Letting the air circulate.

Ok, hats off to those of you swanning around in  shorts.  I'm only going to mention sweaty crotch once and leave that with you.  

I have been favouring a dress as - quelle surprise - that's what I love to wear and collect like Match Attax cards.  Only my dress collection probably costs less than the amount I have squandered on those blooming pieces of card over the years.  ("Lead up to 2018 Set".... are you freaking kidding me?!).

However, in this glorious weather, I have seen so many people swanning around in long floaty skirts and little vest tops.  And I have skirt envy.  I have seen all shapes and sizes (even properly petite people), all heights and everyone has looked fabulously cool (both temperature and cool cool).

AND now that the weather has decided to change (this is totally my fault as I bought boots and two trenches) these double up as still being summery whilst offering come coverage.  

These work on so many levels - hear me out, even if you're not a massive skirt fan, I *might* be able to tempt you.  So we all know I don't exactly embrace the boho.  Well for me, this is a fabulous way to nod to the theme without looking like you're in national dress.  Some people can simply rock that theme - others can't (*waves hand*).  A wafty maxi skirt can be a perfect nod to the theme.

And then, you've got the option of wearing them into the Autumn.  A jumper, a sweatshirt, a trainer or an ankle boot and you're set to go.  The same can't be said for those Summer dresses that get worn three times a year in the UK and are then consigned to the "holiday suitcase". 

Look how fabulous they can look. 

Slogan t-shirt - oh that will be a fine thing.

All set for out out.

Super dress down.  Complete with work ID.  

So imagine the vest isn't cropped...

With a looser tee.

Longsleeved tee.  Oh hello.

And now I just have total skirt envy.

First up - I'm going in with both feet. Go bold or go home and we are definitely at the top end of the budget (to begin with - fear not, there are still bargains to be had later on).

Now, I would wear this during the day with sandals and a tee - out in the evening with heels and a silky top.  Or come the Autumn, ankle boots and a polo neck.  This may have been on my wish list since last Christmas. 

Brenda fil coupe maxi skirt from Dodo Bar Or was £358 now £214

Then there's this one which I love so much but I fear it would just tip me over into Mary Poppins territory.

Double-layer striped cotton skirt from Palmer//Harding was £375 now £225 - but look how awesome it looks with these sliders... 100% cotton and dry clean.  Jog on.  This would so get chucked in the machine.

Lisa Marie Fernandez Patchwork Cotton-poplin skirt was £405 now £202

Full on Summer at River Island. 

White tiered lace insert maxi skirt £38

Unapologetic print and ruffles which looks like it should be scary but how amazing is this?  With a plain white vest - brown leather belt if you feel like showing of that waist and this is perfection in a statement skirt.  Yes it's over the top but I think because of the muted tones, it's not out there.  Statement with a little s. 

Brown mix print tiered frill skirt from River Island £48  Now there is a matching top to this BUT and that's BUT in all its BUT glory - it's cropped.  Enough said.  *weeps*.

Full on print continues at Monsoon. 

Rhoda Print Maxi Skirt £59

And again at M&S - £35

Printed Straight Maxi Skirt £27.50 from M&S

And I appreciate not everyone is going to want maxi maxi so looking at less frighteningly long options, first up, we've got skirts with a Parisian feel.  These are designed in Paris for & Other Stories for their Paris Atelier range  - they also have the same in Stockholm (which is more along the lines of what you would expect from Stories) and an LA Atelier too (designers based in LA - funnily enough..)

Pleated Skirt in Blue Dot from & Other Stories £59 I'm going to throw it out there that a cropped tied vest, isn't what I would swanning about in.  Just saying.

Pleated Skirt in a Red Dot £59

Staying with red and this I adore.  

Frill Skirt in red from & Other Stories £55

More red at Monsoon and I've seen this and it's gorgeous.  However I can't remember if it has pockets (useless blogger alert - apologies) - I don't think it does.

Bailey Embroidered Skirt from Monsoon £45

Which they also do in a white... be still my beating heart.  The pics of this do not do it justice.

However one that does work with pockets is their sales version - which I have to say I think I might prefer to the above. 

Monsoon Anastasia Embellished Maxi Skirt was £55 now £38.50 

And the black frill & Other Stories skirt...

This isn't going to be for everyone as it is high waisted but if you don't carry your excess round your middle, this would be amazing. 

Crisp Cotton Skirt from & Other Stories in Black £59

From black to white and this is the one I have.  It looks like a midi in this shot but I have to say, I think it's definitely longer and this isn't something I find often at all.

Fringe Skirt from & Other Stories £45 This also has pockets.  Which means it's a no brainer.  I was also surprised that it was only £45 - it feels like it should be a lot more.

Another off white midi at M&S in linen and this one also has pockets.  Which yes, should be the law. 

Pure Cotton Tie Waist A-Line Midi Skirt from Limited Edition at M&S £29.50

So loads to choose from and I'd love to hear if you are a skirt fan.  I know that so many of you don't like dresses so wonder if skirts are what you wear instead?  I am definitely a skirt convert in the last year or so and wonder why it took me so long to get on board. 

Today however I am firmly in my comfort zone of the print midi.  Could I love a style of anything any more? 

Dress - Studio by Preen at Debenhams
Susanna boots - Chloe
Bag - Gucci

Huge huge apologies for not having been about for the past couple of days.  Work has been bonkers crazy with meetings and shoots and I've been spending more time with the children (guilty mother syndrome has been all consuming so I thought I'd try it.  Suffice to say it's over rated... which I obviously say in jest...).  School fair today and I have spent three hours face painting.  

The reward is now an evening out for cocktails and tapas.  That's what I call a Saturday evening (although I can't overdo it as we have cricket matches tomorrow.  Another reason to pray for rain?!). 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  I will be back with my guide to how to stay sane during the sales.  If it's possible.. (it is, I promise - I have a cunning plan).

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  1. Oh wow how gorgeous is that full black skirt with the printed top? I love that! x

    1. I KNOW!! Now just to find one like that... !!

  2. I love the looks of the first six or so......