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Oh how I love Instagram.  And how, in particular, do I love Instastories.  Those little 15 seconds of video that I have taken to basically rambling in.  Rambling is the exact description of what I can invariably be found doing on there.  About the most random of things. 

Which include my issues with being hirsute.  Rants about hair where hair shouldn't be and how to get rid of it.  Also rants about my laziness, being busy, being a mum of three children - yes it's a lot of ranting. 

But clearly people listen to the rant and have taken pity on me and my hair related issues.  And thank you P&G - would I like to try the new Braun Silk-Epil 5 Starter Kit and the Venus Snap Cosmo Razor and write a blog about it?

Well.  At this point, I'm not going to lie - I was sceptical.  I had always been lead to believe that hair removal with an epilator could be painful (to put it mildly). 

But at the same time, I was SO over not being faffed to go for a wax, ingrown hairs and  hairy toes like a Hobbit.   It's also one of those things that not many people talk about. 

Plus, when I actually thought about it, seriously, how painful could it be?  No more painful than waxing but a hell of a lot more convenient as you can do it in the comfort of your own home and while buying an epilator is an initial investment, I'll save on salon trips.  Obviously you can wax at home, but if you're like me and not totally committed to the programme, you don't give it the full welly and a good yank - it doesn't really work that well.  Not to mention the mess.  Can't sit on the sofa watching Say Yes to the Dress at the same time without total carnage (and dogs and waxing strips are not a match made in heaven, can I just point out).

I have always favoured the shaving route.  Quick, easy, painless.  What's not to love?  Oh the fact you have to do it every day....

So.. Braun Silk-Epil 5 Starter Kit, you're up (RRP £79.99 but currently on offer here on Amazon for £55.74)  

It promises great things.  First off - the special edition Starter Kit comes with a Beginner Cap, which you use for four weeks as a gentle introduction to epilating to help you get used to root hair removel, until you become hardcore or until you've got used to the sensation of epilation.  I was liking the sound of this already.  Now for the technical bit.... The beginner cap has a built in Gilette Venus razor so it only epilates 60% of the hairs and shaves the rest for smooth, virtually pain free (allegedly....!) results. 

After four weeks, every hair will have been plucked from the root at least once and you're ready for the normal epilation cap which plucks 100% of hairs for up to 4 weeks of smoothness - no more shaving every day.  WHOOP WHOOP.

But how painful could it be?  Seriously, I've had three kids so surely my pain threshold is akin to that of a Tibetan Monk walking on hot coals.  If not higher.  

Well the answer is not remotely painful.  I was almost disappointed.  I had thought I was going to have to grit my teeth and show true stamina and valour but the gain would be worth the pain. 

It's a mild tingling feeling.  That's it.  No word of a lie, it's a faintly fuzzy sensation but in no way, shape or form would I describe it as painful. 

What I would describe it as is really effective.  Supremely effective.  So it says I need to do once a week for the first four weeks.  But as you CAN sit on the sofa watching Say Yes to The Dress, it is absolutely no hardship whatsoever.  I do wait until the husband is out as I can't imagine what he'd have to say about that vision of beauty that I've just described for you but personally, I like to think of it as multi tasking. 

As an aside, it also doesn't take off your fake tan like every single other hair removal thingymajig I've ever tried. 

I did think that it would be an idea to share it with the 12 yr old for all the above reasons and while I've said she can borrow it at any time, she has already scarpered with the Venus Snap Cosmo Portable Razor that I was also sent (currently on offer at Boots on 3 for 2 - £9.99 each).

These are amazing.  And are what I've been buying for ages.  They sit neatly in your shower, come in a handy, compact case so are easy to pack for holiday, gym and take on-the-go and are super super effective, and really gentle on your skin.  The only razor I've ever used that it doesn't matter if I haven't time to do the shaving gel thingy and just swipe, swipe, swipe, because it has added moisture glide, meaning you can can simply wet the blade and shave.  Super smooth with no rash.  

This is the first razor that I bought her when this year she asked if she could shave her legs for the first time.  She balked at the suggestion of waxing - she would much rather do a quick swipe in the shower in the morning and the Venus Snap Razor was the only one I would try on her - primarily as I think it's nigh on impossible to cut yourself with it.    Oh how they've changed over the years.

Waxing is always billed as the daddy of hair removal but with kids these days and their immediate, must have it now, lifestyles, the thought of a bit of stubble for a couple of weeks simply doesn't wash.   For grown ups too.  That special night out, a quick extra smooth leg is achievable in an instant with the perfectly diddy Venus Snap.

Speaking of I am, hair free and legs out.


Top - M&S
Skirt - M&S
Sandals - Apiedi
Bag - Balenciaga

So Friday night, it's Bastille Day and I am off out to a dinner party with my Frenchie friends.  Last night at the Jaguar launch was simply superb.  The new EPACE, all rather fabulous (looks best in white with a red interior, that's my feedback.  Good boot space and apparently there's a special handbag hole which I didn't see but they definitely should have pointed out as that's what would work for me...) but beyond fabulous was Pete Tong and the Heritage Orchestra.  Best surprise EVER.  

This blog was written in collaboration with P&G but it was my legs I tried it on, my honest experiences and my legs that I will continue to use it on.  Vive the hair free (my rusty French needs a LOT of work).

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14 comentarios:

  1. Laser the hairs. GONE FOREVER. Changed my life.

  2. I have tried epilation.... for 5 seconds, that was all I could muster! Seriously, waxing is way less pain. Not that I would contemplate doing that myself. Maybe I need someone else to wield the epilator, while I lie still and (try to) relax. I can just imagine the husband's face if I asked him....
    Shaving is my method of choice, easy and quick, and as you say, razors have come on some since I used to 'borrow' my Dad's old fashioned razor in the bath, I mean I didn't even use proper shaving cream. I really can't imagine how I avoided cutting my legs to ribbons, the odd nick, but nothing serious. The modern variety with their springy blades are so easy and cut free!

    1. Razors these days have come so so SO far, haven't they?

      I promise you, it isn't nearly as painful as I had though it was going to be. I find waxing loads loads more painful!

  3. I'm with Cover Girl on this one - he tthem lasered! Hands down best money I've ever spent!

  4. Laser, laser, laser! Worth every penny and then some!

    1. Laser? How much does it cost, and how many treatments does it take? And are there any down sides?

    2. It's not cheap round here at all (BUT of course you do only have to pay for the whole process once..!!) I've heard something about not going into the sun. BUT again that's something I'm heard and can't say it's actually true at all!

  5. I could put up with the pain of the epilator, but not the approximate 40% of hair that after a while decides to grow under the surface of the skin, still clearly visible. Plus the infected ingrowns multipling. Oh well, uf it works for some... Lucky them ;)

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