A capsule Summer wardrobe..

....which seems sort of ironic when it's not exactly the most Summery of days out there. 

I'm also not feeling like the brightest button in the box today.  Going out on a Monday night always seems like a good idea at the time.  Not such a great idea on Tuesday...

It was all thanks to my hush family and having a look at their new A/W collection which is so incredibly amazing - can't wait to be able to show it to you.  Think fabulous knitwear in both colour and texture (and slogans.. oh happy slogan days), amazing print dresses (one in particular has my name written all over it) and my favourite - new leather pieces (I'm going to say one word - GREEN.  You have been warned). 

In the meantime, as I am not functioning on all cylinders today and have to go back into London for a party tonight, and it is the start of the hush sale today, I thought I'd do a quick round up of what my favourite Summer pieces are.  These are wearable now but, well you know me - most of them are very wearable into the Autumn as well. 

I have been meaning to do a round up for ages as I haven't done one yet this evening and have done a couple of events, picking out my favourite pieces which will work perfectly for a summer capsule wardrobe and people have asked me what I did speak about.  

So let's get cracking (she says, lying in bed typing with tea and toast - working from home does have some advantages... and I am dressed before anyone asks).

One Shoulder Top was £60 now £40

Now I know I'm not the hugest shorts fan but for holiday, these are superb.  Dressy shorts (fear not, I would not personally team with heels) but with a pair of strappy flat sandals, these, with any top (but especially the above) would make the ideal day to night outfit. 

Zoe Shorts were £40 now £25

These again are perfect for every day at home and away on hols.

Madison Culottes was £65 now £45

Another top that would be perfect with the above bottoms are a nude vest. 

Perforated Vest was £49 now £30

For travelling in and for the usual fabulous reasons that I love a jumpsuit - the red version is perfect for the Summer.  And if I were to mention Christmas, would anyone hate me?!

S/S Jumpsuit was £75 now £55 in red 

And the must have holiday jacket - that of the denim variety. 

Denim Jacket was £59 now £40

Talking of travelling, if a jacket is not your bag - a jumper is the next best alternative.  Doubles up as a pillow and a blanket for a small child (don't know it till you've tried it..).  I obviously favour the monochrome - invest wisely and your autumnal knitwear collection will be off to a great start.

Brooke Stripe Jumper was £79 now £60

Heart Jumper was £79 now £60

But finishing with a collection of my favourite Summer holiday pieces.  Dresses.  These are my go to holiday packing essentials.   As I always say, I take a collection of these - they work from day to night, from breakfast to beach to drinks.   Wear them on holiday on their own, wear them at home in the Summer with a denim jacket.  

These aren't necessarily a Summer to Autumn purchase but what they will do is stand you in good stead year on year.  Build up a collection as these are Summer staples that will last for eons. 

Panel Maxi Dress was £55 now £35

And in the azure stripe.

And finishing with the dress version of the my must have summer top. 

Hazel Dress was £75 now £50

BUT can I please apologise now if anything is exceptionally limited stock or sold out.  Stuff DOES come back in and also they do sometimes add new sales stock.  Please don't shoot the messenger (whose head still hurts).

I am such a rubbish blogger that, with a room full of other bloggers, I managed to forget to get anyone to take my photograph.  Truly pathetic.  I only had eyes for the wine (and the new jumpers which are to die for). 

Here's what I was rocking about in today.  In between the rain showers.  Trying to juggle children after school - the 12yr old is in France and is coming back at 6.30, except she's just texted to say actually it might be 5pm or it might be 5.30pm.  Which isn't remotely inconvenient (wtaf?!!!).  And is cricket on or isn't it?  The 10yr old with Asperger's isn't coping well with the lack of knowledge.  I'm trying to work out whether I need the nanny to pick up from the French trip or whether I can manage it before London and be five minutes late or whether the husband (who has THANK THE LORD) worked from home (even though my cheeky snooze this afternoon was met with raised eyebrows - bite me - I'm a lightweight) and is supposed to be doing the cricket run, would be able to go and pick her up if cricket is cancelled because of rain.  And the 8yr old has got his priorities right and is now very concerned that there will be no MacDonald's if there's no cricket.   And it's only Tuesday.  

Royal blue Breton - Me+Em
Jeanne jeans - MiH at Quattrorish
Navy Blazer - Alexa Chung at M&S
Black Shoes - Zara
Black Bag - Balenciaga

I am off out again this evening to a book launch party.  The 12yr old is SPITTING chips with jealously as it's Louise Pentland's party (Sprinkle of Glitter?  Ask your kids) and there should be loads of super cool You Tubers there.  And me.  She doesn't know whether to be massively impressed or mortified.. I will report back.  Still have no idea what to wear as it's lashing rain here (so please please will someone from cricket email me soon!!).

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6 comentarios:

  1. Just brilliant, love the clothes choices but it's always the writing and personal quips at the end that make me smile! Kat you rock, go sprinkle some glitter.

    1. Aww thanks lovely!! I sprinkled glitter...!

  2. Fantastic picks, the jumpers are to die for indeed and love that red jumpsuit, but frankly I could buy it all... well, I say I could, obviously I couldn't because then my husband might have an actual heart-attack, but I can dream... about buying it all, not the husband having a heart-attack, just for avoidance of doubt... Anyway, hope the book launch was fun x

    1. HA HA!! I know exactly what you mean. That dreaded moment when the husband says he's going to work from home and you realise you've got a massive online order being delivered... ARRGGGHHH!

    2. Or you've ordered loads of stuff on the premise that he's in Sweden for the week and the trip gets cancelled, so he's using up some of his time he's owed (and I'm at work, so he's the one to accept the delivery)!
      On the up side, some items I've ordered have arrived this week when he's in the middle of the North Sea, and even better the internet out there is down (due to cyber attack), so he can't order any more toys for himself!