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"Does my bum look 40 in this" is my daily occupation. As such it is my business and I am fortunate to work closely with some carefully selected brands. Any commercial activity will be clearly marked within the post and all content will be suitable and relevant for the blog.

As part of my job I am lucky to receive various press samples and gifts from brands. I am very selective when it comes to choosing and accepting these items and I will always make it clear when I have been sent something. My rule is, if I wouldn't buy it myself and wear it on a regularly basis then I will neither accept a gift nor promote it or the company.

All of my opinions and views are completely genuine regardless of whether something has been given to me or I've purchased it myself.

Does my bum look 40 is a member of an affiliate programme and as such, if you click on an affiliate link, I may make a very very small commission from you having clicked on the link or purchased something through it.

Integrity is of the utmost importance to me. Without that, my work loses all credibility. I will remain honest and impartial throughout my entire blog.

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4 comentarios:

  1. HI Kat,

    I have just come across your blog and your comments about fashion for 40+ rings very true for me: why should we start wearing sensible or “fun” clothes just because of our age? However, not all teenage/twenty-something clothes are appropriate: the short skirts I used to wear do not look professional when I am presenting to a customer.

    In addition to the problems of “age-appropriate” clothing (whatever that means), I struggle with another problem: I have type 1 diabetes which I treat with a pump. Imagine being slim (5’4” with a BMI of 21) and having to wear an unattractive solid block the size of a pack of cards around your waist which I need easy access to throughout the day? Most of the time, this means an unsightly bulge so the “does my bum look 40 in this?” question extends for me to “how does my bulge look in this?” Typical suggestion for hiding the pump are wearing it in your bra (that gives me a lopsided look and is fantastic when I need to access my pump before I eat a slice of cake that my colleague has kindly baked) to hide it under a large bow (that brings us back to “fun” clothes).

    I would like to hear your thoughts on my extra challenge.

    IN the meantime, I am enjoying reading all your posts and flicking through your clothes.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Hi Kat. Love your blog, my bank balance may not!? Bit random but since my husband has seen a HUGE improvement in my appearance since following you and he keeps asking me to 'make him over'!! Do you know any good fashion bloggers for Men's clothes? He's pretty traditional- an architect with a burning desire to be a bit more trendy (I'd love that too!!) I might be asking the impossible but hoped you may be able to help..

    Thanks again. Happy Easter!


  3. Apologies for the terrible grammar-I'm writing this in the car with 2 screaming kids!

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