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It's that time of the month again when I work in collaboration with M&S and look at all that is new and wonderful.  This month, I've taken it upon myself to find some great building blocks for your Spring wardrobe.  And my edit has been featured on the M&S website in their Style & Living section.  

Those essentials that be worn as an outfit in their own right but are the perfect building blocks for the start of your Spring and Summer wardrobe.  And most will happily take you into next Autumn too.

Those pieces that when you see something new that you like - you know that you will always have something in your wardrobe to go with it.  

And I'm going straight in as I have finally found something that has been on my wish list forever.  A longline blazer.   In black.  Result.  Now apparently it's a double breasted coat, but trust me when I say this is really a longline (ok so it is double breasted) blazer.  I have already worn this a fair few times - the perfect Spring "coat" when you don't actually want a coat but do need something that little bit more substantial than a jacket. 

Long Double Breasted Coat from Autograph £119 I bought the 10 which is a perfect fit.

Along with the photos I had taken for the article, I have also worn the longline blazer in a couple of other ways.

And along with the perfect black jacket, I found the perfect black shoes.  I have been looking for a pair of Go To stilettos for years.  And imagine a pair that are comfy.  I mean properly comfy.  Ok so I'm not going to do a marathon in these and suffice to say, the step count on my beloved (well it would be beloved if I really knew how to use it!) Apple watch doesn't go up that much, but compared to other black stilettos which I have tried over the years - comfort wise, these have the edge.  I can finally retire my black suede Zara numbers which I have had for the past six years - yes, that's how long I have been looking for a replacement pair.  You will have these in your wardrobe for years (well, I will anyway).

Suede Stiletto Court Shoes £49.50  I sized down to a 6.5.

And if you don't fancy black - there's always pink.  I would happily build an occasion outfit around these shoes and then fling them on with jeans, tee and a blazer for a night out. 

Bubblegum pink suede and leather £49.50

For the pictures, I shot it with the perfect every day silk blouse.  Washable and ideal for work or at the weekend with jeans.

Pure Silk Tie Back Long Sleeved Blouse £69 I'm wearing the 10 and found them true to size.

Special mention must also be given to the bag.  The ideal treat yourself addition to your Spring wardrobe at £15.  You may find that you already have the perfect basics already but just want something to make your old clothes feel that bit fresher.  Can guarantee a new bag will do just that. 

I shot both the yellow and the red as I couldn't decide.. 

Faux leather cross body bag in red £15

Or in the yellow.

I also managed to find the perfect grey, not spray on skinny, jeans.  These are just the right combination of straight and skinny - ok so yes, that will be slim, jeans in a grey that isn't too washed out or too dark.  Depending on how formal your work is, these could easily be worn for work but are your weekend go to jeans for the Spring.  I also would happily wear on a night out.

Relaxed Slim Leg Jeans in Light Grey £25 I have the 10 on here.  True to size.

Whilst we're talking blazers - my next wardrobe must have is a navy one.  Nipped in at the waist which makes it super flattering and the perfect length.  Single breasted, as that's what I know most people prefer.  Wear this over midi skirts and dresses as well as jeans or trousers.  I honestly don't think you can go wrong with a blazer as your staple Spring jacket.  Which is why I chose two.  One black, one navy - my excuse being that the black one can also double up as a coat and also they'll both happily take you into the Autumn as well.  And you can bet that when it comes to doing Autumn transitional clothing - my top tip on the jacket front will be... you've guessed it - the obligatory blazer.

Grosgrain Trim Single Blazer in navy £45.00  I'm wearing the 10.  True to size I would say.

And if we're talking trousers that aren't jeans (something I am always always being asked about for Spring and Summer - and yes Summer as not everyone wants to break out the shorts), I have found linen trousers that work.  Now I went up a size as I wanted them to slightly lower on the hips and I didn't find the sizing that generous. 

Pure Linen Straight Leg Trousers in khaki £29.50

So you can wear with heels like above but if you'd prefer a flat shoe, look no further.  The ideal alternative to a trainer.  Or even if we're talking workwear, these would have them all gossiping at the water cooler (have I overdosed on Suits? Note to self - try and deal with Netflix obsession).

Flamingo Pumps with Insolia Flex £35  I sized down to a 6.

Alternatively there are these.  Now I'm not going to lie to you - I wasn't sure about these.  But they are pretty darn epic.

Autograph Lace Up Ballet Pumps £45


And finally.. the dress.  If you're a regular reader of this blog, you will be more than aware that I am obsessed with dresses.  Particularly of the print variety.  I will extoll the virtues of having one of these as a wardrobe essential, till the cows come home.  If you only buy one dress this Spring, may I please recommend this one.  With trainers and a biker jacket for every day dress down.  With a blazer and the ballet pumps for a smarter day occasion or even a casual night out.  Dare I suggest the pink heels above for a wedding?  Or - and the beauty of the black straps at the top (which means you can happily wear a bra under it and yes, I have tried.  All the WHOOP) - you can wear with black sandals.

Floral Print Long Sleeve Midi Dress £55  It also comes in two lengths.  Finally - oh finally a midi dress that is long enough the ridiculously tall amongst us.  

So here I am in the dress and the shoes - planning on wearing it tomorrow with trainer and a suede jacket.  Size wise - this is the 10 long.

But finishing with my outfit from last night - the shoes.  Oh these shoes.  Much admired and no, no one could believe that they are M&S. 

Top - Goat
Ripped Knee jeans - Baukjen
Black shoes - M&S
Leopard print bag - Tory Burch

So I have survived another day of the holidays (or should I say the kids survived my rather exhausted and short tempered demeanour today - seriously I now remember why going out on a "school night" is not a good idea).  More swimming for the children today - this weather is such a blessed relief, yes Spring has finally pitched up. 

Which means we have every excuse to have a look at our Spring wardrobes and see how they're faring.  Would love to know what the building blocks of your wardrobes are?  Those Spring essentials that you can't live without.

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19 comentarios:

  1. Lovely, lovely pieces Kat. Funnily enough I was in M&S earlier trying on those pink shoes. I could only find them in a wide fit though. I also tried on a bargain bargain maxi dress from late winter/early spring collection. Reduced to...........£3.75. I know!! In fact most of their final sale stuff was silly, silly prices. You look great in all of those photos Mrs. x

  2. Man, I love all of those. So, so tempted by the pink shoes. And the dress. And the long line jacket...

    1. I can highly recommend them all! (although I did buy the black shoes and not the pink ones..!)

  3. Waiting for M&S to put that longline coat on the Australian site, then it shall be mine! I have those cuffed jeans in the blue and agree they're tts, although I wanted them a little shorter to sit above my ankle bone. Going back for the grey and think I will try the 'short' instead of regular (I'm 5,6). The flamingo pumps are cute, but not sure I'd be brave enough to wear. 9 yo daughter would love them! Looks like M&S is listening to what we want to wear - good stuff. And thank you 40+ bloggers helping us to be heard.

    1. I was about to say - try the short instead of the regular!! And thank you xxx

  4. I got the pink shoes and wore them to a party at the weekend, I got so many compliments and no one could believe where I'd got them or the price. Really tempted to go back for the black ones for work.

    1. They're just so comfy aren't they? Perfect work shoes too!

  5. Those black shoes! And the pink! So tempted by them, although as I'm about to have a baby in the next week I'm not sure of the use they'll get in the near future. I do have a couple of weddings coming up tho... 😉

    1. They're definitely ones for buying now and putting away till you need them....

  6. Read your blog last night and immediately ordered the grey jeans and navy blazer. Jeans are perfect! Thank you... I would never have spotted them otherwise!

  7. Been living in my navy blazer(s) the last week or so. It's so useful at this time of year, especially with a scarf on a cold morning.
    I did look at the blazer in petite a while back, ended up ordering one from Boden as being ponte it's a little more casual. I love a colour pop bag too, so who knows if I might 'accidentally' order one!

    1. Those bags are just too good to resist at that price!

  8. Some of your photos didn't show up. Just says page not available.

    1. Oh gosh I'm sorry. I've tried on various devices and they seem to come up fine. Sorry!

  9. Random ask on this article but husband is desperately seeking a male equivalent blog for same age and style tips, any recommendations very welcome.

    1. Have you tried the silver Londoner?I think he could just be what your husband is looking for

    2. Gosh do you know what I don't! I'll have a look around xxx

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