The newest neutral on the block


Yes I can see the eye rolling from the husband if I were to even mention this concept but ya boo sucks to you big man, it is. 

Every season, it cements its place more securely in the Hall of Neutral Fame.  Up there with black, camel, navy, grey and (I would go so far as to now add) khaki - leopard is a must have that you can wear all year round.  

It's such a neutral shade, it's often my go to for teaming against a stripe or a print  (at this point the husband is practically frothing at the mouth with disapproval). 

And as I'm sat here watching the rain hammer down, with the family watching a re run of Toy Story 3, I am perusing new season stock online and leopard is what is coming up trumps.  A great buy always and I am comfortable in now saying - a classic. (daren't read this out loud to the husband for fear of him tipping into full on Exorcist head spinning mode).

The obvious place to start is with my beloved (for the moment anyway) maxi and this I have fallen hook line and sinker for. 

Somerset by Alice Temperley Grey Animal Print Maxi Dress £160

And they also do the same print in a shirt which may be better if you're not into full on all over leopard (although if not, why not...?!)

Somerset by Alice Temperley Grey Animal Print Shirt £69

Another eminently wearable blouse now - for work, for play during the day or out at night.  With jeans, with leather - oh I LOVE this.

Sister Jane Double Layer top with heart leopard print £54

Or in for a penny, in for a pound?  If this were longer on me I would adore it.  Ideal to wear now with ankle boots but into the Autumn with opaques this would be useful on so many occasions.  Dear Topshop.  Please please could you do this in a Tall?

Leopard Print Ruffle Dress from Topshop £46

Two piece now - super useful to mix and match.  Wear as a dress or wear separately. 

Baum Und Pferdgarten Ermina Sweat Top in Leopard print £69  and the skirt, also £69

Red leopard now in a tee from River Island.  This would look so amazing with a whole host of black.  Just to ring the changes.  Would also look amazing with grey. 

Red leopard print boyfriend tee from RI £20

Shirt dress now from New Look.  Apparently this is a maxi.. I'm assuming they mean it's maxi shirt as opposed to a maxi dress....

Mela Brown Leopard Print Maxi Shirt Dress £28

And now don't all yell at me (it's raining....) but one of my best buys last year was my fur coat that I snagged in the sale from Per Una of all places.  It rocks. 

This year, get in early and for Autumn, these are perfect. 

Leopard Print Coat from Topshop £85

Slightly controversial but some may find easier to wear - a monochrome version so still as neutral as the brown version.  An easy to wear transitional jacket.

Leopard pattern jacket from Mango £49.99

Knitwear now and more monochrome with a hint of red from Chloe. 

Leopard print wool sweater from See by Chloe was £240 now £108

Although - it would definitely be the polo neck that gets my vote...

Leopard print wool turtle neck from See by Chloe was £260 now £130

But possibly the easiest leopard addition to your wardrobe is in the form of a scarf.  Mine I've had for 9 years now.  And I wear it and wear it and wear it every year.  One of my best buys ever.   If I were to buy one now, it would probably be the cashmere scarf from hush - and even more worth it with 10% off using the code KAT10 (off everything from hush for readers of the blog only so please don't share this elsewhere!).

Leopard Cashmere Scarf £159

And of course I couldn't not mention shoes.  

I had a pair of skater shoes in leopard that I actually wore out.  First pair of shoes I have worn out since I was about 10 I think. 

Leopard Print Sneakers £35.99

Great leopard options from Seven Boot Lane.

Their classic Flame slip ons in a new this season leopard print. 

Flame Leopard slip on sneaker from Seven Boot Lane £135

And the grey version - the Jaguar... simply gorgeous, again £135 from Seven Boot Lane.

Or another easily wearable pair of flats from good old M&S. 

Leather Leopard Print Pumps from M&S £35

Heels now and I have to say - these from Boden.  Simply swoon.  And with 20% off using the code A3G8.

Wave mid court from Boden £109 pre discount

Boots now and these are simply gorgeous.  Even more so with the 20% off....

Zip High Heel Boot from Boden £129

More ankle boots from Seven Boot Lane in perhaps a more manageable heel height.  I also love the lower cut at the front -  I find much more flattering when wearing with trousers.  It works wonders in lengthening your leg. 

Grace Leopard Leather Heel Boots £165

And completely raging that they don't have these in my size as I genuinely did a little gasp when I saw them and thought YES.  I'm splurging.  Only to find they're not in my size. WEEEEEEEEEEPS.

Fitz leopard print calf hair from Tabitha Simmons were £875 now £350

And now I need to go and google every which way I can to find those Fitz boots.  I fear I may have left it too late...  On the upside, I do definitely know that another pair of every day (and I would so wear those every day - perfect heel height) leopard boots is a must.  I do have a pair - the M&S wedges which I got for £29 in the sale three years ago which I wear so so much except that they're slightly too high and are looking (unsurprisingly) slightly the worse for wear.  Although considering they're not even leather, they pretty much owe me nothing. 

So that's me on a leopard print ankle boot hunt.  My Friday night sorted.

In the meantime, I shall leave you with my outfits from the last couple of days.  

Black shirt dress - & Other Stories
Embroidered Jacket - Penneys (Primark)
Buckle boots - Toga Pulla 
Red Soho Disco Bag - Gucci

And here I am the other day when I went to Kildare Village with my lovely lovely friend Helen who writes the blog The Flaky Fashionista (and our two little ones who got on like a house on fire in spite of the 5 year age gap and meeting for the first time.  A friendship founded on fashion is clearly a good thing).  Yes I did find something to come home with.  Which I wore the very next day - always the sign of a good purchase.

Red dress - M&S
Onyx Jacket - hush
Sneakers - Air & Grace

And here I am in my new jacket which I bought from Gerard Darel.  120 Euro down from 520.   I have had zero success in finding a shrunken vintage looking track top (funny that) so this is the next best thing.  In fact, it's a much better thing going into the Autumn.  Perfection in buttery soft leather in my favourite colour of the season.  This isn't even a great photo.  This is when we're dashing to leave for the airport.  

Embroidered Maxi Dress - Zara
Burgundy leather jacket - Gerard Darel
Copeland Trainers - Air & Grace

And in the leopard.. to prove the longevity of this print, I have had this coat for coming up to four years now.  It gives me as much pleasure to wear it as the day I bought it.  A complete classic.  And that's not something I ever thought I'd say about leopard!

Breton tunic - H&M
Leopard coat - Fenn Wright & Manson
Black skinny jeans - Boden
Gold Kipper loafers - Kurt Geiger
Red Soho Disco Bag - Gucci

We are finally home and boy, is it lovely.  Except I seem to have brought the rain back with me.  I am hugely sorry - just hanging out till Tuesday when it looks like wall to wall sunshine.  Can't.  Wait.

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39 comentarios:

  1. Great minds... I've just bought a pleated leopard print skirt from Zara! Saw it in the weekly email, tried it and loved it. Looks best on me with a boxy top, so now going through my wardrobe seeing how many things I have to go with it! Have always hankered after a pair of leopard boots, but they have to be flat for me so I'm on the hunt too.

    1. Sounds fabulous! I still have my Zara maxi skirt from six years ago which I'm planning on resurrecting this year.

      I think I need to devote a whole blog to leopard boots....

  2. I bought a pair of leopard flats from M&S a couple of years ago and have worn them to bits. All year round too. I'm going to check out the flats posted above to see can they possibly replace my verging-on-shabby pair.
    I'm quite picky about leopard print though. Something about the design. If it looks 'off' to me I can't abide it.
    Oh I have a couple of leopard print scarves that I love too. A grey one from mango and the navy/orange print from Alice's Wonders.

    1. There are loads about - I'm sure you'll find some no problem! Yes, Cathy's scarves are gorgeous aren't they?

  3. How funny I just bought that Mela leopard shirt dress from New Look today. I would say it's more of a midi than a maxi, especially as I am a mini 5'3" and it's mid-calf on me! Lovely though, and the best bit, it has POCKETS ☺️ Love your new jacket x

    1. Oh wow it sounds perfect although at 5ft10 ir would definitely be too short for me... booooo. But oh darn it, pockets!

  4. Like you I have a slight leopard obsession - have to rein it in a bit because I get the 'Bet Lynch' references from the older members of my family. Bought the pleated leopard midi skirt from Zara yesterday and was hovering over the leopard biker too, but thought I'd leave that for another day in case the sales assistant thought I was planning to wear them together. The Tabitha Simmons boots are amazing - please buy them from somewhere! Love the new jacket too - well done on scoring such a bargain.

    1. Oh yes, always! I am desperately trying to find them...!

  5. Just wonder why you seemed to have had a great time in Ireland but but keep commenting on how great it is to be home.

    1. Gosh what an unusual comment to leave.

      I thought everyone loved being back at home after a holiday?! Nothing like home comforts and your own bed, regardless of how great your time away. For me anyway. Hope that answers your question!

    2. I absolutely love travelling and holidays but also adore my home and it is always a lovely cosy feeling to come back to it. Like Kat I assume most people would be the same?

    3. To be honest, I'd think there was something wrong if I didn't enjoy coming home, even when the holiday has been great.
      Being away means that in some ways I see my home with fresh eyes - especially if it's neat and tidy and there are clean sheets on the bed, it's always good to come home. Nothing beats that first cup of tea (or coffee)!
      Danish Pastry

  6. I got the Hush cashmere scarf for one of my 40th presents last winter and I love it. It is so flattering, perfect print and tones. It is like wearing a soft cloud of loveliness and for me it is as much leopard print as I can do! I'm not super confident with too much of it but love it on other people.

    1. Oh my lord it sounds amazing...! I have a charcoal cashmere one actually from there years ago and love love love it.

    2. Ooh I was hoping someone might mention the scarf, it's my birthday tomorrow and the husband has been muttering about the fact that he should probably have got me something (?!) so maybe this scarf and a couple of Hush candles might be just the thing. Especially because I think it would be pretty perfect with the navy leather jacket I've just bought from Massimo Dutti (as my birthday present to myself!). And you're right Kat, leopard definitely must be a neutral because I don't really wear colour!
      As an aside, do love how many people comment on the blog these days, I enjoy reading the comments almost as much as the blog posts!

    3. Oh that is the most amazing gift. Lord, my husband should take notes. He surpasses himself at Christmas but as my birthday is in Jan, you can see him recoil with gift fatigue, as if it say "are you kidding? GIFTS. ALREADY?? I've only just bought you one". Not made any better by Mother's day being normally early March. PAH. Having said that, he is epic at Christmas and I just buy my own. Everyone's a winner!

      Oh and if you haven't tried the candles at hush - you will not be disappointed. I know some love the diffusers, but for me, the candles are my absolute favourite. Buy them in bulk!

    4. Ha, I might just do that! Until recently a friend's son was working at the Estee Lauder factory near us and could get Jo Malone at 70% off in their staff shop (can you IMAGINE how nice my house smelled?!) but he's selfishly given it up to go to uni ;-) so I need a new supply! I don't suppose you know which of the fragrances they used to spray on the tissue they used in the packaging? Because that always smelt fab x

    5. Oh my lord I'd be tempted to take his job myself! RIght - now what they use to spray, alas you can't actually buy. And no they don't do it in a scent. I must ask them if they'd consider doing a room spray (I'm sure they don't... do they?!) I love all the candles. The new Cedar one is gorgeous but the Pink Pomegranate is definitely my favourite. Also look at a company called Brown and Drury Their Restoration candle is my favourite. xx

  7. Hi Kat, lovely choices. Love the shoes. I don't suppose you could talk to the nice people at hush and see if they are planning on bringing back the grey version of the leopard print scarf (snow leopard print?). I saw it a couple of seasons ago, dithered, missed out and nothing (and I have looked believe me) comes close to how I remember it in my head. Glad to hear you had a lovely holiday too.

  8. Leopard is definitely a color in my book; only second to black (also a color!) Love your picks (that shirt dress - fabulous!) and all your looks!

  9. I'm slowly coming round to animal prints, although I tend to go for ones that aren't in animal colours, apart from most beige and camels not suiting my skin tone I absolutely love blue of (almost) any shade, so my purchases in this line have so far been a blue/turquoise snakeskin print scarf and a Boden statement breton with a blue leopard print at the top. I am looking for a pair og grey snakeskin ballet flats, not having too much look there yet, but may I be tempted by a pair of dark blue ecco snakeskin ankle boots.
    Danish Pastry

    1. Well I am now officially obsessed with the Tabitha SImmons boots which of course, I can't find anywhere... Blue leopard is gorgeous and also a massive fan of grey.

  10. Love the colour of the new jacket. With the Hush sneakers in the burgundy no?

  11. I think their friendship was also founded on a mutual eye-roll and exchange of 'Are they EVER going to leave the shops?' LOL!!!!! Fabulous to see you lovely lady and glad that the jacket was such a success. Looking gorgeous as always xxx

    1. YES!!!! Can't wait till you guys come over and stay xxxx

  12. Love leopard! Have decided that the long vintage leopard coat I have had for years and only wear at Xmas needs to go to the tailors and Im going to get it restyled to midi so I can wear it more. Topshop have some gorgeous shoes not on the website - low heels, ankle strap and very comfortable

    1. That sounds like a plan... but before you do, be warned that I think the maxi coat might be making a come back....

  13. Love leopard. And I love how many different variations there are! I have 2 leopard scarves (1 from Primark and 1 from Mango) and they are completely different. I have recently bought some great leopard ankle boots from New Look (for Autumn) and some leopard trainers and I have just this second ordered the Top Shop dress you feature here, I'm also quite tempted by the shirt dress too. I have also bought a pleated skirt in a leopard type print but I'm really not sure if it's right for me so I might return it and get the shirt dress instead.

    1. That shirt dress would look amazing on you! For the money, I think it's such a good buy. And so so so easy to wear. Much less brain power needed than with a skirt...!

    2. Yes dresses are so easy to wear, I'm having a love in with dresses at the moment! Really wanted to love the pleats thing but don't think they're right for my shape. I'm short and although I'm slim I have HIPS! Pleats seem to emphasise that fact ...

    3. You are perfect shape for the shorter dresses so GO FOR IT!

  14. Another one who prefers leopard print not in camels and beige (doesn't suit my colouring), but I love it in greys, blues and I have a scarf in mauve leopard print too. I'm like that with animal prints generally, I have just bought a pewter snakeskin bag and a red crocodile bag (both very cheaply secondhand).

    Love your Gérard Darel leather jacket. Perfect for now and into autumn!

    1. oh fab! I have to say I am definitely in the camel camp although I do have a red leopard scarf that I LOVE. Must try and find that... and yes, the jacket is going to be a complete complete winner. So pleased!

  15. Ooh, I second the lobbying for a grey / black version of the Hush leopard-print scarf, please!!