Who says you can't wear these past 40?

I'm pretty sure that this always features exceptionally close to the top of all those ludicrous lists "things women shouldn't wear over 40" which make me want to screw up said list and shove it up the writer's proverbial.

Leather skirts.  And, lord forbid, it should be a short skirt.  Holy nora, of what level of debauchery would that be - imagine - a woman over 40 getting her legs out.  We're not talking leather hot pants (although if they float your boat, knock yourself out), we're talking a skirt. 

I have even been wearing one.. brace yourself...with bare legs.  I KNOW RIGHT? 

And the earth didn't fall off its axis.

However since we've been plunged into the depths of Winter, there are no bare legs being exposed - the thick tights are coming into their own.

And at this point, I'm going to throw it out there, that I find a leather mini skirt easier to wear than a non leather mini one.  I appreciate this sounds all sorts of bonkers but genuinely, it does make sense in my warped tiny mind.  I have actually worn a leather a line skirt for years.  For genuinely as long as I can remember.   A little black leather a line number (ok so it was in fact faux leather but you would have been pushed to know the difference) from Zara that I bought about 6yrs ago.

I love them with either a silk knit or top and longline blazer for nights out.  With an oversized knit or silky knit polo neck for during the day with chunky ankle or Chelsea boots.  They are honestly a lot more versatile than you would think. 

However I am also going to throw in some midi numbers as well as I have one of these from M&S that I bought a couple of years ago and I blooming LOVE it.   They really do last the test of time.... 

And I'm going straight in with one a random short navy number.  Ok so this does look short.  Which perhaps wouldn't work on me being 5ft10 but if you're not as ridiculously tall as I am, this would absolutely look amazing.  I would wear this with an oversized navy knit or black - fabulously thick opaques and ankle boots.  Throw on any longline coat that takes your fancy. 

Or for the evening - how about a navy sequin polo neck, opaques and velvet ankle boots.  Or even a silk shirt, bare leg tights and a pair of bejewelled flats or mid heel?  There is nothing wrong with a pair of good old American Tan tights by the way... I will hunt out my favourite for this season but they're invariably the cheapest you can buy as they don't have that tell tale hideous sheen to them!

Wrap PU Skirt by Glamorous from Topshop £29

This looks to be slightly longer at Warehouse - although it is black... 

Faux leather wrap skirt from Warehouse £42

Another faux number now from M&S. 

A line mini skirt £35 from M&S Collection

Faux in brown with POCKETS... did I mention pockets... and in tan. 

Pocket faux leather skirt from Warehouse £32

Or in the berry, again from Warehouse £32

Minis in real leather and first up, a masterclass in how to style one.  I'll have one of what she's having please.  If I could honestly look like this for every day of the next two seasons, I would take it.

High Shine Leather A line mini skirt £299 from Me+Em

Other leather minis.. patent at Jigsaw.  I admit to liking this rather more than I possibly should...

Patent Leather Mini Skirt from Jigsaw £160

And the skirt that I have from Jigsaw which I can highly highly recommend. 

Mini Pleat Front Skirt £150 (IT HAS POCKETS)

Zip detail at Reiss - Annabelle Skirt £225  

Suede Leah Mini Skirt from Reiss £225

And now for the midis in real leather. 

High Shine Leather A line skirt from Me+Em £399

Midi in real leather with button detail at Warehouse 

Leather Midi Skirt £149

The perfect zip midi in black from Autograph at M&S £149

Another leather zip midi from River Island £140

Zip detail midi leather skirt of gorgeousness at Karen Millen in aubergine £299

So I don't have the leather skirt on today (I will be cracking it out this week though.. can't *quite* get my head around opaques just yet), but with a huge knit, they will be absolutely coming out very, very shortly.  Actually maybe tomorrow.. yes, tomorrow, I've just mentally sorted the outfit, so watch this space! 

Here is what I have been wearing this weekend.  Yesterday for the Family Race Day and fireworks at Ascot.  We go with clients of my husband's and it's an AMAZING day.


Skirt and blouse - Tabitha Webb (gift current)
Boots - & Other Stores (current)
Sunglasses - Walter + Herbert (current)
Bag - Hill & Friends (ss18 gift

And then today, it was a quick trip to Leicester Square with two of my brood to see a preview showing of Nativity Rocks. 


Jumper - Kat Farmer X Orwell & Austen (released this week)
Skirt - Alice + Olivia from Selfridges (ss18)
Trainers - Golden Goose from Far Fetch (sale aw17)
Bag - Loewe from Matches (aw17)
Sunglasses - Chloe from Very Exclusive (ss17)
Gilet - Florence Bridge (gift current)

So the movie.. things I've learnt today - Craig Revel Horwood (who is in the movie and was at the preview) is REALLY tall, really good looking and simply lovely.  And that a Christmas movie doesn't actually have to be brilliant to be a great tug at the heartstrings romp (I may have had a tear in my eye on more than one occasion).  Laugh out loud bits, some great appearances, a dog you want to adopt and I now feel the need to crack out the mulled wine and mince pies.  Leave your brain in the foyer and indulge in a festive binge of Christmas feel good mulch. 

To come this week - I have holiday reports, some more beauty (things I've used and totally emptied!) and coats.... of the teddy bear variety!

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4 comentarios:

  1. Have you got a range of clothes coming out this week? I'm sure if you do they will be very stylish just like you. If you have are you going to do a blog post about it because I would be very interested to hear and see what you have been doing.

  2. I have been looking for an a line faux leather skirt (not mini) in black for about 2 years. But none of these are it! ��
    It’s definitely me and not your picks but the search continues.

  3. I love all the Nativity films so far. So can't wait to see this one with Craig RH (everyone says he's lovely when they meet him). Love your picks but always think unless you have lithe, Bambi-esque legs (like you), it just can't be carried off by the likes of me (who is only 5ft 3 and more like one of Snow Whites dwarves!!!)

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