We haven't had a bit of bling for way too long

Ok so I haven't been proper shopping, as in a leisurely peruse round the shops, (bar looking for tiles) for eons.  So when on Friday I got a couple of hours with one of my besties, having a trip around Bluewater, I was sure I'd come away with a wishlist as long as my arm. 

Errr, wrong.

Put it this way, the Puffa coat from M&S was probably the most exciting thing I saw (oh good grief, is this what happens when you get to 40?)

Not entirely sure what I was expecting and to be honest, I'm not entirely sure what I am in need of, but there was diddly squat that really caught my eye to come away thinking - must go back and get that.  (only to find out it's sold out of course. Or, try to find it online where it's nowhere to be seen - a gripe for another day)

I did then think how useful another Sculptured top from Whistles would be.  Of course the Law of Sod working his magic, meant that they've sold out in the yellow that I was after online and in both of the stores nearest to me.  Typical.  The sensible side of me says it wasn't meant to be, the normal side of me is sitting in the corner, frothing at the mouth and hissing swear words.

It did make me think though that the easiest way to get a new outfit, is to change some plain, reliable basics (of which I do have some in my wardrobe - black tops, cream tops/blouses, black dresses - don't we all?) into something far more exciting, by adding the beloved bling.  I have a great mix of more reasonably priced and much more expensive large pieces of costume jewellery and, I have to say, whilst the cheaper bits are great fun, I've never regretted spending that bit more on necklaces that have been worth their weight in gold (plate).

So instead of buying something for the sake of buying, a little bling is the perfect way to make your old favourites your new favourites. 

There are some great ones out there - as you can see I am being pulled in a blue direction (there is another navy and black necklace that I've seen whilst looking at these, hideously hungover on Saturday and I dismissed it at the time.  Obviously I woke up at 3am last night thinking I simply had to have it.  Can I remember where it was from?  Can I heck as like.  Cue an evening of retracing my computer steps.  I will report back if I find it.  We do all know that when I do find it, it won't be nearly as good I remember it.  Duh)

But moving swiftly on. 

Blue cord Spike Necklace from River Island £15  This would work really well for during the day as well as adding a punk glam edge to an evening outfit. 

Pearl necklace £15 from Dorothy Perkins.  Sort of the opposite of above.  I'd wear this with leather/super coated trousers, white top and killer heels.  To bring a ladylike feel to the occasion. 

ASOS Premium Indian Summer Necklace - £35   This I think is so so pretty.   Statement yet delicate at the same time.

Silver Jewelled Grunge Drape Necklace £19.99 New Look. I can't believe the price of this.  For the amount of work involved.  A complete no brainer.   Perfect for that taking that simple black dress to the next level.  Or over a plain tee and jeans.  I absolutely love it. 

Gold Filigree Multi Chain Necklace  £9.99 from New Look.  A slightly less in your face number than above with a gold tone. 

Made Sikwae Tatu necklace £60  This from Atterley Road isn't really super bling as such.  Just a lovely necklace that you'd have in your wardrobe for years. 

Just Access Eda Ribbon Box Chain Collar - £39  Love this.  Very much reminds me of Christmas. 

New Look Limited Edition Opulent Jewel Necklace - £14.99.  Again, a full on statement piece that is made very wearable by the black chord.  I just think these sorts of things are perfect for adding that bit of interest to an old top and distressed jeans when you're going out and don't want to look full on done up, but just want to look and feel "dressed".

Ruby Bea Collar Necklace from Phase EIght - £30   Simply stunning.  Phase Eight jewellery is always actually great quality for the money. 

M&S Collection Faux Pearl Sparkle Cluster Necklace £25  If green is your thing (personally I'm swerving all things green after my disastrous attempt to purchase the Ninja Turtle Coat as it's forever known in our house) 

M&S Pearl Effect & Multi-Faceted Bead Collar Necklace  £17.50

Mango Crystals and Pearly Beads necklace - £49.99 This is a really pretty necklace which, I think for the money, must be very very heavy as that's quite a lot for usual Mango prices. 

However top of my Christmas List is this one from Jaeger.  I have a silver and pearl one from there a couple of years ago (maybe more) and I love it.  Comes out all the time.  (which probably means I don't need this one as well - details schmetails) 

It's just as gorgeous in real life as it looks in the photos.  Whilst this isn't navy, I think the creamy tone of the pearls would work perfectly with navy and also with black.  Do you love the way I'm talking myself into this as we type.  Right, all we need is a 25% off Jaeger voucher from somewhere.  Seeing as I was only able to get hold of one sculptured top with my Whistles one, there has to be a Jaeger one following in the wings, no?

Jaeger Pearl Cluster Bib - £99

And a darker black version. 

Jaeger Faceted Bead Cluster Bib - £99

Whilst we're on the subject of Christmas presents (the only way I would be able to get this) I love this.  Twee as hell but actually I think it has a real charm (excuse the pun) about it.  And when you're sick of it, your daughter will love it. 

Paul Smith Accessories Key Charm Necklace  £149.99

I'm sure this won't be the last bling thread - hells bells, we've got months before Christmas when the jewels come into their own.  Still need to look at earrings too......

And finishing with my outfit today.  

Yes I have more new shoes. (I haven't had new ballet flats for years and years so don't feel remotely guilty - these will last for years to come!)  Another fantastic pair of ballet flats to take advantage of the great weather and I couldn't resist the lure of navy (my current obsession).  These ones are the Navy with a cream toe which are now £82.50 on the website. Charlotte was so pleased that I'd mentioned her shoes on the blog, she's offering 10% off the navy and cream ones using the code KATBLUE/10%.  

I completely needed these to go with my bargain navy coat that I bought from H&M in the summer (clearly not such a bargain seeing as I've never flipping worn it.) and may have also snuck in a navy turtle neck jumper the other week as well.  V pleased with how well the Anya maxi works with them as well.  

Enough chuntering from me. 


Denim shirt - Zara
Faded straight leg jeans rolled up - Earl 
Waffle jersey blazer - Next
Silver bean necklace - Tiffanys
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch
Coming up shortly - seeing as we're on our way to sorting the outfits for our A/W nights out (recycling with added bling today), do we need new shoots??  And dresses - dare we start thinking about the dreaded A/W dress...........

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22 comentarios:

  1. Like the Pearl necklace & the black bead cluster...glamorous. Lucky you, my ballet flats rarely last a year!

    1. I don't wear them that often tbh so I usually get quite a few years out of them! I've got Jimmy Choos which are 7 years old!

  2. Gorgeous selection of jewellery,especially the ones from jaegar. If you ever see a necklace similar to the lovely Indira necklace from Stella and Dot that you wear, please could you post it? I absolutely adore it (yet can't afford it) and would love something similar to wear with navy , tan and cream etc?

    Thank you,
    Cath x

    1. I will indeed. I have to say I've never seen anything else like it. Might be worth having a look in ebay as sometimes they crop up there?

  3. Fab jewellery selection! You are right though the shops are not oozing inspiration at the moment ss14 is looking more promising! There is a 25% off at boutique by jaeger in nov glamour mag....not sure if that would work on the necklaces?! A few nice matchy matchy tops and trousers on the website nevertheless!

    1. Thank you will have a look. I LOVE matchy matchy! Nothing jumping out at me deffo xx

  4. Love your blog! Whistles now doing sculptured top in black online - just bought it with grazia discount which lasts until midnight tonight! Abbi x

    1. Thank you! I have a similar top in black, actually I have two - both of which I wear LOADS. An excellent buy x

  5. Quick question please Kat! What's the sizing like in the ballet flats? I'd be around a 5.5 but sometimes a 5 or a 6!! Are they true to size or bigger/smaller? I have a narow foot. Thanks!!

    1. I'd get the bigger size tbh. I take a 6.5 but the 7 is perfect. Hope that helps! xx

  6. I was bored on Friday and looking for statement necklaces online. I ended up on New Look after seeing a few of their offerings on ASOS and was really pleasantly surprised by the selection they had on the NL site, some of the ones you've posted here caught my eye in fact! I do like a big necklace :)

  7. The Whistles yellow sculptured top is on the Atterley Road website in the sale. It looks like they have all the sizes :)

    1. grrrrrrr, went to order it last night, website kept freezing, couldn't call as CS shut, went on first thing this morning, the cheeky buggers have put it back to FULL PRICE. How crap is that?????

    2. Take it all back. There was a problem with their site apparently and they've rectified it now - prices have gone down again. Spoke to the loveliest lady on the phone and she sorted it all out and I've one on my way to me. YAY!! Very excited about my Atterley Road points as well. x

  8. I'm interested on sizing of the ballet flats too ! I have the opposite problem to "Anonymous" above - I have wide feet and need quite a high vamp ....

    1. I'd say they're probably on the smaller side ie I can take a 6.5 but the 7 in these is perfect. I LOVE them!

  9. Love the Asos one
    the phase eight one is GORGEOUS!!!! xx

  10. Kat, the Whistles top is still available at the Chester store. Great post again btw x

  11. Ignore me, I have just noticed you have scored! X

  12. "We haven't had a bit of bling for way too long!" This sentiment captures the anticipation and excitement. How To Improve Your Gaming Posture Helpful Tips Adding some shimmer and dazzle to life can uplift spirits and infuse a touch of glamour into everyday moments. Here's to embracing a bit of sparkle.