Humble Pie time.

Yes, as I mentioned yesterday, there is a store (and a concession) on the High Street of which I have always been rather vilely judgemental.  The main reason being that I was (ok ok am) a super snob (in my defence I like to say Aquarian....) with regards to all that is vanilla.  And to me, Coast epitomised all that was wrong with the High Street for my age group.  It dictated what you "should" wear for a wedding/Christening/Christmas Party, along with a couple of other HS suspects.  They had our market cornered.   With the predictable.  

You could pretty much guarantee that if you wore a dress from Coast to any black tie function or "occasion", the chances of someone else wearing either a) the identical dress, b) the same dress in a different print/colour or c) one of the other dresses you tried on was high.  Very high (and yes, I know I'm going to get someone saying they've bought a Coast dress and have never seen anyone in it - there are always going to be exceptions to every rule and I am pontificating and generalising hugely.  Poetic licence).  I know people say that they have their place and yes, perhaps they do but it was never really my bag. 

The hilarious thing about my woeful snobbery was that I am not and never have been any sort of super style guru - that concept definitely exists only in my head (and even then only on the odd day).  Whilst I was berating the likes of Coast et al, I was happily shopping like a complete sheep at Whistles, Zara, Reiss, By Malene Birger and All Saints with a gazillion others (and yes, I'm sure I've turned up somewhere with someone else in something v similar/identical to me) - hardly the cutting edge of Avant Garde.  

But that being what it may - it was still very wrong of me to ever scoff at the alleged predictability of Coast.  It would be an exceptionally dull world if we did all like the same thing (especially as if that were the case, we would all rock up in the same dress!) 

Except I now have to proffer up apologies of monster proportions as I am truly in love with a large amount of what they have to offer this season.  

So have they changed their tack and direction somewhat?  Or, yet again, is it my seniority creeping up on me?

Starting with my current favourite obsession - dresses.  

Willamina Dress  £75  Absolutely love this, the colour, the shape, the print.

Does this one have my name written all over it or what?

Bobbi Dress £95

Remind you of anything?  If I hadn't tracked down my yellow Sculptured top from Whistles, then I would have bought this in a heartbeat.  I am even vaguely tempted to try the other colour they have as I love this shape so so much. 

Bobbi Dress in Orange (although looks red to me - they even have Whistles delusional colour chart - alternatively it's highly likely I'm the one with colour issues)  £95

Love the zip detail which goes all the way down the back. 

Whilst we're speaking of Whistles, to me, this has a definitely whiff of the W about it and is definitely a colour palette with which I'm far more comfortable. 

The Rivi Dress £115

Love the flattering ruched detail around the waist 

A similar colourway (which I happen to love) is the Emlen Dress - another of my favourite shapes (hides a multitude of sins). 

Emlen Dress £115    This colourway now only £92 at the discount days at HofF  (only this colourway it seems - none at all at John Lewis who are matching some of the prices) 

And yet again, as if it were made for me in my favourite hints of lime yellow and grey. 

Emlen Dress £115

And in a cobalt blue - perfect to add your own interest with statement jewellery. 

Speaking of statement jewellery, they have some amazing choices for really good prices.  

All the jewellery can be found on offer HERE at House of Fraser for the next 48 hrs! 

The Marion set would in fact work really well with print as well, them being so neutral.  Perfect for giving one of the above tunic style dresses that extra bit of oomph for a much dressier occasion. 

Marion Earrings £15

Marion Bracelet  £30

The Hudson earrings would give a plain cream or blush blouse or dress an entire new lease of life (she says again justifying purchase of the Freya Hush Blouse in Powder!  Absolutely perfect to make it into a much dressier outfit) 

Hudson Earrings £15

And divine matching bracelet 

Hudson Bracelet - £35

Christa Earrings £15.  These need nothing to go with them.  They sing all on their own. 

Kingston Earrings £18

Vermont Earrings £18 - if reds are your colour, these are just the most Christmassy earrings ever.  

Moving onto necklaces of which they have a truly marvellous selection. 

Not sure I'd wear a matching earrings and necklace set but this on its own would be up my street and transform a plain black top or dress. 

Vermont Perspex Necklace £40

Cleopatra Necklace £55 Which I could have included in my favourite black necklace blog of the other day. 

And the necklace that, I'll be honest, had me look at Coast in a different light.  That and the bag below.  I saw this in the concession in House of Fraser and would have sworn on a Rugrat's life that it was the Stella & Dot Tempest necklace.  Which I own so I know exactly what it should both look and feel like.  Identical to this is the answer.  Well, identicalish as it's not reversible and it does have a different clasp but seeing as the price differential is about £140odd, I think I could live with that.....

Clayton Necklace £50

And to add insult to the injury that has been my rudeness over the brand, I have actually bought a bag from there before (which I may have a) broken as I tried to cram too much into it  - moi? and b) then left at the Italian wedding last year as I overindulged on 14 hours of Prosecco.  This was the other bag I saw online when randomly searching for something and thought WOW, I love love love that.  

These ones aren't for sale at House of Fraser or John Lewis. (which is good in that not everyone will have them! - see I just can't stop myself - slaps wrist) 

Ostrich Feather Clutch £45   Now my ever so slight concern is that, as I haven't seen it in real life, the bag itself may be see through.  I carry around a lot of crap that I'm not sure other people need to see.  Doesn't stop it being a work of art in itself though. 

This one is definitely not seethroughable and is beyond gorgeous.  Taking glitz unashamedly to another level. 

Grey Ritzy Bag £100 

And I really shouldn't love this but I absolutely do.  

Black Snake Clutch £55

It would be remiss not to include a couple of what I consider to be more typical of Coast but with slightly more edge than I think they've had before. 

But still perfect for the occasion when something special is called for.  

Freya Feather top £75  Having said that, I think this would look just as fabulous for a night out with jeans.  Utterly.  Love. 

Harlem Lace Dress £180  There really isn't a lot about this which I don't love.  If I had a Winter Wedding to go to, I would wear this and if anyone wore the same one, I would swear blind mine was DVF. 

Now only £144 with the offer at HoF!  

Finishing with a skirt which I think is just gorgeous in so many different ways and I can think of so many people it would look fabulous on.  I'd love to have the cojones to wear it but..... my excuse is that it would be too short.  (and it probably chuffing would as well) 

The Rita Skirt £125

I should probably finish with some witty and self deprecating riposte but frankly I've had one glass of wine and my pizza is ready.  Suffice to say, Coast now sell some fab things and I've been a dick. 

Have I been massively unfair in my previous musings of Coast?  Have they always been a trove of hidden treasures?  Or have they slightly branched out in their style......?  Like I said, I am chomping down on this humble pie - anyone to join me?

Finishing with my outfit for today as I am totally Hank Marvin. 


Denim shirt - Zara
Faded straight legs rolled up - Earl
Navy sweatshirt - Zara
Grey Military Coatigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Navy Newbury boots - Rag & Bone
Grey Charelle Bag - Whistles 

So this is my first foray into my new style crush.  If you can guess it from this woeful attempt at a tribute, you are psychic. 

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27 comentarios:

  1. So funny to read this! I was at a party a couple of weeks ago and my friend looked fantastic in a dress I would have sworn was Whistles until she whispered it was Coast - it was the Rivi dress you have featured! And we had that "Coast, no way. It doesn't look like a Coast dress" chat!

    1. AHA so it's not just me who thinks they've changed. Honestly you won't know they were the same company at all - I do think they had a very specific look and they've branched out. x

    2. I'm definitely going with them having changed and not us! Have always used "too Coastish" as a reason to reject! I also have the Tempest necklace (although the clasp has broken and going to send it back as only had it 6 months and definitely should have lasted longer given the price!) and looked round for something similar before I bought and could find nothing close but the Coast one looks great. x

  2. I have been coveting that black and gold skirt since I saw it in store the other day. I am 5'8 and it's not too short on me.

    1. oh don't say that. It's gorgeous isn't it? And I have shoes which would work perfectly with it.... Just not sure it's "me". Might have to go and have a look. Chances of it being the sale aren't high I wouldn't think

    2. It is very "me" as I'm an hourglass and like vintage-y stuff. Unfortunately it's £120 and I have no excuse to buy it like a big party or wedding.... The black satin maxi-skirt is also amaze-balls..

  3. Precisely because of all your describe, Coast can be picked up for a song on Ebay. My husband describes some of my A line dresses as my bridesmaid gone wrong outfits. But I've always liked their pencil skirts, amazing duchesse satin and they fit like a dream without wrinkling (and sizing is generous so you can always drop down at least on size!). I'm totally with you on the jewellery, the prices are probably where they should be Stella and Dot takes the mick a little!

    1. ooh very interesting. & pleased to hear it's not just me who says that!

  4. that Bobbi dress is lovely, saw it last week in the flesh and I would say it is more red also. I was in love with the Whistles red structured dress but seeing this I think I prefer, the zip makes it! Intrigued to see who is your new style crush.... Ill stay tuned. xx

    1. I've seen it called Coral somewhere else as well. Deffo want to have a look irl. Tho I don't think it goes in the machine.....

  5. Absolutely agree with you, they must have a new designing team on board (or headhunted Whistles' team!) as I walked past it in House of Fraser the other day and actually stopped and looked..first time ever! The dresses are far less satin/fitted/pink/bows...(everything I dislike) and far looser, better fabric and cooler cuts. I really don't think it is your and my age?! I think it is just looking good at the mo. How fabulous is that midi skirt?!

    1. That's exactly what I did - stopped & thought, who's this? Couldn't believe it was Coast! It's far less Cocktail, isn't it?

  6. This is really strange as I may have the answer to this improved direction - was at a wedding in April and got chatting to this fabulous red head with gorgeous curly hair. She really stood out in a black backless prom dress and swoon for high heels. Anyway, her sister in law was marrying my 1st cousin so we had nice chat when she said she worked for Coast. I, stupid that I am, assumed she worked on the floor level and I did go into a bit of a rant about how the dresses were a little too formulaic and weddingy. Oh the shame, she'd only just taken over as managing director! Anyway, she winked at me and said "watch this space, things will be changing" and my, it looks like they have. Absolutely love that Harlem lace dress and the feather top - agree would look amazing with jeans.

    1. Oh wow that's amazing. Thank goodness it's not me having had a taste lobotomy. Very interesting indeed, will watch this space. x

  7. Wow I wasn't expecting it to be Coast. I never ever look in Coast, for the same reasons you said. It's where you go to get a party/wedding/christening outfit with a matching bag and fascinator.... Not anymore it seems. The dresses here are amazing and that black/gold skirt - gorgeous!

    Really interesting to see what jmangel wrote above as well, the new MD is clearly working miracles behind the scenes!

    1. IT does seem very different doesn't it? And yes, we'll all be watching this space....

  8. I still feel exactly the same about Coast, it would be one of the last places I'd look to buy from and sorry but nothing above changes that.

    1. which is handy as if we all started shopping in the same places it would be a disaster!

  9. No way would that skirt be too short on you, we are the same height :-P It's a gorgeous skirt, very Dior-chic...

    1. It's completely Dior isn't it. I may have to go and try it on...

  10. Some fab picks here I must say. I always try to keep an open mind but I certainly know what you mean about weddings and christenings etc. Think I shall get a dress made for my daughters wedding next year x

    1. That's definitely the only way you can guarantee no-one else will pitch up in the same outfit as you. I can't believe your daughter's getting married! How amazing. You must be completely thrilled!

  11. Coast certainly seems to have changed a lot since I last looked there. Might have to go and try some of their dresses on as have the big 4-0 looming in 2 weeks time and need a posh dress!!!
    Estelle x

    1. There certainly does to seem to be some beautiful ones to choose from. I would never have thought to buy from there before. x

  12. Wow can't believe that is all Coast stuff, major direction change there. My bridesmaids dresses were coast, I bought them a year before the wedding and added a few things to them. Cue the day of the wedding my cousins GF turned up in the same dress only shorter and with the same additions I had added a year earlier. The poor girl was mortified, and I never set foot in a coast since. I'm loving that Bobbi dress and may have to investigate further as I've a wedding in a few weeks time.

  13. Hi Kat are you still looking for pointed leather shoes? If so I saw a pair on a site called that might fit the bill or feet even! April.
    P.S keep seeing things for other folk and nowt for myself!!!!!!

  14. I had the same impression of Coast until revently and now I see they have a VERY similar necklace/collar - Clayton Necklace as we do on which we found in one of our designers in Italy!! Best keep an eye on Coast!!