It's the jacket that keeps on reinventing itself.

So as I said on my blog post for M&S the other day - one of the most important items of clothing I own is a blazer.  Yes, I love a biker, I have developed a complete penchant for a trench coat but it's the blazer that holds first place in my heart. 

Plus - I can't remember these ever not working.  Yes, the shapes have slightly changed but I reckon, so long as the proportions work for you, any shape goes.  Today, I am looking at black, grey or navy orrr anything else I come across.  

We are also looking for a loose blazer today.  I will look at more fitted another day but personally I am hankering towards the looser fit over - well pretty much anything.  Gone are the days when you have to your coat longer than your skirt (did anyone else's mum drum that into them?!) and ditto shape.  You can have a fuller dress with a loose jacket over it - it sounds wrong diddly BUT it works. 

Actually saying all of that - nope I'm going to look at some fitted ones too.  With a fuller skirt or a fuller dress, a nipped in waist is just the most sublime silhouette.  Yes, it's all very Lauran Ingalls Wilder.. dare I even say we whiff of the Gone with the Winds about us?  (I am the only one hankering after extensive petticoat action, aren't I?!)

First up - I am going in with investment.  But I have three blazers from here - all of which I have bought a couple of years ago and they are AMAZING.  Plus, if you sign up for their newsletter, you can get 15% off your first order.

Wool Flannel Military Blazer in Charcoal from Me+Em £299

Grey wool again from Mango this time - £79.99

And then let's start with some black gems.  Probably the most useful item I own in my wardrobe (probably.. don't quote me on that or ask me to choose otherwise we'd be here forever).

Double breasted structured jacket from Mango was £69.99 now £49.99

Velvet now at Jigsaw... this is a loose velvet blazer but it does still have a fitted shape.  it's not meant to be loose so don't size up - I've tried and it just doesn't work.  However if you don't like the super slouchy looking style but do like a less structured fabric then this is absolutely worth looking at.

Silk Velvet Jacket from Jigsaw £160

Velvet again at Mango £59.99 Definitely a Tux vibe to this.

Tuxedo style again at Zara £69.99

Another version at & Other Stories £89

However THIS is the one that I think is the winner winner chicken dinner.  This looks almost identical to the one I have but in a different fabric.  But that's ok - VELVET?!!  What's not to love?  I'm just throwing up a prayer to the God of Gorgeous Blazers that it's a slouchy kind of velvet and not a horrible stiff one. 

Double Breasted Velvet Blazer £69.99 from Zara

Casual jersey but with a hint of structure to it from Jigsaw.  And in navy... 

Raw Edge Ponte Jacket from Jigsaw £140

Now I do feel actually that navy deserves its very own special blog post so I will shelve that there and be back... a lovely friend of mine had THE most amazing navy coat on the other day.  Which leads me to thinking about all things coats.  Coming soon.

But in the meantime, here I am in three very different outfits all sporting my beloved black blazers.


Blouse - Winser London (gift 3yrs ago)
Blazer - Isabel Marant (4yrs ago)
Trainers - Ishikiwa from Quattrorish (ss18)
Bag - Loewe (ss18)


Jeans - TuClothing (from paid partnership current)
Trainers - Kurt Geigher (gift ss18)
Bag - Loewe (ss18)
Tee - Starlover (gift ss18)
Blazer - M&S (from paid partnership aw17)


Tee - MKT Studio (gift aw18)
Skirt - Ganni (current)
Blazer - Karen Millen (from paid partnership aw17)
Trainers - hush (current)
Bag - APC from Coggles (3yrs ago)

Now just finishing with one very good bit of info.. 20% off EVERYTHING at Bobbi Brown until midnight tonight, Sunday.  Use the code KATFARMER - I get absolutely nothing from this at all - I've done some work with them recently and they gave me a code to share.  

I am off now to hunt down coats... what do we all think of the blazers?  Black?  Or do we want some colour?  Ok now that's got me thinking... I will be back! 

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4 comentarios:

  1. I totally forgot I have a gorgeous black velvet jacket I bought one Christmas. Must dig it out and wear it! So you saved me money on a jacket which I promptly just spent in Bobbi Brown.��

    1. And this is it -they last forever don't they?!!

  2. I so love that your shown some examples of how you wear your blazers, great inspo for the rest of us!
    Blazers are always my nemesis due to being petite, and with buttons on the cuffs of most I have to go for petite sizing. I've been on the look out for a velvet blazer for a while, thought Boden had come up trumps this year, but even though it was a petite size, a lovely blazer but I just found it was a bit too stiff for me. I wish the silk velvet jigsaw blazer came in navy, as it looks lovely and soft, and just as important there don't seem to be buttons on the cuffs!

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