They are going nowhere... yes, I am going to write about them AGAIN.  Actually I'm not that sure I've wrtten about them that often and certainly not that recently, but I am definitely obsessed with wearing them. 

The love of the season for me (after the print maxi obviously) is and has been the graphic tee.  I can't call it a logo tee as they're not all logo - some are just a picture, some are a print, but the one thing they all are is not plain. 

The other reason to write about these is that they're are going to be everywhere next year as well.  Having just been to the buying shows for next Spring Summer, the one thing that there was an abundance of is the graphic tee.  

Is that not the most perfect excuse to indulge?  For me - these are the perfect addition to a blazer and jeans, with a skirt and biker, with wide leg trousers or wide cropped versions.  I'm going to be wearing mine into the Autumn with a trench (and bottoms - fear not, I shall not just be sporting pants...).

Starting with a couple that I own.  The first I have worn a few times and am always being asked about.  A small is a 10.

FWP-by tees - organic cotton slub tees £28

Upping the budget but again, these have been worn all Spring Summer by me - they wash like a dream and I am rather in love with this colour - especially for Autumn.  But even I probably draw the line at three of these.  

Isabel Marant Etoile Kolda tee - £100

Or the Koldi tee which could be a definite option, also from Isabel Marant £130

The black version with silver and gold £!35

And another that I have from & Other Stories who have some amazing tees in at the moment.  This is the one I have.  It's more of an oversized fit.  It's the most sublime slouchy and drapey jersey fabric.  Take your usual size.

Leo Claw Tee from & Other Stories £27

This one has also caught my eye.

Graphic Print tee from & Other Stories £27

Then there are the slogan tees. 

Amour Modern Tee from & Other Stories £23

And the brand that I love and have lots of tees from that I have worn for years.  Zoe Karssen.  On sale at TK Maxx.

Zoe Karssen navy tee now £14.99 was £31

Currently doing battle with the 12yr old as she wants both of this.  Yes, it's come to that folks... She's already got the cropped ones (she can have them - I put up exceptionally little - ie no - resistance when it came to fighting over who was going to sport those ones).
Black Deja vu tee from Topshop £15

Grey and red, again from Topshop £15  This works so perfectly with black.  I think they're ideal with a more corporate outfit - just add trainers.

Monday, Tuesday....

Happy Days tee from hush £35

And in the black and blush again £35

And yesterday and today in my tees. 


Rose tee - FWP-by
Skirt - Free People at Selfridges
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Pink blazer - Zara
Happy Slouchy Bag - Hill & Friends 



Kolda tee - Isabel Marant Etoile
Jeans - Me+Em
Blazer - Zara
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Soho Disco bag - Gucci
Earrings - H&M

A lovely relaxing weekend.  Morning spent with family over from Ireland and then car shopping.  We weren't intending on looking for a car at all but decided to "have a look" (ie waste an hour and get the kids entertained) and hey ho, we're now crunching numbers and looks like we might have a new car coming in October.  That's what calls "serves you right".

Tomorrow, for the first in as long as I can remember, we don't have to get to up in the morning.  Tutor later on and then BBQ in the afternoon for friends which I am ridiculously looking forward to.  Roll on Monday as I have earmarked it a duvet day.  The only one we can do in the coming weeks as we've got loads on but Monday is popcorn, movies and hot chocolate on tap.  Oh yes.....

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13 comentarios:

  1. Love a graphic tee, those Isabel Marant ones have got my name all over them! Completely off topic - what size is your American Vintage dress? May have the possibility of getting one, but don't know how they come up.

    1. AHa mine is a small. They come up really really big!

    2. Thank you! I'm a large-ish size 14, and was thinking about the M/L. Sounds like it might work!

  2. I'm definitely coming round to these. I originally just liked a pattern and have a grey star print one, but now have a navy Levi's "California" one with both writing and pattern. Both get worn loads. I will have to check out tkmaxx (again). Etsy have quite a few unusual print tees too.

  3. Love those earrings. I'm going to shamelessly plug my amazing friend's @women_in_need_london (on Instagram) 'W.I.N.' t-shirts. Totally not for profit with proceeds supporting survivors of domestic violence (she was on Gaby Roslin's BBC radio show today). Some pretty cool celebs have been sharing their Insta selfies with their shirts or sweats on, but a selfie from you would make sales ��

  4. I am all over these just now - with midi skirts or cropped, wide trews. I just ordered the Stories claw one after reading your blog, and already have Amour Moderne waiting for an outing, plus a couple of others from Toppers.

  5. I love the claw one and tried it on a while ago - incredibly soft cotton! Only problem for me is the pattern is quite low and if I wore it tucked into anything it would be hidden so talked myself out of it - regretting it a bit now....

    1. I'm also planning on wearing it over skinnies - untucked!

  6. Reading your posts has turned me from a non t shirt believer into an avid t shirt wearer! For me it's all been down to the right jeans (high waist, exposed button front, suck you in) and the right blazer. Would love some help looking for long line jacket to wear over short dresses. Something smartish so you could wear it to the pub with wedges or ankle boots but not too 'out out'. Closest I've found is Mint Velvet linen double layer, but not sure about the colour... thank you!