When is a mule not a mule?

When it's a sandal.  That looks like a mule.  Without a heel. 

As I'm typing, I'm thinking basically it's a slider.  Which I love.  Hence, that'll be me doing a blog on them then.

Now I know that some people love a mule, as in a proper mule (not a slider - clear as mud?) - one with a heel.  And I think the one, from what I've written in the past and from the feedback I've had, that people love most, is the midi heeled version.  The midi heel is their idea of shoe manna from heaven but for me, I can't get on with them.  I've tried - lord knows, I've tried.  But I have accepted that they just don't work.  With regards to sandals and shoes.   However, do not worry, I will be bringing you a selection of heeled slip ons (ie mules) but today, I'm all about the flat. 

These appeal mostly to my inner lazy cow.  Who, lazy as she is, appears to be able to make her presence more known than the "do-er" cow.   A flat slip on aka mule for the purposes of this blog and forever more, is just the easiest sandal to throw on at home, for leaving the house in a rush and are simply a must have for holiday, especially round the pool.  We've all been there, trying to do a buckle up, bending over whilst dripping with sweat... haven't we? (just me?!).

They're not without their drawbacks.  They are hardly the most comfortable of shoes to walk for miles in (the slipping off factor and the cramp in your toes issue from trying to keep them on) and are a massive no no for rollercoasters (lost flipflip one year on the Vampire ride at Chessington.  Don't ask.  Think Fight Club rules).

But aesthetically, there's something cathartic about the simplicity of most of them.  An antidote to the onslaught of embroidery and tassels that Summer can bring.

These are the sandals you need for the days when you emulate pared back, Parisian chic (or try to, in my case).  Trust me - these work. 

They also don't have to be expensive.

Leather Slider Sandals from Warehouse £22

In black £22

In the tan £22

A snippet of interest in the heel but still very Scandi looking (for alternate days when you're having a break from being Emmanuelle Alt.  And before someone says it, no I don't think I've ever seen a photo of her in them but in my head she does at home).

Fern Studded Heel Sliders £42 from Topshop

Staying in the colour zone but with suede.  It doesn't have to be monochrome.  You can either have these to wear with brights and prints or to add an accent to a neutral outfit.
Suede Mule Sandals £35 from Warehouse in yellow

Obviously my favourites though - yup, that'll be black.

In the black £35

In the red £35 (orange to me)

Living dangerously now with two straps.

Two strap sandals from Mango £19.99

Then there are ones with a little bit of detail.  And these are the ones that I have my heart set on.  Which are obviously the most expensive.  But if you just buy one pair and live in them?  *clutches at straws*

Virgie Leather Slides from Acne £310

I'm consoling myself with the fact that I don't think they look nearly as good on.. although there isn't much toe action on show and considering I suffer from "toes like fingers" syndrome, this could be a good thing. 

In the black £310

However, fear not.  I think I have found some that I don't think I love *that* much less.  And the fact that they are so much ridiculously cheaper.. well.  A no brainer surely?

Detailing and two straps, combing the best of both worlds whilst still being simple in their design.

Ring Detail Leather Sandals from Warehouse £49

Or the tan.  I know I may be projecting wishful thinking here, but I think these look a lot more expensive than £49.

Ring Detail Leather Sandals £49

Criss cross.  To be avoided if you have toes like fingers.

Holiday Cross Strap Sandals from Tophshop £22

Or in a pink.

Or the yellow.

These are much better for the ET hoofed amongst us.

Links Chain Leather Sandals from Mango £49.99

Mango winning at the sliders.

Leather Braided Sandals from Mango £35.99

And in the tan again £35.99

These by rights, shouldn't probably make it into my pared back, simple sandal blog but as leopard is a neutral, I've made an exception.  As I have a pimp my sandal blog coming up and these can't even begin to compete.

Holiday Cross Strap Leopard Sandals £26

Or how about a bit of fur... on the inside.  The perfect solution when it's actually still on the chilly side. 

Fluff Furry Sliders from Topshop were £39 now £25  I like these more than I should.  I like these a LOT.

So these are the easy, pared back options.  I have loads more sandal on the horizon.  I love the slider style, but I am also a huge fan of the gladiator and the flat ankle strap ones.  I'll be looking at some of them, but I'm also definitely going to be checking out the best midi heeled sandals too.  

Which sort of sandal wearer are you?  Any other options that I've missed and should definitely be looking at?

Finishing with a couple of outfits - one from yesterday.  Cold.  How cold?

Cobalt blue breton box tee - Me+Em
Phoebe jeans - MiH
Navy blazer - Zara
Superstar trainers - Golden Goose
Belt - Weekday
Jodie Bag - Chloe

And today - what a difference a day makes.  It was warm in London.  Seriously seriously warm.  The Aslan style hair didn't help in the "too hot" stakes either.

Blush sweatshirt - Topshop
Blush pleated skirt - M&S
Orange knee high suede boots - Isabel Marant 
Jodie bag - Chloe
Tan suede biker - hush

Back to London for a breakfast, meetings and an afternoon tea - what on earth to wear?

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21 comentarios:

  1. You do make me laugh, ET hoofed is a perfect description. My second toe is often referred to by the family as ET's finger :(

    1. YUP! That's mine too. Complete with "knuckle" YUCK!

  2. I've just bought a pair of sandals (third attempt, having returned the first two). In my beloved navy of course! They aren't mules or slides, but nearly as they do have a strap around the heel, and the best bit is the tiny bit of elastic next to the buckle which means I don't have to undo/ do up the buckle! They are suede with a tiny bit of patent leather, rubber sole and slightly padded insole.


    Bring on the sun!!

  3. i am in the long toe camp, i hate it when there are some shoes i like, peep toe for example, but with the toes hanging over not a good look.

    1. It looks like your toes are trying to escape, doesn't it?!!

  4. I hate it when they try to sell me shoes online without showing me a picture of them with a foot of any sort in them! My chum bought the Warehouse ring detail ones to take to Tenerife. Went to the beach, frolicked, sunbathed, drank cocktails, put sandals back on and burnt a perfect circle onto her foot. Large metal ring and sun turned out to be a terrible combination :O :D Feeling the love for some yellow sandals but not sure my holiday wardrobe contains anything that would go with them... And I really don't need more summer holiday clothes. They only get worn a few days a year! xx

  5. Those leopard sliders...❤️ Fancy the tan two strap from Mango too. Love all sandals - glads, thong type, ankle straps. Although I am usually more drawn to the more pared back ones.

    1. I love a plain flat sandal but a statement heel version!

  6. Just a question about Style Studios, Kat. Do you still do this? The link on the home page shows that it hasn't been updated, just wondered if it still exists. thanks

    1. Hmmm I need to update it as I do them for charity now and will for very special occasions, but alas, other business is now so busy, I don't have time! If there's a specific problem you have though, I'm happy usually to cover it in a blog... email me on doesmybumlook40@gmail.com

  7. My shoe collection is growing ...... thanks!?!

  8. Kat.. I have a challenge for you... can you tell me where I can hunt down a black small wedged simplistic strap suede sandal... why?? well to give a little height to my maxis on hols when I wish to look a little more dressed.. and of course remove a bit of dumpiness and elongate the leg a little....Too much to ask???

    1. Hmmm wedge yes actually although it's not something I've looked for, to be honest. I will see what I can find. Would a small normal heel work?

  9. yes Kat that would be great

  10. I hate it when they try to sell me shoes online without showing me a picture of them with a foot of any sort in them!
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