And now with a not so classic...

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Well I say that.. but if we remember not so many years ago, it was the same story with white trainers.  They were definitely "out there" but have become such a mainstream part of our every day dressing.  There are options to suit every outfit - the rule of thumb is, keep it white. 

But when things become mainstream, there's always a call for the more eclectic - the more avant garde - the more "fashun".  God forbid a fashionista should be seen wearing the same shoes as her mum.

And so - the fugly trainer was born.  The ones that do look like you could break out into a 4 mile jog at any given moment.  They definitely look like you've borrowed them from a teenage boy BUT they are now everywhere. 

How do we know these may not be the next big thing?  Or are they a flash in the fashion pan? I will say that they are SUPER comfy. 

They're also a great addition to a classic wardrobe - just to give it that modern twist.  The easiest way to freshen capsule pieces that you've had for years that are style over statement, is to throw in the newest trend.  Just to tip that balance.  

They're absolutely not going to be for everyone.  Am I an adopter?  They don't make me want to vomit.  And if I had a £ for every time I saw something new and initially said "I am NOT wearing that", whilst ending up in it 3 months later, I would be swanning around dripping in Chanel.

However I do know people who have them, love them and live in them.  And you can spend as much or as little as you want or can justify on them.  For me - my super cunning plan is to buy them for my 13 yr old as he is my size, knowing that his feet will grow in a matter of months. And pray he doesn't trash them in the meantime!

I'm not going to do down the Balenciaga route as personally I wouldn't go there, but having tried on my son's new Nikes (that he chose for his birthday and I was hugely sceptical at but then fell in love as soon as I saw them.  And the COMFORT - it's genuinely like having your feet caressed by angels).

And whilst I'm doing my new series, focusing on the classics, I'm also going to have a look at some things that make us smile.  Things of colour. 

Starting with the fugly trainers but in the prettiest of shades.  Shoes that can't help get you noticed as they are GORGEOUS colours. 

If Joseph wore trainers - he would have had these. Oh and you could have borrowed them were you his mum as they are basically unisex so you can buy men's ones unless you have petite feet (in which case you can buy kids' ones!).

Speaking of kids' ones - if your feet go up to a 39, which I'm sure most of yours do, you can get them for a lot cheaper... (DAMN my size 7 feet!).

I *think* these are the same but in a different shade - truth be told I have absolutely no idea and glaze over after "Nike"... 

Now we're talking full on - these shoes will do ALL the talking...

Slightly more feminine... I have to say, the more I look at these, the more I like them...

And then the bargain ones.  Dare I say I like these as much as any of the above? 

Another red option at Topshop. 

And if you did fancy some more feminine ones... 

More snakeskin options at Topshop. 

And I'll give you some plainer ones.. just in case you're not feeling the colour.

And here I am in mine with a maxi dress last night. 

Dress - Ridley London (gift aw18)
Jacket - Maje (ss19)
Sunglasses - Alexis Amor X Rae Feather (gift ss19)
Bag - Gucci from Bicester Village (4yrs ago)
Trainers - Ash from hush (ss18)

Next time round - back with another wardrobe classic...

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  1. I love a fugly trainer - how on earth though does that Nike 'older kids' sizing work? I am guessing the sizing on the link is for kids a kids 4 not a lady 4? Am v confused - really doesn't take much to be fair x


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