I can legitimately talk about...

... next season.  

As the warm weather we were promised over here in Ireland hasn't materialised.  I'm not complaining as we've been sat here during the day mainlining tea whilst watching the Olympics and putting the world to rights and doing the same in the evening, cosied up with huge meals and red wine. (we do leave the house.. occasionally.. trip to the cinema yesterday to see Finding Dory which I can't recommend highly enough and out again today).

The small boys are happy as pigs in the proverbial playing outside in a mound of stones.  I kid you not. 

Which leaves me a bit of spare time to legitimately think about all things Autumnal.  Seeing as I could happily buy it all and wear it all now. 

I also have a couple of the new September mags which are the most amazing food for thought.  Which direction will be all be heading in this Autumn? 

Well to be fair, as per usual, how long's a piece of string?  There is definitely something for everybody.

And you can guarantee that what I love now, I will have gone off by October and be all over something else. 

But currently, as I'm sat here in front of a roaring fire, the wishlist is along the lines of print, metallic and velvet.  Colourwise - at the moment, it's definitely wine (can't imagine why - that will be of the red variety) and shades of green.

And that's where I shall start as it seems the most appropriate.  It's also top of my wishlist for the Christmas present list.  I may also still have the dark red Chloe Susannas on my mind (I could SO have brought them and worn them here this week...).  But it may have been usurped for position number one on Santa's list by this burgundy beauty from Givenchy. 

Pandora Small Leather Bag from Givenchy £1114

However back in the real world, it's a lot more practical when it comes to including wine in your wardrobe to include just the odd thing here and there.  I think the easiest way to wear it, is to consider it a neutral.  It is, in fact, a much easier colour to throw on than red where it's all about the shade.  Every shade of burgundy works perfectly with all shades of grey, navy, camel or black. 

So it will come as no surprise that first up in the immediate must haves, is a Breton.  Now I already have one of these.  Which I can absolutely confirm is unbelievably useful.  I must have had mine for about four years now - an impulse sales purchase from Massimo Dutti.

And another colour I've just realised I wear mine with?  Khaki.  I've worn this top with my khaki pleated midi skirt and a black biker jacket.  An outfit that I will definitely be repeating.

Essential Boatneck from Boden £19.50 (just saying that if you buy two of these, you get 15% off and if you buy three, it's 20%.  Definitely worth checking out the ivory/black and ivory/navy).

Speaking of midi skirts, this now is the perfect top to go over them.  Also works well, worn as a top (as opposed to a cardigan) over culottes and boyfriend jeans.  The ideal sort of jumper that is fitted but you can undo the buttons at the top to create the look that suits you.  Can also be worn as a cardigan but for me - to be worn as a little fitted jumper is perfect.  You may want to wear a cami or vest underneath just to prevent button gaping.

Favourite Crew Cardigan from Boden £49.50

Similar at M&S. 

Button Through Tailored Cardigan £18  In fourteen different colours.

And this would be the ideal short sleeved top to go with a full skirt or culottes.  Snug fitting for the ultimate in perfect proportions.  Exactly what you want to wear once it's just that little bit too chilly for a cotton tee (plus I think it's easier to wear something that's fitted over a skirt as opposed to a loose cotton tee).  Perfect for making the most of your tanned arms into September.

Ribbed Stretch Knitted T-shirt from M&S £15

However if skinny on the bottom is what you prefer, continuing from yesterday's blog - a gem from the dregs of the sale. 

Skinny gloss jeans in Burgundy from Mango were £29.99 now £14.99

And whilst we're talking sales bargains -  others I've spied at Mango.  The perfect little jacket that I would have said was new season, it's so ideal to wear come the Autumn.   Or an Irish Summer... 

Cotton Jacket from Mango was £49.99 now £24.99

Or the bargain of the day - the wide leg trouser.  For work with a blazer, for play with a breton, trench and sneakers.  For less than a tenner.  Now I know it seems slightly insane but to me, these need to drag on the ground.  Or at least give the illusion of doing so (although how one does that without them actually touching - answers on a postcard please).  A hint of sneaker or loafer is all you should see.   Think Dalek... (I will explain if needs be..)

Pleat Detail Trousers from Mango were £39.99 now £9.99

So I'm on a sales roll and I so should have had this on yesterday but this is amazing for wearing now and then into the winter with jeans and a biker. 

Embellished georgette top by Altuzarra for Target at The Outnet was £45 now £18 

This would be perfect for transitional dressing.  Both to wear over a jumper and jeans or for snuggling up on the sofa in the evening.  The ideal example to see how well burgundy goes with grey and navy.  It's often really hard to master that tricky time between jacket and coat and this would come in ridiculously handy.  You'll be relying on this well into Spring next year.  Snap them up before they sell out. 

Charlotte Cape from Boden £99.50

Or a cheaper one from M&S but I honestly think you would get such a lot of wear out of one of these that if you prefer the one above, I'd be saving for that one.

Open Front Triangle Wrap from M&S £39.50

And of course, I couldn't finish without the easiest of additions to your wardrobe.  To start where I finished, although at rather different ends of the ££ scales. 

Patent Oxblood Large Pushlock Bag from The Cambridge Satchel Company was £95 now £57 and get an extra 20% off sale using the code EXTRA20.

Or the Patent Oxblood Cloud Bag was £145 now £87 again with 20% off

And so the list goes on and on.  I already have a couple of bits from last year (wine leather leggings spring to mind) and on my wishlist I definitely have a pair of burgundy leather sneakers - not to mention the Chloe boots which I can't forget about (although I probably should try).

So wine is my number one colour at the moment for the new season.  What's yours?  Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with another pick of my new season wish list. 

In the meantime - the main news from Ireland as I may have mentioned one or twenty times, is that it's cold. 

Outfits from today and yesterday which involved jumpers and trousers.  Alas though, I'm all out of the warm packing so let's hope the temperatures rise so I can wear my dresses and tees (with jeans as opposed to just on their own, I'd like to point out!).

!970 jumper - Bella Freud
The Industrial Pants - Current/Elliott
Black blazer - hush
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose 
Grab bag - Gucci

And today for mini golf, which I didn't do as I had confused pitch and putt with crazy golf, the former being a total waste of time for me, so the 11yr old and I went for a wander around Glenstal Abbey.   But finishing with the treat of the week so far... bingo.  Love it.  Love love LOVE it!

Grey rainbow cashmere jumper - Wyse London 
Boyfriend black jeans - hush
Yellow faux leather jacket - Zara
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose

I'm off to see what I can spend my 15Euro on that I won at Bingo.  I never win anything.  Am ignoring the fact it wasn't the 300Euro full house and just 15 for two lines but it's better than nothing.  And my kids think I am a Bingo Queen! (as, I will admit, so do I....)

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12 comentarios:

  1. I may have mentioned I live in the frozen north. We aren't having summer this year. Summer is for wimps. I won't have tanned arms come September (not of the real variety - we should get tax relief on fake tan up here) and we never have to master jacket to coat transitions - we just neatly segue from not summer to winter. Good for the bootmakers though :) and it means you don't need to worry about seasonal clothes (except for holidaying purposes :-)) I love wine/maroon and still have a few bits from last time around but I find it hard to wear without looking like a librarian.

    1. I am LOVING the idea of tax relief on fake tan. Genius. I had always wondered why I had so many boots... and have bought ONE pair of flat sandals this year! (that I haven't worn hardly..).

      I'm straight into Autumn... stuff I can get wear out of!

  2. I so very nearly bought a pair of wine coloured Geox Lia boots last year, and now seeing your blog I really wish I had. I am still on hunt for metallic boots this year. Pointy, mid heel, real leather but not too pricey... Not asking for much :) x

  3. I'm loving the autumnal colours in the shops, especially the burgundy/wine colours and the dark greens. Luckily I picked up a couple of burgundy bargains in the sales last year, a pair of jeggings from Dorothy Perkins and a gorgeous wrap coat from New Look so will probably be basing my autumn/winter capsule around those.
    The weather over here in the North of England is verging on horrible, although we are supposed to be in for a heat wave for the rest of the month so I may get to get a bit more wear out of my summer clothes before I hide them away for another year x

    1. Oh they sound fabulous! It's sod's law the only time we've had good weather in the south, I've buggered off somewhere else!

      Although the sun is shining today.. and we're off to Aldeburgh at the end of the September so I would be very interested in hearing more about that heatwave..

  4. Love the burgundy - just grabbed that outnet top - lots of sizes left although p and p a bit pricey I think. Also love the dark green as well and if I have a search I think I have a few bits in both colours - score! Scorchio in the south at the moment - sorry!!!

    1. Well I hope you get to enjoy your top!! xxxx

  5. I bought a breton almost identical to the Boden one from Madewell last year, wore it loads with my khaki green utility trousers - I may be ahead of the curve! I also got some Current/Elliott burgundy leopard print skinnies from Yoox around the same time (£35 in the sale!), which I didn't get round to wearing but definitely will be this year. They look fab with a grey cashmere jumper!

    1. That's how I mostly wore my burgundy leather leggings last year - with grey cashmere. Completely divine!

  6. Love all the cosy Autumn stuff - though its actually sunny in Dublin today :). Random question for you Kat - I remember you showed us the fab monogrammed bags your boys had for school - could you share again where they were from - am looking for something for my daughter for when she goes back to school in a couple of weeks. Apparently Frozen isn't cool at all anymore!

    1. It is sunny here today too. Although I think it's due to change tomorrow... but I'm off to meet my lovely lovely friend in Kildare Village with our daughters which I am SO looking forward to! RIght - the bags are from Aurora London - I cannot recommend them highly enough. http://www.aurora-london.com/shop/accessories/it-backpack-for-kids/