When the sales come early..

...it's that time of year folks.  I know it doesn't actually seem true but the sales are around the corner.  How can that be true?  I KNOW, RIGHT.  But it's June at the end of the week - May has come and gone in the blink of an eye (or just me?) and the Summer sales will be starting soon.  When exactly is anyone's guess, they keep their cards very close to their chest, but it does seem to get earlier every year. 

However instead of hawking those wanted items and praying that they're not OOS come the first round of reductions - which normally aren't worth bothering about anyway, unless there is something you are absolutely hankering after and so play chicken with the website and then want to weep when you don't get it?  Again, only me?  Sales fatigue - I can already feel you wiping me out. 

But fear not, as La Redoute have yet again got a code that means there's no need to hang about and wait for the sales elsewhere.  It's their good old 40% off offer.  Code BIG40 until the end of Monday! 

I will check the small print but it's usually off everything, including branded products too (I'm eyeing up trainers for the daughter again - 40% off makes a v big difference when the ones she wants, they don't do in youth styles.  GAH.  I've made a monster).

Starting though with things for moi.

I say "moi" - these are dresses that I won't wear but ones that are perfect holiday fodder and ones that I am always being asked about.  Dresses that aren't midi or maxi - dresses that have sleeves and dresses that aren't tunic style. 

Ta dah!  I would happily have lapped these up a couple of years ago. 

Printed dress R Studio £39

Or in the Ivory/Blue.  I adore a shirred waist.  So much more flattering than a generic elastic waist - it sits so much flatter on the waist or top of the hips like this one does. 

Another shirred waist version, already reduced but I *think* you get another 40% off (you usually do anyway). 

Long sleeved crepe v neck dress £31.50

And the black and white version - again £31.50 

Having said that - it may not be up everyone's street, so this is a tie waist, along with a v neck which I know is always popular.  Ideal "short" length - as, not in bum skimming.

Print navy dress £25  - and yes, all prices are pre the 40% off as numbers are not my strong point.

Another really pretty waisted Summer dress.  I find it's so hard to find shorter dresses that aren't either super "sensible" looking or scraps of fabric held together with dental floss.  This one would work perfectly with sandals or heels for a more formal occasion. 

Triangle printed crossover dress £45

And then I obviously not include a couple of maxis.. 

Have I found a white one that might work?

Long dual fabric dress in ivory £49

Now this one does look slightly wintery but with tan sandals now it would be perfect and it would take you happily into Autumn with knee high boots. 

Printed maxi dress £39

Speaking of knee high boots - it appears that La Redoute are well ahead of the A/W17 game already and have a plethora to pick from.  I know the last thing you probably want to think about at the onset of Summer is a pair of boots but... it would be churlish not to with 40% off. 

P-L-D-M-BY Palladium Hartville Sud Heeled Boots £185 in camel

Castaluna Platform boots £149  (also in camel) 

And my colour of choice this year is going to be burgundy.  At an event I went to recently, there was a lady with a red leather jacket and burgundy boots.  Too.  Chic.  Chances of me recreating such a good look probably aren't that high, but it's on my radar. 

Vintage Leather Boots £149

And I'm not going to look forward to the Autumn with alacrity but... if we're mentioning it... I have a couple of ideas. 

One thing people do ask me for are tops they can wear in the Summer that aren't fleshy - as in they don't want lots of flesh on show.  For various reasons (air con and too much sun being one two) they want something light but with more coverage.  And something that isn't boho. 

I have found two perfect options for the out out variety - although I would happily wear both during the day - with jeans.  Any colour of jeans actually, these with trainers and denim would work for dress down perfectly.  And just throw on heels and the bling of your choice for evening. 

When Autumn comes around and dare I mention the festive season (EEK.. BUT you will thank me) this is the perfect no brainer of a top (and the following jacket).

Long-sleeved lame blouse £59 (personally I don't think camel trousers are the ideal playmate for these but that's just my opinion... really doesn't do the top justice and they're pretty grim trews full stop).  The top however is gorgeous.

And the blazer.  Again - shorts aren't what come to mind when thinking of an outfit I would wear this with.  Jeans and a white vest or tee would be perfect though.  It's definitely an unstructured blazer as opposed to a formal one.

Gold lame blazer £99

Trousers are up now and whilst I'm pretty sorted in that department, I always have a hankering for a pair of new khakis every year.  The ideal summer alternative to jeans.  Do I want skin tight?  Due to lack of planks completed this year, that will be no.  The muffin is in gateau mode so for me - the looser the better. 

Normally Desigual isn't a brand I look at and I haven't gone a searching on their website, but when these came up on La Redoute.. 

Softly draping lyocell trousers from Desigual £115 pre discount  Really like these. REALLY REALLY like these.  Lyocell is the most flattering of fabrics and I would happily dress these up with heels, a silky tee and blazer for a night out. 

My main poison of choice when it comes to trousers this season though is the wide leg cropped.  And these, whilst they call them khaki are more of a US khaki I think, which is a sandy beige.. although who knows, as it looks more green in another photo.  As much use as a chocolate teapot I fear but personally I love both colours so it wouldn't bother me.

Wide leg trousers with fringe hem (not really fringe though, is it?) £49

The white though - no disputing what colour these are.  Summer trousers in one.

Now this has just caught my eye.   There is no rhyme nor reason to it - I have never heard of the brand Collector (googling wasn't any help either) but I love these sweatshirts.  Velour.  Maybe it's a 70s thing.  

Collector Print Sweatshirt was £45 now £36

And in the green, which is irritatingly out of stock in my size, otherwise I would definitely have bought this. 

In pine green was £45 now £40 pre extra 40% off.

Finishing with the La Redoute classic - the espadrille which I've seen all over Instagram and adorning the feet of people in real life.  If you are an espadrille person, these are divine. 

Lace up espadrilles R Studio £27

Or in the coral 

I would love to be able to wear espadrilles and obviously I *can* wear them but they just feel wrong diddly on me.  I have tried so many different varieties but somehow I just can't make them work.  However I am not going to be defeated so watch this space.  

When it comes to summer shoes, I have various blogs up my sleeve but these are the ones that I have bought this season.  For a bargain £23.  From Forever21.  In my head, they are Toga Pula meets Isabel Marant.  Do not disabuse me of this notion.

Red t-shirt - Zadig & Voltaire 
Girl meets boy jeans - Me+Em
Black jacket - hush
Sandals - Forever21
Earrings - H&M
Tools Bag - Balenciaga 

I am off to the beach now.  Mother of all storms during the night which has left a beautifully fresh and sunny day now.  Anything I've missed from the La Redoute hall of fame, do let me know so I can have a little ordering fest later!

AND AND AND if that wasn't enough - there is 20% off EVERYTHING at ASOS today... 

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  1. NO NO NO to the Desigual jeans - they have little mouth pleats on the knees !!!

    1. Oh I so want to do a super smiley face...!!! It's better than rips in the knees... they're baggy! I don't mind them but sold out in my size...

  2. I Love reading your blog / insta and getting inspo. However, as a lover of a shorter frock, just wondering why you don't post wearing any midi to short dresses?