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So one of the great things about writing this blog, over the last five years, I have discovered some amazing indepedent brands.  Don't get me wrong - I adore our High Street.  I truly believe it is the best in the world for low to mid ranges smaller shops (I do love some of our higher end brands but the French do pip us to the post when it comes to spending the big bucks - in my opinion of course) and our department stores are always troves of treasures. 

But it's great to be able to mix it up with smaller brands - I love being able to support independent brands as well as having something that little bit more individual.  I'm a big fan of the boutique and one company who I love working with is Wolf & Badger.  Yes, they support lots of British Brands but also offer the opportunity to find some great smaller companies from all over the market.  Vive the international market!

I've done a couple of blogs with them in the past - putting together an edit of my favourite pieces and these are my Summer picks. 

If you're not aware of them, Wolf & Badger are an online market place for a huge number of smaller brands.  They have boutiques in Notting Hill (which is my favourite and the one I make a beeline for - you can always always find something fabulous), Mayfair and now SoHo New York.

Starting with one of my favourites (which I happen to be wearing yesterday...) - the lovely Orwell + Austen.  I've long been a fan of their cashmere jumpers but this season they've bought out tees.

Bowie T-shirt from Orwell + Austen £55

And this which I have on order...(which obviously is a jumper and not a tee.. in case you hadn't noticed..)

Bowie Sweater in Red from Orwell + Austen £185

But I also LOVE it in the Light Grey. (didn't see this one when I ordered - DARN it!). 

Bowie Sweater in Light Grey £185

Because I'm loving all things red at the minute and am on the look out for a party party dress, this caught my eye.

Scarlet Dress Poppy Red by Konsansky £290

Speaking of red silk - I tried on the most amazing red and print silk blouse.  Divine.  With a tie that could be worn in many different ways to give a different look.  And little puffed shoulders. 

Annie Geometric Print Shirt from Siobhan Malloy £320

Matching shorts to turn it into an outfit.  I love an ensemble.  So much more versatile than just buying one shirt.  As random as that sounds, I honestly think by investing more you get a lot more than simply double the wear out of an item.

Lottie Geometric Print Shorts £245

Another red top which I didn't see (I clearly had my blooming blinkers on). 

Kiki Top from Vjera Vilicnik £110

And there's the matching skirt.. so this is SO not going to be everyone's cup of tea but I have to say I am rather loving it (with the red shoes from yesterday?!).  It looks amazing worn as a "dress".

Kiki Skirt £135

Speaking of slightly bonkers, I also didn't see this and am gutted that I missed it.  It's like a muppet you can wear.. what's not to love?!

Nicki Jacket in Green Vjera Vilicnik £300

Staying with the more unconventional... a blouse and a skirt that makes a dress.  Love this sort of dressing. 

Gracie Cut Out Geometric Blouse from Siobhan Malloy £260

Gracie Geometric Print Midi Skirt £430

And then the dresses.   This is divine.  Holiday, party - you will get years of wear out of this.

Ivy Dress by Ukelele £160

Or the Rose Dress by Rixo £315

If the dress is a tad too much (although how there can ever be too much leopard, I don't know..), then how about a skirt?  Perfect with a tee and sandals for the Summer and into the Autumn, team with a jumper and boots.

Georgia Skirt in Leopard £205 from Rixo

Finishing the clothes with the most perfect jumpsuit for work, play or out out.  This is only available online. 

Large Hands Print Jumpsuit from Tomcsanyi £115   It has pockets.  POCKETS!  This is handmade in Budapest.

And then the jewellery.  Oh my lord, I could look at the jewellery for hours.  So I'm going to start though with my favourite necklaces.  Whilst I do favour a chunkier looking necklace, I am hankering after a layering set of more delicate numbers for those days when I want a bit less. 

A simply initial would be perfect (these are surely the most perfect gift too?).

Art Deco Initial Necklace in Gold from Rachel Jackson £45

Another shorter necklace option instead of an initial could be this one (adore this - especially the sentiment).  This one is 17inches.

Fly Me to The Moon Necklace £185 by Talia Naomi

Or something slightly more unusual.  Ok so I absolutely need one of these. 

Black Spinnel Brilliant Cut Necklace £89

Add a plain gold disc.. 

Amati Gold Disc Necklace £105 from Anuka

Personally this would be my choice.. I would have the initial on a 16inch chain and then this on an 18inch.  

Halo Necklace in Gold from Lee Renee £49

Or this one which is the perfect mix of silver and gold to tie all your jewellery together.  This would sit beautifully below an initial (or another pendant like below - a shell, star, pineapple).

Freddie Silver & Gold Circle Necklace from Alison Fern £62

Longer again and a double twig ring from Chupi (an Irish brand).

Just the Two of Us Hawthorn Twig Necklace in gold £153

However I'm also drawn to coins.  Money.  Wearing it.  Seems appropriate seeing as I've either eaten or am wearing my money!

Worth Your Weight in Gold Farthing Coin Necklace £134 from Chupi (from Ireland)

Or a small shell from Ottoman Hands £29

Finishing though with a quick peak at the new earrings which are top of my wishlist.  Slightly random but I am ridiculously drawn to them. 

Large Coin Earrings from CJM £58

And me in the Orwell + Austen tee yesterday.

Bowie tee - Orwell + Austen
Scarf silk blazer - Zara
Jeanne Jeans - MiH
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Orange bag - Anya Hindmarch

So that's my pick of the smaller brands.  Tomorrow, I am going to be on a sales roll.  They've started.  Let the silly season commence.  Plus the sun is out and it looks like it's set to stay (which is obviously then why I ordered the boots from Topshop yesterday).  We definitely need another sandal blog don't we?  And dare I ask how the swimwear shopping is coming along?  EEK.

Disclaimer - I am a member of an affiliate programme and as such, if you click on an affiliate link, I may make a very, very small commission from you having clicked on the link or purchased something through it.  Not all the links on my blog are affiliates as I use a wide spectrum of retailers - because I shop where I love the clothes, not because they offer an affiliate link.

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22 comentarios:

  1. £245 for a pair of shorts is way out of my budget. Too "fashion forward" for an old gimmer like me, I'll stick to the high street. Love the jewellery though.

    1. They're definitely one to buy for an occasion. But a lovely thing to have in your wardrobe if you're looking for an outfit that isn't a classic dress! Note I didn't try them on... I'll stick with the maxis! Wouldn't it be a dull world if we all liked and wore the same thing!

  2. Definitely! :-)

  3. Love the ukulele dress (that brand name makes me want to sing 'when I'm cleaning windows' - with my singing voice, not a good idea!), but what I'm loving the most are the two necklaces with bird motifs, I seem to have a thing about birds, and have just invested in two tees with birds on them, one in a subtle grey/silver from Boden and one in more out there navy and gold from Munthe.
    Question is which necklace to go for, trouble is they're both good...

    1. OOOH!! How lovely! Adore birds. And love that the necklace is so unusual!

  4. Hi Kat just love your Insta and Blog. I don't normally do this but seeing the kind of jewellery you showcased in today's post I thought you maybe interested in https://leoniandvonk.com
    Please let me know if anything catches your eye x

    1. I will go and have a look, thank you for your lovely message! xxx

  5. Love that t-shirt on you. Had a quick trip back to the UK at the weekend and - woop woop - turned out the place we were staying was right next to Bicester! Managed to get complete new outfit including shoes and bag for the ball we were going to, which was a bit of a result :-)

    1. oh SUPERB!!! I've booked a night away with the husband which just happens to be... err not far from Bicester! ha ha ha!!!

  6. I have a rather nice voucher for some Chupi jewellery ... the only reason I haven't spent it yet is that I can't decide which of her gorgeous pieces to buy! Love that first shirt on you Kat x

  7. You look fantabidosy in the Leopardy print superb summer vibe

    1. I didn't get that one.. I got the green leaf one instead. Which I haven't worn yet but WILL be wearing..!!

  8. Totally love all you posts but so much of the stuff you are posting at the moment is either OOS or last years/previous seasons stock! So frustrating to see the Large Hands Jumpsuit and click on the link to find... OOS...

    1. Oh gosh I'm sorry about things being OOS - it's always in stock when I post but things sell and I'm sorry but there's not a lot i can do about that! I don't think I've ever posted anything that's last year's stock though... I may wear old clothes but I'd never link to something that you can't get now!

  9. I know you are promoting small brands but if you buy via Rixo website directly this week and use code 30kfollowers there is 30% discount.

    1. WHOOOP! That's amazeballs! It doesn't matter where you order your Rixo from - it's still a sale for them! WHOOP (she says not needing anything.. or do I.......!!!)

  10. I've been desperately trying to add to my collection of Rixo dresses but really don't think I need anything at the moment! Tempted by their scarves though!

    1. DON'T!!!!! I'm sorted for scarves with my Rockins one..!

  11. That leopard print dress though. LOVE.

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