Looks like they're here to stay...

... and seeing how we are in that funny intermediary time of new season tempting us with its lovely wares but the sun has come out again - or you're on holiday... and even though we're on our hols and it's due to start lashing with rain come Tuesday, I am in optimistic vacation mode (clearly come the middle of the week I will have forgotten this romantic notion and will be blogging and shopping jumpers with a vengeance). 

But as I sit here, looking at the sunshine, wafting around in a Summer dress (and no this isn't another blog on them even though will be wearing floral frocks into Autumn, you have been warned), my thoughts have turned to my season's favourite - oversized earrings. 

Go large or go home has been the message of the season and there has no bigger fan than me. 

I have been the doyenne of the high street when it comes to buying these but - well, as others have told me on numerous occasions - alas, as pretty and bargainous they look, the quality is frankly abysmal.  ("omg mine broke too, mid party, no holiday, was out clubbing and came back with no earring in one ear and half an earring in another", I have heard so so many stories about these.. looking at you H&M).

That's not to say they don't have their place and I will say, just for a couple of ££ more (thank you Topshop), the quality does seem to improve (can personally vouch for these with the red resin and tassel earrings).  Whilst I have adored the H&M offerings for £8, if they only last one wear (or one pair I can think of didn't even last the journey home in my handbag... post snapped off) then I may as well have burnt £8.

So I thought it might be an idea to see if there are some that are worth investing in.  

Whilst a lot are very neutral, they can completely elevate a dull outfit into something pretty special.  And if you get something in a matching (or contrasting - whichever floats your boat) colour, that can be a magical thing. 

These in blue.  Instant upgrade to any faded denim out.  Done.  Old, distressed jeans (or any in a paler blue shade to be honest) and pretty much any top.  Smarter for evening with heels.  Dressed down with sliders or trainers, a tee and a blazer for the day.

Keeping the summer vibe with the tassel but in a shade of berry that is definitely Autumn happy.   These are a MUST (for me anyway...).

Slightly left field from JCrew.  I adore their earrings.  Out of everything you can buy in there, it's the earrings, that for me are their trump card.  So much so, I would actually consider going to New York *just* to stock up (that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it... are the prices that good over there compared to here anymore?  It was the only store - oh and Anthropologie/Free People that were worthwhile buying last year.  And I wonder about DVF still?  That used to be loads cheaper over there, she says mentally booking a trip for the end of September.  The thing about these made notions is I usually end up acting on them.  Anything sensible?  No.  Something bonkers?  Frequently).

Tell me these aren't worth a jaunt across the atlantic for?

These are the perfect pair to take you into Autumn. 

Beaded Garden Earrings in multi colour JCrew - £78  Ok if a trip before wasn't necessary...

A completely neutral shade of pink from Topshop. 

And to get an idea of how large these are... 9cm.  Oh hello.

Statement drop earrings again at & Other Stories.  I love the Art Deco look to these.  And the fact they're a step away from the fringing (don't get me wrong, I adore a tassel).  For into the Winter, I think we all like a bit of faded glamour (maybe not so faded...!  Jaded?!).

Or the ones I bought last week.  Classic and easy to wear.  Statement without being too over the top.  Basically a neutral.  I'll be wearing these for every day to give an old tee and a pair of jeans a new lease of life and with dresses out in the evening.

Graduated Ball Drop Earrings from Topshop £12.50

I also promise that this week, I will also do a round up of the jewellery that I wear on a daily basis, as I'm always being asked.  I'll do a "my daily essentials" blog if people would like, as I'm always being asked. 

Which I happen to be wearing here...photo from yesterday - first day of hols.  On our balcony overlooking the tennis court that will see zero action from me.  A sportswoman, I absolutely am not.  I have zero hand eye coordination, I'm mortified to admit.  The children on the hand one, whilst not demonstrating Murray family prowess, are very much handier and will be out there come rain or shine.


Maxi dress - & Other Stories
Jacket - Tu at Sainsburys
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose 
Chloe Carlina Sunglasses - Very Exclusive

Last night went out for an early dinner and then back to watch the athletics.  Today though, I'm suffering with a ridiculously sore throat so am planning on doing as little as possible.  Law.  Of.  Sod.  I have not been ill for as long as I can remember but I actually feel "Dr ill" (the term we use if you feel *that* rough, you actually go to the Dr's.  My throat feels like I've been swallowing razor blades). 

But on the upside, no work meetings this week, so I can actually lie around on the sofa feeling sorry for myself which is what I plan on doing this afternoon.  Frozen (the movie - I love it, the rest of the family roll their eyes and refuse to watch it with me) and more athletics whilst the husband goes for a bike ride (the loon bought his bike with him...) and the children pretend they're at Wimbledon. 

I am in the mood for looking at nothing but loungewear so that's what we may do tomorrow.. although I have had my eye turned by something during my earring search.  I wonder if anyone can guess what it is?!

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20 comentarios:

  1. You are a naughty naughty girl!
    I've been trying not to buy a pair of rose gold statement earrings (Pilgrim from Boozt), and was succeeding quite well despite them having been sitting in my basket for ages. Then I read your post, and my resolve crumbled. Worse a pair of burgundy skinnies might have jumped in my basket all on their own, without the slightest help from me - strange they're in the right size!
    I think I may have a slight crush on all things burgundy for next season, and in my head they'll look great with some of the dark blush items I already own. But more inspiration needed, please.
    Hope you're enjoying your holiday (I'm very selfishly happy you're still working and posting during it!).

    1. ooh blush and burgundy... that is DIVINE!!! I am all over the green. All shades. With navy. With tan... with pink.. you have been warned!

      Just saying, burgundy and fuchsia are also amazing together.

    2. Oooh!
      Burgundy and fuchsia, sounds good.

    3. With blush thrown in too.. just saying...

  2. just wanted to say, I've had the throat (also on my holiday - in Greece) and it was minging, so I hope you feel better soon xx

    1. Oh you poor thing I would be mighty pissed off were I in Greece!! not so bad in Suffolk.....

  3. I'm just getting over a bout of "Dr Ill' too - haven't been to the doctor in 10 years then, just over a week before going on holiday, I succumbed to the mother of all rotten colds and ended up not once but twice in the surgery. Took so many tablets/medicines that I rattled - you have my sympathies, it really is yuck.
    On the upside, I'm now much recovered and currently stateside, so will take a look in J Crew later in the week. My enthusiasm for American shopping is much-dimmed these days though - the woeful exchange rate doesn't help, but I've not found much to inspire me this side of the pond for a couple of years now. Famous last words...

    1. Oh god mine has turned into a cold and a hacking cough now. I want to go to bed and lie there....
      Definitely with you on the US shopping thing but definitely going to JCrew and Anthro is a good idea. It's the extra discount offers they have...

  4. hi Kat
    A while ago you featured some stone green and pink earrings - do you remember where they were from? I've trawled your blog but can't seem to find the original post where they were mentioned. Thanks!

    1. YES!!! they were from Olly M. Were they these ones?? https://ollymjewellery.com/collections/earrings/products/double-drop-earrings-emerald-green-and-hot-pink?variant=32099492937

  5. This might seem rude but your denim jacket looks amazing but I wondered could you actually fasten it up if you wanted to? Luckily for my summer holiday diminished bank balance my ears were pierced very squint so I never wear earrings nowadays :-) xx

    1. YES!! In fact have literally just taken a photo of me today for the blog and it's done up. xxx

  6. Love my H&M tassels...and so far they are holding up to lots of wear!! In Paris now though and there are lots of little boutiques with sales on. Way too tempting!

    1. Oh gosh you're forgiven for shopping in Paris!

  7. I hope you are feeling better. Summer colds are the worst. I've totally loved earrings this summer, such fun. I refound some old favourites, as well as bought some new ones from Etsy. There is a good selection there. I have 2 pairs with tassels, a blue and a green pair. Could I justify more... maybe!

    1. OMG I always forget Etsy! That's my evening sorted (minus the blooming wifi mind you..!)

  8. I've ordered the Tu jacket and sized down as you recommended, oh and also got a couple of striped dresses while I was there. Back to your lovely blogs, if you are looking at loungewear please please please find some stylish and comfy and not too tight and not too Waynetta lounge trousers that are actually long enough for someone who happens to be 5'10" and a half. Please?

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  11. Its an to lovely earring and the colours in earring is used is to good. Thanks for sharing this image.