Get your coat...

...ed skinny jeans on.  Boom boom!  Ok so I have total cabin fever from having been run ragged with ill children, so a super crappola joke is the name of the day as I finally sit down on Friday evening, having planned to go out but another poorly child has stopped play.   He's got diarrhoea, bless him, and I couldn't risk any of my lovely babysitters getting sick this near to Christmas.  He does seem to have made a marvellous recovery mind you... but still, poo is poo is poo.

So armed with my laptop (takeaway on the way) and planning what to wear tomorrow to the good old Jingle Bell ball... (I am ridiculously excited), I did think about doing the total luxurious - if money were no object - bag blog (that's coming soon.. I might have a good old dream on peruse later, with a glass of wine - that never ends well), but I had so many people asking about coated skinnies the other day, I thought I would devote today's blog to that eternal must have for so many of us. 

Can you still wear them?  Which ones are the best?  Do they have to be black?  Are they just for Christmas? 

Yes, depends, not at all and no way!

These are pretty much the only skinnies that I now wear. Very similar to the leather skirt theory of yesterday, I think these are such a versatile thing to have in your wardrobe.

Tomorrow, I will be wearing these with a jumper, trainers (or boots...hello new chunky numbers!), leopard coat and scarf.  DONE. 

These are the newest ones I wore the other day from House of Fraser.

Maison De Nimes Le Marais Skinny Jeans were £49 now £36.75

But these are the ones that I have worn for the last couple of years.  Cannot recommend them highly enough.  They work perfectly for me - admittedly they're probably not going to work for everyone but length wise, they do come in petite, regular and tall. 

Mayfair Skinny Jeans from Boden in Waxed Black on offer now at £42

I am also a HUGE fan of New Look high waisted coated skinny jeans.  These aren't the same as the ones I have (I have two pairs) but they do look marvellous for the price.  And comfy (I'd wear something covering the buttons to be honest).

Black Coated High Waisted Skinny Jeans from New Look £25.99

Other jeans that people have recommended over the years - I write about coated skinnies every single year and the two that people always comment on are Esprit, Topshop and Warehouse.

Esprit Coated Jeans £45

And I know people rave about the Warehouse ones. 

Coated Skinny Cut from Warehouse £46

Ditto Jamie Jeans from Topshop £45

It doesn't have to be black though - admittedly that is the only colour I have but get your festive on with red or green...

Stradivarius Coated Jean in green £21.99

Green again and high waisted at Dr Denim £50

My favourite Boden Mayfairs in a waxed khaki finish now on offer at £42

Red at the recommended by other readers Esprit £45

These are another close up of the Maison de Nimes jeans above.  All clothes are from House of Fraser worn as part of the paid partnership from the other day.  The earrings are from my lovely lovely friend's Cathy's company, Alice's Wonders. 


But here I am today in dress downtastic.  


Into This jumper - Bella Freud (sale aw15)
Double Faced Coat - Whistles (sale aw15)
Scarf - Black (gift new in)
Jeans - Zara (sale aw16)
Belt - Weekday from ASOS (ss17)
Nanette boots - Grenson from Collen & Clare (new)

I am now off to chow done on my Chinese (it's not getting any better, is it?), enjoy a lovely glass of red, a Christmas movie (which will involve copious amounts of arguing - The Waltons we are not) and some dream on research for a new bag for next year.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday - it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

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11 comentarios:

  1. I still wear the New Look pair you recommended years ago Kat, even though the knee is now slightly grazed after an inelegant stumble off a kerb! Loving your dressed down outfit... you really suit that look! x

    1. I still wear mine too!! They're slightly cracked now but they owe me NOTHING! They must be three years old at least? And have done rugby pretty much every week in that time!

  2. I’m still wearing my New Look ones as recommended by you 2 or 3 years ago and also my Boden ones which were more of an investment purchase but are actually a lovely cut (not as skinny as the New Look ones)
    I also have a berry coloured pair from Next but now liking the look of those khaki Boden ones (great price) 👍🏻

    1. The Boden and New Look are different aren't they? The New Look are VERY skinny and spray on - perfect with oversized jumpers but I'm happier to wear the Boden ones with shorter tops. They both are years old aren't they?!!

  3. I do still love my skinnies, probably down to being a little late to this particular party. I've yet to find a pair of coated skinnies, they seem to wrinkle on me in a most unflattering way, my other skinnies are much better behaved!

    1. I know exactly what you mean - it's usually if they're too long in my experience. I have to say I don't mind a little bit of wrinking....

  4. Yes same here re boden and new look differences.

    The boden ones are cotton with a waxy coating. I do t love the shape on me as they’re too baggy at the ankles (nothing like the image they show for me!) but are a definite jeans with a coating.

    The new looks from a couple of years ago are weird bonded weirdness fabric that look awesome on. Mine have sadly started to lose some of the coating.

    Just ordered the new version from new look in hope they’re the same as I love them! And they also look much more like leather than the boden.

    One day I’ll have leather leggings. When I’m a grown up. One day ��

    1. The Boden and New Look ones are almost like totally different trousers really aren't they? Yes, the Boden (like the Maison De Nimes ones) are much more of a subtle coated waxed look. But the New Look ones are much more leather look... I hope they're the same, the new ones. I think they have lasted really well for under £25 though!!!

  5. I have several pairs that started with your recommended ones from New Look (mine are also still alive) although I have since bought other New Look ones. I think I wear my burgundy ones the most - they are from Tesco - ridiculously cheap, crazily comfy and very like the New Look ones. I also have a blue pair from somewhere - Warehouse maybe but I don't wear them so much. I have a couple of pairs of the more subtle waxed type ones but don't find they wash very well. It's like the waxing disappears. The Boden ones are a horrible shape on me but maybe another more quality pair is what I need to find! xx

  6. Edit: Topshop clothes are too tiny for me - by the time they fit I feel like a heifer so it won't be the Jamie's!! xx

  7. Like the Grenson boots. Are they lined with anything? Warm? Is the leather stiff?