My next favourite thing...

...after shoes and bags, has to be perfume. 

Makeup yes I can am starting to get more excited about and as time marches on, I obviously love finding that genius new product that works total wonders on my (ageing) face, but fragrance, I have adored since a young age. 

I think it's the memories that it evokes, the way that it can make you feel totally different with a small spritz.  I say small.. I am, alas, that person who is never knowingly underspritzed. 

This isn't really a problem this days when my poison of choice is always a lighter, citrus or green floral fragrance. 

But speaking of poison, when I used to drown myself in the Dior original, boy did you know about it.  With hindsight, there's a reason Poison is called Poison isn't it?  Heady to the point of headache inducing.  I then progressed onto the no less migraine embracing Giorgio Red.  Strong doesn't cover it.  From there, it was another heavy, cloying number (which I do have to say I still love but no longer torture people by wearing) - Wrappings by Clinique. 

I'm sure there were lots of others in the intervening years but when Jo Malone opened on Brook Street in London, opposite my old offices on South Molton Street, I knew I had arrived home. 

And so began, fifteen years ago, my love affair with the citrus.  And we're still together.   

Over the years, I have built up a collection of perfumes - all very much in line with the citrus theme and if not, I can be persuaded by a figgy number or a fresh floral.  And occasionally, a slightly masculine scented spritz.  I thought I would bring you perfumes that I still wear today, some are mainstream, others are slightly more unusual. 

Oh and to point out, I am NO expert on these, so the terminology is all very much consumer focused.  I have to say, I do occasionally read fragrance reviews written by an expert and sometimes, have no idea what they're talking about.  There smell of x, y and z which is fab but I have no idea really what x, y and z smell like - especially when mixed together.   So this is a total layman's perspective.

Starting with my first ever (just pipped the Jo Malone to the post) deliciously lemony scent.   For me, this is the ultimate in citrus.  It's also unisex.

Eau D'Hadrien by Annick Goutal £69 from Feel Unique £69

Lime, Basil and Mandarin by Jo Malone £88  Which needs no introduction.

A fabulously light citrus unisex fragrance for every day, is the Spanish brand Agua de Colonia.  This, I completely love and always, always have this around.  

A great travel and starter kit is the pack (I got mine instore from Liberty's) but I usually buy online from Amazon as you can get the 40ml which looks like a gin miniature and is perfect for your handbag. 

Agua de Colonia Travel Set £26.95

And the 40 ml miniature £5.

And this is the one one I also buy on repeat - the 80ml, again I always order from Amazon £15.47.

Staying with day time scents - florals are definitely a must have.  Actually I say day time, but I wear these in the evening as well. 

My two favourite florals are both from Jo Malone which I know is slightly predictable, but I love them.  And go back to them time and time again.  

French Lime Blossom £88 from Jo Malone £88

And the French Lime Blossom - also from Jo Malone £88

More floral at Tom Ford - this is a treat, that is for sure. 

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino EDP 50ml £155

But if that's a bit over your budget, then for every day or for any time, this is the most amazing fragrance that to me, is very remiscent of the Neroli Portofino.

Priddy Essentials Neroli and Verbena No.42 Anywhere Spray £32 for 50ml.

Now for what I would call errr - herbier fragrances (as you can see, all the technical speak... not).  Ones that are still very fresh but to me, have more of a masculine edge - slightly earthier dare I say?  Woody?  Is that the appropriate terminology?  As you can see - I am a total no hoper when it comes to describing fragrances - a "nose" I am not!  But I have worn all of these, still have some of them in my drawer and will definitely be purchasing again. 

Liz Earle No 1 Botanical Essence Spray £54

Unisex now and a French favourite.

Roger et Gallet Jean Marie Farina Cologne Spray £39.50

Staying with French, I love the herbiness and spa feel of this classic. I defy you not to smell this and think - France.

Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum 50ml £44.50

And now for fig.  I have tried pretty much all of the Fig fragrances out there but this is definitely my favourite and the one that I have bought on repeat.  I find so many of the fig fragrances on the sweet side but this definitely, to me, is more on the green and earthy side (I mean earthy in a good way... if it can be a good way... do you know what I mean?!  Woody - I think that's what I mean.  Definitely woody).

L'Artisan Parfumeur Premier Figuier 100ml was £83 now £59.99 This is now on sale as it has been repackaged and so I know that they're selling off the old packaging at a reduced price.  Result in my book.

Finishing with the two (apart from the Agua de Colognia which I always have in my bag), the two I am wearing at the minute. 

Starting with the most sensual fragrance I own that is the perfect combination of floral, herby and warm whilst still being fresh and summery.  They describe it as "floriental" which I think is the perfect description.

Connock London Kukui Eau de Parfum 50ml £49

And my newest purchase which is so impossible to describe.  Masculine, yet feminine - it's not herby, it's not floral, it's not really citrus - I think they would probably call it a green fragrance.  It's a cologne, but it's incredibly long lasting. 

Atelier Cologne Trefle Pur £100 for 100ml

So I hope that has been helpful (I fear it may have been chocolate teapot useful!).  I am sure that I have forgotten some, it's definitely not an exhaustive list at all...  Would love to hear your favourites or if you use any of the above. 

Outfit from yesterday - full day in London for meetings, wafting around in my new Atelier Cologne fragrance.


Sleeveless tee - Me+Em
Skirt - Autograph at M&S
Susanna boots - Chloe
Onyx jacket - hush
Bag - Hill & Friends

In the meantime, I am sitting here, looking at the weather when I should be packing and trying not to panic at the amount of rain that is being predicted for this weekend for our festival.  WHAT ON EARTH DO WE PACK?!  We have wellies - I want to weep at the thought of having to pack a waterproof as in the history of waterproofs, there is not ONE that is festival stylish.   There are ones that are ok for wearing to endure a rugby match and ones that don't look like you've raided Millets for a dog walk but stylish?  Nope, nope and nope again.  

I'm going with a felt hat, biker, wellies and a brolly.  And lots and lots and lots of clothes.  Even more for the children.  With a spare bag left in the car, just in case.  With zero intention of actually standing out in the rain.  If anyone's been to Port Eliot, they'll know it's not a festival in the outdoor sense of the word - it's more of a huge garden party.  Which does sound on the very outdoorsey side now I mention it... Ok so maybe I will pack my waterproof, of course I will.  This is not how I had intended being "fashun" this weekend but I guess I will be dry.... 

Any wet festival advice, gratefully appreciated....!!

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18 comentarios:

  1. My favourite current pong is Charlotte Tilbury, but have worn Stella Mccartney's Lily for a few years too...On the 'woody' path, Gucci's unisex one 'Oud'....

  2. I'm a diehard Jo Malone Earl Grey and Cucumber devotee - I'm down to my last drops but have been eeking it out until I go on holiday next week and can pick some up at the airport at a lower price (it ain't cheap). Also have the Tom Ford Neroli Portofino which I generally only use on holiday - like keeping your good stuff 'for best'. I had a sample of Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver which smelt lush in the bottle, less lush on me. Then the husband tried it - bingo! Smells gorgeous on him so I bought it for him, but that also needs replacing as he's probably only got about a week's worth left. He also uses Monotheme Agrumi di Sicilia cologne which is very inexpensive and can be bought from M&S, handily. It is unisex and gorgeously fresh and light - I always prefer a citrus.

  3. ...oh and I remember Poison, Beautiful and, my 'favourite' (Bleuuurgh) - Giorgio Beverly Hills. I must have stunk as a teenager!

  4. I think many scents are moving to the non gender specific style, i have recently fallen in love with this Hermes for daytime - still a big TF Black orchid fan for nighttime (only nighttime)

  5. Must admit Poison was never my poison of choice, but I did pong big style with Paris and Lulu. The one I remember from my youth I wish I could still buy was Guccis 'Eau De Gucci, never easy to get hold of, it's now discontinued.
    These days I've three go to scents: Guerlains Aqua Allegoria in citrusy Pamplelune (they do another citrus scent too), it's a bit heady so not an everyday perfume for me; then there's Clean in Fresh Laundry (they have many light clean scents) and for the winter Origins Ginger Essence. Must admit I've been hearing good things about Aqua De Colonia so I may have to try that, and Amazon will ship to Denmark, soooo....

  6. Try Asos for a waterproof. Haute couture stylish, no, but can be waterproof and festival stylish, without being too expensive. I have a metallic silver one from last year, which is amazingly waterproof. Good luck!

  7. I love perfume, I have many. I like a variety of many types of scents; aquatic, tea, woody, oriental, citrus, fruit and floral. My alltime favourite is theirry mugler's womanity. I find that ordering samples or ordering roll-on bottles at the perfume parlour really helps me decide if I love a perfume enough to want to get a bottle of it. I really recommend it

  8. Jo Malone smells like old ladies on me. All of them! Think it must be my skin.

  9. For a posh hit I love Le Labo Bergamot, only from Liberty annoyingly. Also love that cheap Spanish Colonia one, got some on holiday. I have also got some LUSH (I know, it's marmite) rose jam body spray, its rose and Turkish delight. I would also recommend those travel atomisers. I got a very cheap one from the Perfume shop and its great for taking perfumes in glass bottles away - ooh and a final one if you like fig Kat is the &otherstories fig fiction - they do a great body scrub and lotion, body oil and also a body spray thats fab for holidays and in plastic...

  10. LOVE perfumes!!!

    My current favourites are not unlike your own as I am drawn to citrus, verbena and fig. (DH hates Jo Malone lime basil & mandarin though so I never wear it)
    Tom Ford Neroli Portofino. Nothing comes close (I have tried them all)
    Jo Malone Basil & Nerilo (very different to TF but still lovely) and Wild Fig & Cassis (sadly discontinued)
    Origins Ginger - fave for winter along with Atelier Cologne Vanille
    Moschino I Love Love (more grapefruity)

    Latest discovery is Chloe Signature eau de parfum. A different style for me but really loving it.
    Also Nuxe Sun Delicious Fragrant Water, lovely and summery.

    I bought the little atomizers (on ebay) that you then sit on top of the spray bottles and you can decant some straight into the atomizer. Saves carrying the big bottles around. I have them colour coded :)

  11. I loved Wrappings. Sadly discontinued

  12. Love your choice of perfume-I love the non-gender specific ranges that are doing the rounds now. But then I was brought up with Anais Anais! Have you tries any of the Shay and Blue fragrances? I'm a bit of a fan and whenever I wear one, people always make (complimentary) comments. They have a boutique in London but now sell most of their perfumes in Marks And Spencer. Still not very well-known but smell divine.

  13. Loved this post as I am a citrus girl too (apart from one exception in the dead of Winter when I might spritz on Zen by Sheisedo ;-)
    Agua de Colonia is everywhere in Spain and so cheap also. It's lovely when placed in the fridge and you splash it on when really hot.
    My signature scent which I have been wearing since I was about 17 (and was introduced to by my Dad's Accountant's girlfriend who was French and seemed so exotic to me at time) is Diorella by Dior and it is still my favourite now. Also Thierry Mugler's Cologne (unisex) is also lovely in the Summer.

  14. Perfume is so personal, isn't it? One woman's divine is another woman's eeuugh...I used to LOVE Christian Dior Dune, YSL Rive Gauche, Chanel No 19 and First. My fave of all time, which I wear every day without fail, is Chanel No 5. Also have Chanel Coco Mademoiselle but it's heavier so wear it for evenings out. Through the years have tried Chanel Allure and Chanel Chance (the original) but always come back back to No 5 and Cocoa Mademoiselle!

  15. Have worn Wrappings for 25 years....can still be bought in Clinique in Harrods London....also love citrus/herby to buy is Chanel cristalle vert. Kat you might like to try Cloon Keen Atelier fragrance....Irish artisan perfume company Lune de Givre!!

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  18. I love perfume too and like your choices.

    I remember Lulu, and particularly Paris from early 20's. BF (now husband) thought I really liked it, I did but was trying to get rid so I could move on, so you can guess what I got for Christmas that year!

    Loving the whole unisex scents, with tobacco, leather, vetiver scents really my go to.

    I love Miller Harris Feuilles de Tabac, and TF Black Orchid is a repeat purchase too, for wearing any time.

    Recent purchase is Portrait of a Lady, not finding it as strong as some say.

    Oh, and really loving what Floral Street do, I think I will be buying for a long time to come.