By jove I think she's got it

I would love to claim at being an expert at this but in truth, if you throw enough brown and smelly stuff at the wall, some of it will stick. 

Clearly that's not the most fragrant or attractive of analogies but I have looked at THAT much random stuff and gone round in that many circles that eventually I was bound to hit pay dirt. 

Yes peeps all that research has paid off. 

I have found a dress for tomorrow.  I have found a dress that I love so much, you are going to be bored stiff of me wearing it as it is the most perfect dress in the history of dresses. 

For me, I may have discovered an ideal dress for every occasion.  

The Midi Dress.  Not mini, not maxi, oh no, this is the Goldilocks of dresses.  And why is this dress so perfect?   I give you the issue of knees, the issue of pally wally Irish skin legs in need of tan, I give you the British Summer time that often isn't warm enough.  The perfect length of dress - actually the perfect length for culottes but without the issue of what top to wear with them.  Ditto the issue I've come across again and again with trying to get a midi skirt to work. 

But the ideal option was staring me right in the face - yes, the Midi Dress.  

So what have I gone for?  Well yes, it's the Self Portrait dress from the other day.  I am so so excited by it.  Sneak preview of outfit for tomorrow.

Here's it on the model.

And a not so great selfie from me.


I appreciate that this isn't going to be for everyone and yes, the Self Portrait dresses aren't cheap.  But so far, they've simply sold out and haven't gone into sale.  For the quality, the price is unbelievable.  In Selfridges they are next to Marc by Marc Jacobs where everything is double the price.   And can you believe they are handwash? 

Anyway without further ado - here I am trying it earlier. 

I am now fully sold on the concept and seeing as there is currently up to 40% off at House of Fraser with their Brand Day, matched by John Lewis (personally the latter is my favourite port of call - click and collect at Waitrose where you can also return it - oh hello, but they do tend to sell out of sizes before HofF do.... it figures), I thought I'd have a look and see what else there is out there of a Midi stylee that might float our boats. 

Whistles Amber Apron Dress now £76 with discount  I love the Amish vibe to this at the front.  All rather sombre but with an interesting take at the back.   Strapless bras at the ready girls. 

Another from Whistles - this again would be fab with espadrilles but also would work with a black or off white fitted blazer and strappy heels.  Definitely all about finding ones that can ideally multitask for me (although funnily enough I'm not planning on wearing my Self Portrait one to the beach or on the school run any time soon but it will happily take me into the A/W with shoots.

Clearly I am late to the party with this escapade as Whistles are all over the midi dress.  This is a longer version of the cocoon dresses they've done for the past couple of years.  These are amazing - wash like a dream, not a crease in sight.  These with the shoes they've got pictured (that I had on the blog yesterday... great minds and all that) - gorgeous.  Exactly why I need a pair like that... see?!

Print dress from Jaeger.  Now if you do click on the link please please don't shoot the messenger.  The styling is vile.  Think a much strappier, kick ass sandal than these fey, pathetic excuse for a shoe (can you tell I don't really like them with this dress?) 

This one I absolutely love from Gerard Darel.  40% off this time (I find these come up large)

Gerard Darel Dress in green £114 with discount (I have come back to this again and again and again.... I think I might have to suck it and see)

Another print one from Oasis.  I love the neckline on this. It's not going to work for everyone but if you are flat chested with no shape (moi) then this would be a treat. 

There are also fit and flare dresses like mine but, to be honest, not that many.  This one from Paul Smith though is fab.  And yay for the discount at House of Fraser.  Go forth and shop.

Dressier now but perfect for smart lunches or even work, yet put some more on trend shoes with it and this could be great for an evening out.  Classic LBD for your wardrobe, now on offer.

Jaeger Jersey Dress now £100 with discount.  Rather VW if you ask me at a very palatable price, especially for Jaeger.  Have to say I do love these vintage looking shoes with it.  Forget my trendier plan - these rock.

A much more economical version at Dorothy Perkins with a discount at House of Fraser.  This probably won't be as forgiving as the more expensive Jaeger one but I still think with the ruching and knot at the waist it will be very flattering around the stomach area. 

Another dress that could work on a number of occasions at a great price with the reduction. 

This could easily be dress up with a blazer and some heels - throw on some flipflops and it's perfect for more casual, warmer days.  Alternatively I love the midi heel and biker jacket styling here.

This again, I'd wear during the day with flats but in the evening is a perfect fling on number with heels.   Now at House of Fraser (who started the discount days - thank you) from Label Lab with 40% off.

Moving onto some casual dresses as these are the perfect purchase for now.  Fling on a denim jacket and you can still get a modicom of leg out without freezing to death.  As soon as it starts to warm up, lose the jacket.  Perfect for every day, a lunch out and the ideal holiday dress for Suffolk to Ibiza.  Absolutely love this - amazing price and who would have ever thought I'd have an East dress on here?!

A couple of great ones at Mint Velvet - again with 20% off at John Lewis. 

Another shirt dress from Mint Velvet.  Actually I think you could dress this one up slightly but I think I might prefer for a laid back day look. 

Finishing with some colour and this from Oasis is fantastic.  Long live the 70s - just add wedges.  Or even gladiator sandals.  For a BBQ or for the school run.  Also available in a bright apple green online. 

However I've saved what could possibly be the best till last.  And... it's one of the cheapest but it's one of the most unusual.  With a denim jacket and sliders for the school run.  Heels for the evening, this has the potential to be an amazing little dress at a total bargain price.   I just hope that it's not cut too skimpily in the body and therefore looks like an empire line dress on me.  The reviews do say that the underlining is very short and without it, the dress is totally see through... hmmm but for that price, I think I can probably stretch to the purchase of another slip (oh my lord, I sound like my mother....!) 

So midi dress thoughts?  If you are shorter then I don't think that's any reason not to wear them although I would say heels will probably be a necessity.  I'd go so far as to say that I think these are the new Maxi.......

I actually have a maxi dress from Reiss that I love but I never wear as I have a shoe issue.... well, I'm going to get it lopped off to midi length.  Literally skipping with joy.  Slightly tempered by the fact that I found the perfect tan sandals.  From yesterday - Gucci looky likies, very kindly pointed out to me by a lovely reader yesterday.  But.... you can't order them from the UK.  I don't know what country you can order them from but check these babies out.  Anyone any idea how to find out?

Finishing with outfit from yesterday - clearly this isn't from today, what a difference a day makes. 


Shirt Dress - Baukjen
Black sliders - Zara
Tan bag - Prada

Well this has taken me so so much longer than I'd anticipated.  I had hoped to get some prep done for tomorrow's blog prior to our big afternoon out but that hasn't happened (yes there may have been some puppy loving getting in the way too....)  Plus a hospital appointment with the Psych nurse for my 8yr old - he's doing so well, all things considered, I'm so proud of him (and at least I have wine...!!) 

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14 comentarios:

  1. Just managed to add the Mango shoes to my basket and continued to check out, seems the problem has been resolved. Go forth and purchase. By the way love the dress.

    1. Oh I'll have a look at that, thank you x

  2. Absolutely love the dress!
    Could the hubby order the Mango shoes? If not, these could be an alternative
    Sarah x

    1. Oh they look pretty fab don't they? Was really after the ankle strap though - think that makes all the difference (in my book!) But they are a great price definitely, thanks for that. The Husband is only there until Monday so alas don't think there's time. Seemingly though you can order them on line now.... Might have to wait till next month!

  3. Your dress is lovely. The black Whistles one is really nice too - could be jazzed up with sparkly heels. Lorraine x

    1. It's fab isn't it - the Whistles one. Could also wear in the Winter with a shirt underneath. Would be lovely x

  4. Thank you! It's one of my really really good friend's birthday so we're having a girl's lunch at Roka!

  5. Absolutely love your new dress! Can I ask about the sizing as I have heard Self Portrait dresses come up small? The mango shoes are also fab...weirdly I could get through to check out on my phone but not on my computer! X

    1. That's interesting about on your phone... But yes, the sizing is small. This is a 12 and it fits perfectly not a smidge big at all. I'm usually a 10 - I can be a 12 across my back but normally a 12 will be roomy... this isn't roomy in the slightest. I would definitely size up one size x

    2. Brill, thank you. I love the blue azalea print dress they do x

    3. If I had any semblance of bust I would definitely definitely get that. They also do it in a lilac which sounds random but is stunning. I know someone who has it in the cream and it looks beyond amazing. I'm too bony on top unfortunately. Am stalking the website to see what else I can get!!!

  6. Beautiful dress Kat! I think you chose perfectly! x

  7. Love the dress - one on order! That is how compelling your selfie is - which can I say - you make it look better than the model on the website?! I think this is going to be the (much searched for) perfect dress. Lou x

  8. The burgundy version of your Self Portrait dress was Anna Murphy's Star Buy in The Times Magazine's 'This week I'm wearing...." Obviously she has got good taste too! Only wish I had an occasion coming up to justify the purchase!