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So we had the coloured coats and now.. I have a hankering for a coloured trainer.  Well, two obvs.  One on each foot and the same colour for sure.  I'm thinking green... or red, or ORANGE! OOH yes orange. How about yellow maybe? 

You know when you get something in your head and it suddenly seems like the best idea you've ever had.  Well, this is it.  A coloured pair of trainers.  Seeing right now as this is pretty much what we're mostly wearing, it doesn't seem to be a stretch too far to saying, it's well worth investing in another pair. 

Comfortable, practical and something that can bring pure joy from simply looking at them.  What's not to love about that? 

Not to mention that an injection of colour into your wardrobe can suddenly transform all those favourite outfits that you've been wearing on repeat.  A new little bit of shoe action, is just what we need to breathe new life into clothes that we're probably a bit tired of. 

Without further ado - LET'S get going!  Maybe we can get some sales bargains and if you have feet that are a size 6 or under - always remember to check the kids' sections out (you lucky buggers!!) as they're a LOT cheaper! 

First up - green. Oh yes yes yes please. 

Green AND RED!  Call off the dogs. 

New Balance 574 Trainers in green £75

Green and red again at adidas

Green adidas Original Gazelles were £70 now £56

Different version of green and red in limited sizes but in the sale with an extra 20% off using the code EXTRA20.

adidas Originals Lowertree trainers were £74.95 now £56

Green and yellow.. 

Calvin Klein Jerrod trainers were £95 now £66

Paler in the sale at ASOS.

adidas Originals Padiham Trainers were £74.95 now £50.95 (extra 20% off sale with code EXTRA20)

Another shade of green and another style... 

adidas Originals Campus 80s were £74.95 now £47.75 (and EXTRA20 for 20% off)

Blue now - all shades, definitely one for everyone. 

adidas Originals Gazelle Vintage Trainers were £81.95 now £71.95 with an extra 20% off using EXTRA20

These are the perfect subtle colourful ones if such a thing exists.  Yes they're blue but they're a very neutral blue - superbly perfect if your wardrobe is navy, black and lots of grey.

adidas Originals ZX 500 trainers were £74.95 now £59.95

Yellow now... yes. Yes yes yes please. 

New Balance 574 trainers in yellow £75

Or... whilst I do prefer the ones above, these are a bargain in Varsity Gold.  Slightly different style. 

New Balance 996 in Varsity Gold were £74.99 now £34.99

Yellow Reeboks on sale at ASOS. 

Reebok Classic leather AZ trainers were £69.95 now £37.85

ASOS DESIGN Deejay chunky trainers £38

Red now and Pumas on sale.

Puma classic suede trainers in red were £65 now £52 with an extra 20% off using the code EXTRA20

New Balance which are definitely head and shoulders above the rest as my personal favourites. 

New Balance 527 trainers in red £65

Orrrr how about red and sky blue.  One of my fave colour combos. 

New Balance 574 trainers in red and sky blue £75

Pale pink with an orange addition from adidas. 

adidas Originals SL Andridge shoes £75

Pink suede at M&S - currently with 30% off as a special offer. 

Suede Lace Up Side Stripe Trainers were £45 now £31.50

Similar from Puma. 

Puma Women's Vikky V2 in Bridal Rose were £49.99 now £29.99

Think how much these would make you smile every day. 

Fuchsia Converse Chuck Taylor All Star trainers £57

Hi tops again and this time classic Blazers from Nike. 

Nike Blazer Mid 77 trainers in pale pink £89.95

Moving on from pink to purple. 

adidas Originals Hamburg trainers in purple £74.95

Lilac and peach.  Which don't sound like they should work but oh hello, they do. 

adidas Originals stadt Trainers were £84.95 now £41.65

And very few in orange but my beloved New Balance AND they're in the sale.

New Balance Women's 996 trainers in vintage orange and navy were £74.99 now £34.99

adidas SL72 Shoes in Orange were £69.95 now £48.97


Puma Future Rider Play On Trainers £75

Puma RS-X3 trainers in green were £90 now £52.65

New Balance multicoloured ones on sale at ASOS.

New Balance 574 Trainers were £75 now £60

And finishing with a smorgasbord of colour from Nike at ASOS in the sale.

adidas Originals ZX 8000 trainers were £89.95 now £80.95 with another 20% off using the code EXTRA20.

So basically all you need to decide is which colour works for you?  I actually already have a red pair although currently snow is stopping play. I'm just toying between the green and the orange... decisions, decisions... 

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