It's always the most popular blog post..

... that'll be the one about the leopard print. 

Yes I do these every now and again but that's because it's probably one of the most requested blog posts.  That I get asked to do again and again.  And again.

It appears that our love of the leopard shows no signs of fading.  The big cat is here to stay and the good news is, that this season, print clashing is THE thing to be seen doing. 

Which isn't a problem for all those of us who I've managed to persuade that leopard is a neutral. 

But for those of you who do see it as a more formidable print, fear not - fashion says (which I appreciate is really neither here nor there but at least you can tell your teenager when she rolls her eyes at your outfit) that mixing your prints is one of the quickest ways to revitalise your wardrobe. 

And a really cheap way of suddenly making all your old favourites seem super current.  There's nothing better than shopping your wardrobe and pairing different items together that you may not have thought of putting together previously. 

For those of you, however, who don't possess anything leopard (I salute your restraint), or for those of us who can't get enough of it (raises hand and waves frantically), I have found some new season gems that are definitely worth a look at, to wear both in that tricky transitional Autumnal stage and into proper Boot Weather.

First up - this is something that I ordered and am awaiting delivery on.   I took a punt.  It may work or I may look like an extra from Jumanji.  Who knows.

Leopard Print Cotton Twill Jacket from Ganni was £275 now £134

Now I had previously purchased this one from & Other Stories but alas, admitted defeat and returned it.  It looks so lovely on other people, but on me, I just couldn't get it it to work. The fabric is very stiff which some will love but for me - I find these work better if they're of a more fluid material. 

Leopard Print Jacket from & Other Stories £89

Or maybe this will be a better shape.  Also a great sales steal from Ganni at The Outnet.

Leopard print cotton twill jacket from Ganni was £235 now £98

Or a bargain blazer.. 

Stradivarius Longline Blazer £19.99

This is the one that I bought way back (that I've never worn... I'm planning on wearing it as a jacket and not as a dress!).  MUCH better quality than you would think for this price  Lovely orange lining. 

Unique 21 Tuxedo Style Blazer was £40 now £24

Back in my comfort zone with a dress.  And I ordered this a while ago from M&S when it was waaaaay too warm to wear it but it's coming into its own now.  It's a voluminous long tunic - perfect for after holiday! 

Animal Print Half Sleeve Dress from M&S £45

V neck at ASOS DESIGN £45

The perfect midi dress for those of you who aren't that tall (as in, it will sit a lot longer on you).

Leopard Print Dress from Mango £59.99

And another favourite - the skirt.  Now there aren't that many of them around at the mo BUT hold fire, as I'm sure there will be loads more in the coming months.

ASOS DESIGN pleated skirt with buttons £35

Or a maxi skirt from Reclaimed Vintage £38

Then there are trousers.  So.  I am the BIGGEST lover of leopard print everrrrr.  But somehow, trousers, give me the slight fear.  I don't know why - a skirt I can throw on with aplomb but a pair of trews?  Maybe it's simply because I'm not the biggest trouser fan.  I'm going to throw it out there, that I find tight trousers slightly uncomfortable these days.  Especially after a summer of love (with wine and fish and chips).  However these with an oversized black jumper?  Boots for the Winter?  Or how about just now with a tee and a longline black blazer?  Could these be my new "change up my look" item for the Autumn? 

Now I'm on a roll actually - how about with a cream silk pussy bow blouse and killer heels for a night out? 

Corduroy Leopard Print Trousers from & Other Stories £69

Matching shirt too much?  I'm going for a "highly likely"... However I will definitely be giving both of these a go next week when I'm in London for work (as in I shall be trying them on.. not that I've ordered them!).

Leopard Print Button Down Shirt from & Other Stories £59  Having said that - she's rocking the double leopard here...

Another super easy to wear wrap top for a bargain price. 

Pieces Leopard Wrap Blouse £28

Another option at Mango £35.99

Or a tee style, also at Mango £19.99.  This is perfect for under a suit.  Or just with a full skirt and heels for a night out, swap for ballet flats for during the day.  Sold.

And then slightly off piste with a jumpsuit from Topshop.  As an aside, I do love the way that Topshop now offer the Tall and Petite options on each product page.  As opposed to having to go trawling through each section to see if they offer said item in a different height range.  This they do.  Which is handy if you're Tall as it means not a camel toe in sight (anyone tall who has tried on a jumpsuit that isn't long enough will know that hideous fabric in foof feeling).

Leopard Print Jumpsuit £42 from Topshop 

Finishing with one that I possibly shouldn't love as much as I do.  I think this looks so so much more expensive than the prices tag belies. 

Willow and Paige Jumper was £35 now £21

And here I am in not an iota of leopard print. 

Top - Zara (ss18)
Jeans - M&S (sale ss18)
Mules - Anthropologie (5yrs ago)
Bag - Loewe from Matches (ss18)
Sunglasses - Walter & Herbert (ss17)

Guess where... nothing like that distinctive blue wall to give it away.  YES, we went to Ikea.  Why?  Why would I do that on a Sunday?  Although clearly the rest of the world thought it was a very good idea as they were there too.

We ate, we wandered, we laughed at the queues and then realised it wasn't quite so funny as we're going to have to come back tomorrow.  I may well leave it till Friday.  As much as I love it, not sure I can face it twice in two days!  Although meatballs = dinner sorted.  

Hope everyone has had an amazing weekend.  The husband is cooking us steak, there's a glass of red wine with my name on it and we have LIE IN TOMORROW! 

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  1. Replies
    1. Jeans and a linen top and a pair of 5 year old flats? Yes! I probably didn't need the lipstick and it's a miracle my hair looked like that after a second day but it's just a pair of jeans and a to! I didn't wear the sunnies inside....!

    2. I think it's a perfect outfit for IKEA. Always love your posts. Don't always like the will comments though ��

    3. That was supposed to say silly comments

  2. Love the leopard and fully into animal print. Have ordered the zebra pinafore dress from Topshop (have it in black and white and had to alter shoulders and wear with vest underneath but still love it) have that Other Stories jacket you mention and it is a bit stiff but love it. Also late to the party but obsessed with the Realisation Par slip skirt in leopard and on waiting list. can see it in autumn with cosy jumper over it! Grrrrr all the animal print !!!!

  3. Hi, virgin commenter here, I’ve been wondering for a while if you get your clothes altered/ tailored (and if that is why the cheaper pieces look expensive on you!)? If so it would be great to see a blog on how to get the best out of alterations and / or any recommended tailors in the mid Kent area?

    1. Aha, now interestingly no I don't. I think the key is to put the pieces together carefully. Although it's not something I actually think about... I do tend to find teaming a head to foot colour palette and adding interest with different textures as opposed to print can help. Sorry I can't be more help!

  4. I'm definately a snakeskin addict, mainly in blue! The only leopard I have I a print on a breton, guess what it's in blue! I would love more leopard in other colours!

  5. Hi Kat, please help and do post about dress and coat for almost winter wedding in November. I'll be guest and the venue is actually mountain resort.

  6. Love all the picks also delighted that a pair of leopard print trews I purchased last Autumn will still make the winter wardrobe this year. They are a grey and black animal print actually which can sometimes be more palatable for non animal print lovers. Mostly though in awe of your Ikea get up you must have been the most glam person in the shop- love it.

  7. I’m a total leopard convert and have now purchased 5 items in the space of 2 months! My most favourite acquisition was the insta famous Hush skirt, that ACTUALLY came back in stock! Have Hush ever done that before?! Great blog Kat, love the M&S dress and the Gianni long line jacket, £98?! �� I also bagged the M&S jeans and love them after a DIY hem chop (I’m 5’4”) and only £7?!

  8. Have you seen the Urban Outfitters Ella leopard print midi skirt...….mine is being delivered tomorrow, I have high hopes and trying to spare the expense of the Ganni tie front one (that I think is now out of stock everywhere anyway!) xx

  9. The varieties shared in this post are so unique. Be it boy or girl, the designs are looking so wonderful. Awesome look. Thank you for sharing.