Pimp my shoes

But not just any shoes.  

The, not so humble any more, trainers.

I should back up my truck a bit and point out that this is one of those "random from nowhere as something odd happened,/she saw something weird/she's obsessed with something new" blogs. 

Yes, it is about trainers and yes it is about trainers with a bit more oomph.  But not ones that are super scary - not trying to reinvent the wheel here, just had a bit of a revelation that I thought I'd share. 

Trainers that just speak for themselves.  I haven't done any research for this, so not entirely sure how it's going to end up but it's starting with back to the old school and green Converse hi tops. 

Why you might ask?  Well, why not I say.  As I am now the proud owner of a new pair.  That I ridiculously randomly bought from an antique shop in Suffolk.  Clearly they're not antique in the slightest - they're actually brand new and were sat there, nestling amongst the wooden tennis rackets, bed pans and other random stuff that you find in an "antique shop" these days.  

Spied by the husband, totally missed by me (much to the amusement of the 10yr old "how did you not see them?  They're BRIGHT green" - he has a point) but when I saw that they were my size, brand new and £15, well I couldn't leave them there, could I?

And I think I might be addicted.  You may remember I did a post on hi tops not too long ago, touting the prospect of them and saying I thought I may invest in the Autumn.  

The Autumn came early and £15 later, I am the proud owner of full on, see me coming a mile away, need no intro, trainers. 

And I blooming love them. 

Which got me to thinking.   This white trainer nonsense that I've been spouting for years (can I please just point out that I don't think it's actually nonsense, there is definitely a new pair of white trainers on my A/W wish list - I honestly think they'll bury me in a pair but let's call it poetic license for the sake of this blog?) - let's put that aside and focus on trainers that are all about the character. 

First up - let's see the evidence..

Green Converse hi tops.  


I'd love to say I've found others for £15, alas I haven't and I can't even find the same green ones for full price. 

The nearest I could find to the shade was these from adidas. 

adidas Originals Hamburg Trainers was £75 now £48.50 

These though would look amazing with all shades of khaki, greens, blues and greys.

All Star '70 Vintage Canvas £70

Speaking of khaki... 

Converse PL 76 Hi Trainers were £70 now £45.50 (I know these are on a man but there's virtually no difference between men's and women's trainers).

Or they have these left in a 40... 

Nike Blazer Retro Trainers were £75 now £60

But not forgetting the classic Converse hi top and I have to say, I rather like the red.

Red £49.99

If you are looking for a bargain though, there are some more unusual colours in the sale.

Pale Pink Snakeskin was £55 now £29.99

Pink (although I would say it's pinky purple) in the sale at Schuh was £50 now £34.99

Personally though, I would probably invest that little bit more and buy ones I know I would wear and wear and wear.  So the red ones... OR... oh hello burgundy.

Converse in Burgundy £55

If you haven't looked at the Flannels sale, then I would grab a glass of wine and your credit card and treat yourself to a couple of hours of BLISS.  Thanks to one of my lovely best friends who pointed this out to me... that's me sorted later with one eye on Planet of The Apes (the first ones which I've seen loads, the 8yr old wants to rewatch them before we head to the cinema to see the third one this week).

Converse X Missoni Hi Tops were £95 now £48

And now I'm upping the ante.   DO remember these are a great, great reduction.  And there is no where else you will find these still in sale, for these prices, of that I am (pretty..!) confident.

Saint Laurent Metallic Court Classic Trainers were £410 now £205

Saint Laurent Classic Court Trainers were £425 now £213 *bites fist*.....

Or... must resist must resist must resist.. I know these aren't even remotely out there but... well... they've got glitter on them??!  Silver laces... If you were thinking about buying a pair of expensive trainers this season, these are surely an absolute no brainer? 

Saint Laurent Surf Distressed Leather Trainers were £425 now £213

I honestly cannot tell you how many bargains there are on the Flannels site (even the husband is having a look).

Puma Careaux Basket Trainers were £70 now £35

Another great place for sneakers is & Other Stories.  They have a huge selection but if we're talking disco shoes...

Kaleidoscopic Glitter Sneakers were £89 now £62

Leather Glitter Sneaker from & Other Stories £69

Green satin at Topshop £24

I really REALLY shouldn't like these green adidas... but I sort of do.  Maybe I need a lie down.  I think it might be because I've had my head turned by the new style of Balenciagas (I will be exploring these another day - they are a MUCH bigger step out of my comfort zone than even a pair of green Converse).  Just leaving these hear for the minute - merely as they're green.

adidas NMD XR1 PK in green £110

A much more wearable green in suede at Topshop from Puma. 

Suede Platform Trainers by Puma £79

And here I am today in mine.  Always the sign of a good buy when you wear them, after just having bought them. 


Dress - Somerset by Alice Temperley at John Lewis
Onyx jacket in grey - hush
Green hi tops - Converse

Have I managed to persuade you to branch away from the white trainers?  Or maybe you weren't a fan of white ones in the first place and these are a much better idea anyway.  I know lots of people who fear white trainers make their feet look on the large side and prefer a colour anyway.  I'm definitely in and I fear it's the start of a slippery slope. 

Green today - I'm back with yellow tomorrow.  So sick and tired of waiting for the sunshine, I'm going on a search for my own.

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28 comentarios:

  1. You look so fab in that photo. I bought gold Nikes in a summer sale last year. Love them so very much.

    1. aw thank you. Excellent photographer (she's 12!!)

  2. I must admit I have been a fan of Converse since I was about 14. They fit me really well and they are so comfortable!

    1. I haven't worn them for YEARS! I'm back in the game,,,

  3. FB has been pushing these on my newsfeed, and it has worked - I am now obsessed with them (though there are similar ones cheaper on sale at ASOS: http://www.saucony.com/UK/en_GB/jazz-original-vintage/883799396581.html?CID=PLA&CAWELAID=120234150000007452&CAGPSPN=pla&CAAGID=53341276068&CATCI=pla-331314986544&cid=PPC-SAUC-UK-PLA_Brand-_&sma=sm.000000y4qk9ovsermvp8cqamuhm8k

  4. Now you've put a spanner in the works! I'm after a pair of ox blood shoes for the new season. I thought I'd discounted trainers as I don't tend to wear them from November to March. Now they're very much back in the bidding!
    Otherwise I've spotted a pair of brogues and a pair of loafers that are just up my street!

    1. Oxblood loafers are always a classic. But I've accepted that I simply wear trainers and ankle boots more than I wear shoes!

  5. Are you a 6.5?


  6. I suppose it's a case of knowing what works for you and what doesn't. Trainers are more of a fair weather friend, but for when the autumn sets in I'll be in shoes (mainly brogues) and Chelsea boots for winter weather.
    My trouble is the trainers I've spotted have brogue like details, but I'm not sure how practical white soles are!

    1. Absolutely agree. You should just wear what YOU love and what works for you xxx

  7. Don't they look great with your leopard print dress thing?!

  8. Yes, yes, yes. I love Converse. I currently have 2 pairs, a burgundy tri zip hi top in suede and a low, grey Missoni print pair that I bought in the sale last year. Love your bargainous green pair!

  9. Big Converse fan here, always in my off white ones as they go with everything. I also have some platform soled black ones that are great for gigs - make me a couple of inches taller! Also love Vans, working on my collection of those - currently have black Hawaiian print florals, beige desert cowboy print (!) and classic checkerboard slip ons. So comfortable, and go with just about anything.

    1. aha, now Vans are strictly the domain of my daughter even she has Converse too but has said she doesn't mind if I have hi tops as she doesn't like them!!

  10. I came home after too many ones and bought a pair of Clarks knee high boots on QVC (I know!) - sitting in the overspenders corner but can't resist your blog!

  11. That should be too many wines!

  12. Oh gosh didn't even know I wanted some converse until I saw yours, they really suit you and go great with your maxi. Obsessed about the pale 70's ones for 24 hours and finally gave in and bought them
    Now need something to go with them!......

    1. I have to say I'm rather addicted to the pale ones too....!!

  13. Hmm just "invested" £14 in a plum velvet pair in tescos.... a knock off of the topshop khaki ones. Eeks not sure for Munichs rainy autumns they're a wise investment but in for a penny.. Perfect Haus Frau xx

  14. Love converse and there's 50% off in their sale just for myself a purple pair for 18 euro! Code is 50%OFFSALE

    1. Off to have another look! There weren't that many the other day...