Monday Must Have

So this is something new.  

Every Monday - until I forget... or maybe there won't be anything that's a Must Have.  Hmm highly unlikely seeing as I'm thinking it could be anything from a coat, to a mascara, to a pair of earrings or anything just as random.  Let's see where the Mondays take us.

It will be a short, quick one as it will focus on just one thing.  That I can personally recommend. 

And today - it's something that is completely weather appropriate. 

I ordered this last night after mulling over it for ages, having had a glass of wine and thinking about snow... Actually it wasn't just this one - I have had these on my mind for a while.  For a very long while.  And I saw the lovely Freddie Harrel wearing the (sold out) brown version of this a couple of weeks ago and thought OH MY. 

They look so SO much more expensive in the flesh but I couldn't get my head around how much I would wear a brown one.   Then last night, doing some research on something random, I came across the black one.  

Which is a sort of patent.  Which makes it sound sort of scary.  But all sorts of fabulously cool.  In my book.  This is perfect for dress down days, I think it will also work perfectly over a maxi actually.  With chunky boots.   You can see where I'm going with this, can't you? 

Monki Premium Shearling from ASOS £95

And here I am in the one I ordered last night which arrived today.  Which I LOVE but it is a size too big I think (this is the Large), so I've ordered the Medium.  It is supposed to be oversized but this is just too big - the Medium will be perfect. 


I also have a very thick jumper under it. This is what I wore today.


Jumper - H&M (4yrs ago)
Leggings - hush (gift 4yrs ago)
Thermal black polo neck (M&S aw16)
Scarf - Black (gift aw15)
Wrist warmers - hush (gift new in)
Nanette Boots - Grenson (new in)

For sitting in the car for 90 minutes.  Why you may ask?  If you haven't seen Instagram then I will explain.  Snow pelting down today so decided to use the large car that the husband usually drives to the station.  I offered to give him a lift.   He was spending a LONG time educating me on how to drive in the snow... and I did ask him to remember to leave the key in the car. 

Except he didn't.  And I managed to drive a good half a mile before my dashboard started flashing with NO KEY PRESENT and I panicked like hell.  Turned round, drove back to the station ringing him.. he's obviously not answering his phone as... HE'S GOT ONTO THE TRAIN. 

The train which isn't a stopping train (most of them stop at one stop 10 mins away and then fast to London).  Oh no.  This one is a fast to London Bridge train. 

Cue me sitting at the station for 90 minutes whilst he went all the way to London and waited for train to come all the way back again.  I couldn't go home and get the spare key as I had no front door key. 

Which is why my next blog is the luxury Christmas present blog that I spent 90 minutes researching this morning.... 

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8 comentarios:

  1. I’m waiting very patiently for my black Aviator to come on Christmas Day. I love it and I want it NOW! I’m hoping it will fill the gaping hole of “coats to wear with midis” in my wardrobe x

  2. just wondering if you had looked at or considered the Me & Em reversible aviator style jacket? I like the look of it - though the price is scary, borderline excessive I think for Me & Em but hasn't stopped me drooling over it. they've sold out once and can't wait for the sales ...

  3. OMG!!! I am more interested in what the Mr said when arrived back to the station. Was any blood shed?

    1. Ha ha ha! No.. no blood shed. I’ve made a note for his appraisal. 🤣🤣

  4. Love the aviator style, last year got a shearling Barbour one that was like 70% off in the Very exclusive sale that I really need to get out.....