Just when we've got our heads around..

...midis, I raise you in fact a maxi. 

Now I know. Humble pie quaffing as we speak.  I said I wasn't going to do maxis.  And it doesn't mean that I shall be giving up the midis.  For a start, as soon as it starts getting properly wet (as in real Autumn, not to mention Winter), these will be a massive no no with regards to soggy hems.

Today I was all set to bring you a bit of boho.  Having said I didn't really do that look, I'm planning a much more.. don't know what you call it actually... simple?  basic?... wardrobe for packing for going away and so thought I'd ring the changes before I went.  And on Monday I managed to bag a tiny (and it is tiny - only an 8 that I've shoehorned myself into) swing embroidered cheesecloth jacket for £7 in New Look.  Which I thought I'd give a whirl yesterday with my classic gladiators.  All very unFrench pared back.

Which would ideally have led into a blog on similar boho beauties that you only need one of, but are ideal to have in your wardrobe for those days when you need a change from attempting to dress like a Parisian (it's hard work).  

However.  I was distracted whilst shopping yesterday.  And yes, it's maxi related.  Since coming back from Port Elliot and seeing the Chloe entourage in their maxis, I will admit my head has been truly turned.  I will also add in here that the track top that I tried to hunt down that I had high hopes of turning me into a Chloe clone, proved to be a fruitless task.  It wasn't helped by my best friend pointing out she was concerned I was descending into Ab Fab Edie territory.  At which point I gave myself a good slap and thought I might just stick to the stripes down the side of my trousers as opposed to down my arms.  Mission over.  (and I'm just thinking of all the money I've saved).

And speaking of money saved - oh did I get a complete bargain today.  Back on topic - yes it was a maxi dress.  Yes it was one I tried on before and didn't buy as I thought I wanted to take it up to a midi but there was ONE left in the sale at Zara today for... £12.99.

Here's how happy I was:-

So happy, I am going to wear this tomorrow to the airport with a biker jacket and sneakers.  Because I can. 

Which has led me to think - hmm maybe there's room for another dress of the maxi variety in my wardrobe for the next couple of months. 

Firstly - this is unbelievably gorgeous.  Ok so you're not going to be wearing it in November but with sandals or sneakers for the next month or so, this is a winner.  In the evening with heel, yes it can be done.

ASOS Cold Shoulder Maxi dress £68

I'm forever having people who are more petite saying to me that they can't do midi or maxi. 

If you choose not to, then that's fair enough but I honestly think this looks absolutely amazing. 

True Decadence Petite All Over Embroidered Lace Maxi Dress £90  I would happily (were I not 5ft10..) wear this with a biker or denim jacket and a pair of sneakers for every day dress down.  Seeing as it goes in the machine. 

From Petite to Tall although I'm struggling to see what this is really like from the pics.  But it looks pretty darn perfect (if you're tall, that I acquiesce).

Glamourous Tall Button Up Maxi Dress £45

And then we have the bargains.  So whilst out yesterday, obligatory trip to Forever21 with the 11yr old (so she can turn her nose up at everything and beg to go to Hollister.. ) and I spied this dress.  Yes it's polyester but truth be told, it's really not that bad at all.  I would happily have bought it.  Had it not had that - I find - incredibly irritating half lining underneath.  Randomly I don't mind it on my Self Portrait dresses but on a chiffon, I'm not sure why, I'd just rather not.  Perhaps it's because I don't wear my SP dresses on the school run.... 

But apart from that - and I appreciate it doesn't bother everyone - this is a gorgeous dress. 

Paisley Print Maxi Dress £23

Now not as cheap now but similar at Mango.  Can you see what I mean about the chiffon and the short underskirt?  Like I say, to me, it feels different under lace whereas, hmmm I'm just not sure about it under something sheer.  I think I like it solid down to the hem.  Which obviously means I will have bought five of these by October.  I am that fickle and humble pie is my fave meal.

Printed Long Dress from Mango £99.99  Having said all of that, I simply love love love the colour of this one.  I very nearly bought a pair of boots from Topshop in this colour in the sale and didn't and now I officially hate myself (and yes I've now just spend half an hour on ebay seeing if I can't a pair and can't.  It's always the things we don't buy that haunt us).

Similar at Banana Republic although I do think this one is solid all the way down.  Result.  Gorgeous colour. 

Neck Tie Maxi Shirtdress from Banana Republic £99.50

And at the other end of the spectrum.. so I haven't even gone into full on Matches, Net a Porter or My Theresa but there are the dregs of the sales that I am clearly now addicted to.  Oh happy days at Very Exclusive. 

Pussy Bow Maxi Dress  by McQ Alexander McQueen £470 now £235 (it says dry clean only but it's 100% poly so I would so handwash.  And I know, I know that amount of money for polyester?  I can only say in my experience, there is polyester that you don't want to stand near a naked flame in and polyester that genuinely feels like silk.  I'm assuming this would be the latter).

This could not be more perfect for Autumn if it tried.  Straight out of the pages of September's glossies.  Another polyester number that I am absurdly tempted to handwash. 

Anna Sui Garden of Eden Print Maxi Dress was £365 now £182.50

And some great reductions in the sale at French Connection. 

Maria Bloom Embroidered Maxi Dress was £225 now £90

Botanical Tropical Trip Dress from Mango was £150 now £69

More floral - adore this one.  

Floral Reef Maxi Dress was £150 now £75

And delicious, easy to wear jersey. 

Berrie Jersey Maxi Dress from Mango was £75 now £45

If we're talking jersey though, this one from Me+Em in a classic black has got to almost match my steal.  Wear now with sandals, into the Autumn with ankle boots and a biker and layer with thin jersey (there are going to be some great layering polo necks around), a jacket and opaques.  A dress for all seasons for the most incredible price.  If you haven't yet felt Me+Em jersey, I urge you to do so.   Like jersey should be.  Heavy and luxurious with the perfect amount of drape and limited cling. 

Ruched Wrap Maxi Dress from Me+Em was £118 now £35

More short sleeved options at Mango.  Their new season stuff is pretty amazing and definitely worth exploring in more detail.  I need to have a look at it in more detail.. that's a couple of hours on holiday sorted whilst the kids have an iPad pig out (they haven't had them AT ALL this holiday - *punches air*).

Soft Denim Dress from Mango £69.99

And 3/4 length sleeves also at Mango.  Ok so this isn't the most practical colour on the planet but boy it is it gorgeous and of course it goes into the machine.  I have to say, out of all of the dresses here, this is the one I am most drawn to.  As in, I've already mentally bought.

Flowy Long Dress £69.99 from Mango 

I will be wearing my new maxi to the airport today as I said.  Trainers, biker jacket.   In my head this is going to work and I won't look remotely overdressed.  And so what if I am.  

Outfit from yesterday now and I promise I will come back to the boho extra for those days when you want something a bit different.  I'm sure it will be worth scouring the ends of the sales for.  This is the one I paid the sum total of £7 for.  Yes, £7.  To be fair it was only £20 to begin with and I have to say I would probably have paid that.  I find a lot of boho can wear me as opposed to me wearing it but this I adore.  Swingy and gorgeous detailing in the embroidery.  I should have done a back shot as it really has the most amazing swing pleating.

Swing jacket - New Look
Gold linen vest - hush
Jeans - Zara
Gladiator sandals - Aldo
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe 

So we are off on holiday today.  I call it holiday.. it's really just visiting family but it'll a lovely break as this time the husband is coming with us (although he's informed me that he will be working as there is an office in Limerick.  I think we need to go and meet him for lunch then *earmarks trip to Brown Thomas ignoring woeful exchange rate as my maths are horrendous and anything you buy on holiday doesn't count*). 

I will be around as my time on the computer is my complete down time and that's what holiday is all about.  And my kids are giddy as I'm letting them take their iPads with them.  Although playing with the breeze blocks in Nanny's yard has always been of much greater interest to them.  Go figure.  So that will me a couple of hours a day at least.  Besides which, there is way too much new season loveliness that's arriving every day to ignore. 

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17 comentarios:

  1. Not keen on maxis as a shorty but look lovely on you. I know you deserve a holiday but I'm so pleased we will still be getting blog posts *skips* have a lovely time

    1. Sorry had a couple of days off!! Too much wine...and too many cousins. HAving a grand time though but have managed to find some time to blog this morning. Hope you like it!

  2. The blue Mango one is gorgeous. I'm a short arse and I love maxis but they are always massively long from Mango.

    1. The Maxis are always really long and their short dresses are super super short!

  3. I am going to try the long sleeve maxi dress this autumn but haven't found a print I like yet so will wait for more to come in in the next couple of months! Hope you have a lovely break and in a great online word app that my kids (and adults) have been hooked on this holiday is wordbrain - bit like virtual boggle, is free and highly addictive! x

    1. I have some more print coming up shortly! I will look up wordbrain thank you xx

  4. I am a shorty at 5ft 2 but I love a maxi dress more so than a midi as you can wear wedge heels under a maxi to give the illusion of height

  5. I'm another shortie who is not keen on maxi dresses as just feel swamped by all that material. Some of the dresses above conjure up images of me at a kids party in the 70s wearing a floor length chocolate brown "party frock" which had a white embroidered bib front. I remember wearing this with small heeled, brown buckled "granny shoes" as we called them back in the day. Eeewww !

    1. Noooooo!!!! But we certainly can't wear all of the fashions - wouldn't that be a dull world!

  6. I agree with the shorties, me too at 5ft3
    maxis are best for me as midis just don't suit,

    1. Interesting - it's definitely all about finding the right length that words for you and what shoes you're comfortable with.

  7. I have come around a bit to maxis, never thought I was tall enough (or thin enough that) but the tried the Springfield Flower Maxi from French Connection and I'm smitten. Might have to check out some more....

    1. Oh gorgeous. And be warned - it's a slippery slope....

  8. yeh another shortie here at 5 ft 3 I may try one too! like the asos petite one

    1. Do it!! I've another one on the next blog as well!

  9. No to maxi and midi from me too!!!