I think I may have written about these for the last three years...

.. and I did cave in the Summer but now it's developed into a full blown obsession.

White boots.  If nothing else, is there something vaguely Christmassey about them?  Am I clutching at straws here?!  Is it that they're vaguely reminiscent of ice skating boots? (really selling them now, aren't I?) Well, either way, I will say that they are rapidly becoming the most useful boots in my wardrobe.  

Dare I say, they are a complete neutral.  Just insert wherever you would a black pair and I promise you, it works.  I can also promise you that your other half will probably hate them!  

"Lovely outfit, but not with those boots"
"What would work with these boots, do you think?"

Brief convo pre leaving the house last night.  With the husband.  Who clearly isn't in the "White boots are my thang" gang...

I was wearing these BOOTS OF ALL THE AWESOMENESS from & Other Stories.  Well.  Awesome to me.  Not so much to the husband.

Low Leather Cowboy Boots from & Other Stories £129 (also available in black...!).

They also have them in a stiletto which I love (and would happily also wear) but the ones above work better for me on a day to day basis and I will get more wear out of them. 

Pointed Stiletto Ankle Boot from & Other Stories £89

Or they have a slightly different - with a '60s vibe - block heel round toed version. 

Leather Ankle Boots from & Other Stories £89

Variation on the theme from Office.

Office Alto Pointed Boots £96

So the first pair that I bought (actually the second pair.. the first were a leather pair of pointed low kitten heels from H&M that were a size too small.  Apparently pointed boots don't stretch.  Despite my ambitious theory that they might.  Fool.) were from Mango in the Summer and were a copy of a pair from Ganni.  They were amazing although slightly infuriatingly they have stretched across the top of the foot and look slightly baggy.. Baggy isn't a good look in a pair of boots that should be fitted.

However these.  OH HELLO.

Office Analyze Western Chelsea Boots £110

Similar at M&S. 

Block Heel Chelsea Western Ankle Boot from M&S £45

Upping the ante at Alexa Chung (although I personally prefer the cheaper versions!)

Stud-embellished patent leather boots from Alexa Chung £395

Again if you want to up the budget... 

Rag & Bone Westin boots £350

However I think these from Mango are just as good. Dare I say better?

Leather pointed ankle boots £89.99

Or another low pair from M&S.

Leather Ankle Boots from Autograph at M&S £79

Maybe this is why I have the ice skating sentiment thing going on... These are a very good tribute to a By Far pair - I have my eye set on the black pair with eyelets which I don't need but very VERY much want.  These are a quarter of the price.

Office Aloha Lace Up Boots £90

So yes, I appreciate these are going to be fairly marmite, folks, but I love them.  I love leopard print boots (and I will be doing a blog on them shortly) but my old Tabitha Simmonds ones that I've now had for three years are looking very sorry for themselves.  So I will keep wearing them but a pair of not too high, white ankle boots are my top tip for making all your dresses, jeans, leather leggings - honestly ANYTHING - from last year, look completely up to date and fresh.  With the addition of simply one pair of boots.  

I'll be honest, when it comes to adding instant New Season to your wardrobe, I do think a pair of boots is the easiest way to get the most variety for the lowest investment.  BUT it doesn't have to be a white pair (I'm sure loads of you will be very pleased to hear that...!). 

No, definitely could be a knee high pair, a hiking pair, a cowboy pair, a leopard pair.  It really depends which style work best for you and your wardrobe. 

I'm currently all over the white ones though and I bought them on Friday in London and wore them on Saturday night.  Always a good sign.


Green blouse and skirt - Tabitha Webb (gift current)
Boots - & Other Stories (current)
Leopard clutch - Tory Burch from Bicester (5yrs ago)

Sunday today and I am doing a huge wardrobe clear out, followed by the cinema.  Yes, it's a rainy, blustery Sunday and we are off to watch Goosebumps whilst the husband cooks a roast for us when we get back.  Seriously, what's not to love about that?!

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3 comentarios:

  1. While white boots aren't my thing (that'll be the marmite effect!), I could get a similar look with something like this:
    Black/white snakeskin, two trends in one! I've got these in navy/black snakeskin and they're pretty comfy.
    If I bought the black/white version, I'm thinking teaming with them cosy cream knitwear a la "that film" with Cameron Diaz!

    1. Oh I LOVE LOVE them!! Although randomly I think they're more difficult to wear than a plain white one.. go figure!!

  2. Makes me think of 'White Boots' by Noel Streatfield - always wanted a pair of those as a child. Had to have the horrid brown ones with extra metal ankle supports. Not a good look as I grimly and sweatily inched my way round Streatham Silver blades while the blond girls with short velvet skirts twirled on their white boots in the middle (didn't affect me at all)