure what colour tights to with though? Want to look cool and understated but not all, ‘whoah she is wearing a leather skirt’… :)
    Clearly first time in leather…. Thanks Kat for great recommendation