Boredom is a terrible thing

Bored with your wardrobe that is.   Anyone else? 

Actually I've been thinking about this and to be fair to my wardrobe, it's not so much it that I'm over, the weather is playing it's dirty little part in this as well.  I know that people always say that January is the most depressing month - have to say it doesn't bother me. 

I've come to realise it's February that I wish would just do one. 

It's a nothing month.  Another half term (which I love.  I absolutely love having my kids around - she says listening to them playing on the XBox yet again.....) and of course, it looks like the weather is going to be dismal. 

Easter seems like such a long way away till the next break when it's going to be more temperate and we'll be able to get out and about.  However I have a cunning plan. (nothing to do with entertaining the kids - this is all about giving you a coping mechanism)

A small addition to your wardrobe that will mean you can still wear your dark winter woolies, boots and warm things (that I am getting ever so slightly tired of) but with an injection of colour to give them a new lease of life.

Your very own ray of sunshine - something in yellow. 

I unearthed my yellow Hush Scarf the other day and the difference it made to my mood was significant.  Ok I will admit, not as big a difference as a 10 degree rise in the temperature would make or a trip to the Caribbean, but since neither of those are remotely likely to occur in the next week, I prescribe a shot of yellow as a cure for Winter Wardrobe Boredom. 

It will also serve you really well into the Spring (when it WILL actually be warmer - if you believe, it will happen.... that's what I tell my kids about Santa anyway and this is slightly more feasible).  

It's not a neutral, it is actually a colour (check. me. out) but it does go swimmingly well with most neutrals.  Again, going back to the nightmare of school uniforms, I don't ever wear it with brown as that was what I wore in Primary school.  Alternatively you risk looking like a Brownie which, at 42, isn't entirely aspirational.

But with black, navy, grey and yes, my new neutral of khaki, it looks fabulous and really does give a Spring look to an old Winter outfit. 

The scarf from Hush has sold out but they do still have this yellow jumper which is now a bargain. 

Classic V Jumper was £65 now £25

This is a real yolk yellow which isn't going to work for everyone - a pale lemon v neck is available at Uniqlo. 

Cotton Cashmere V neck jumper £24.90

I personally prefer their men's sweaters so this would be top of my list.  New season cotton cashmere again - a total bargain at less than £30.  I wear the size small which I would say is a large 10 small 12. 

Men Cotton Cashmere Crew Neck jumper £29.90 Loving the idea of this with a longline breton tee under it.

A different shape and texture at M&S.  This would be ideal with high waisted jeans as it's not particularly long.  The slightly fitted shape is the perfect top for those new season kick flares. 

3/4 sleeve drop shoulder jumper £35

I couldn't find a yellow scarf in the same daffodil shade as above but there is a paler one available at John Lewis which some might prefer - different shades definitely work for different people.  This is more of a lemon and I think would probably work better on blondes.  With darker hair and pale skin, I definitely need a more gutsy yellow.

John Lewis Basketweave scarf £22.50

This one is more expensive but it is so pretty with an extra pom pom detail. 

Jigsaw Pom Pom Scarf in yellow £59

A hand embroidered scarf from East is slightly more summery but I think with greys and whites, this would look stunning now.  Gorgeous with denim and navy too. 

East Hand Embroidered Scarf £40

This one has a hint of yellow through it and as you can see - how fab does it look with pale blue?  I'd also wear with navy, black and even shades of camel (over a camel coat?) I think this would look gorgeous. 

ASOS Oversized Check scarf £18.00

Whilst we're on the subject of accessories, if you don't fancy wearing something yellow then a bag is a great alternative.  

I have found the bargain of all bargains from Oasis at John Lewis.  I had to check that it was in fact leather as I couldn't believe it was so reasonable. 

Oasis Stephanie Leather clutch bag on offer at £17.50.  This is a really clever buy now.  Looks amazing with winter darks but will totally come into its own in the Summer.  Smart enough to use in the evening as well.  I am so ridiculously tempted.  It also doubles up as a cross body bag with the gold chain.  

A larger shopper which isn't leather but is also on special offer at Oasis on the John Lewis website at the moment. 

Oasis Sally Shopper £25.20 in ochre

A coat is rather a drastic way of adding colour but these will be your friend into the Spring as well.  Ideal with whites and pale denims for when it does get warmer and the first M&S one - well, I'd be happy to wear it to a Special Occasion over a dress.  I have a couple like this in my wardrobe (not in yellow - I have a navy one from H&M which I'm wearing in the photo below and a leopard print one from Fenn Wright Manson, both of which I wear all year round for smart occasions and thrown on over jeans.  You really do get your money's worth.  Big scarf to keep you warm right now - leopard print works a treat with yellow) 

Zip Through Large Pocket Overcoat £85 from M&S I think this also has a real vintage feel to it.  Excellent quality for under £100. 


Another bargain one available at M&S (they are really coming into their own this season by the looks of things) is in the Limited Collection section.

Textured Coat with Wool £79.  This is a more lemon shade than the one above which is again more daffodil I would say.

Slightly shorter at Warehouse

Yellow Textured Boucle Coat £75

Alternatively (and yes, these are for rain free days only) I love the idea of yellow shoes.  Wouldn't even have considered them, had I not come across these and thought, oooh with an entirely black outfit or black and navy (which could include indigo jeans), these would be amazing.  Honestly if you're wrapped up, you do not feel cold ankles, I promise.  It could of course simply be they are so cold, you've merely lost feeling of them but either way, it's not bothered me when I've bared my ankles to the elements recently. 

Low Heel Fringed Wedge Loafers from Limited Collection at M&S £29.50  

 I also think I may have found my go to fancy shoe for the Summer - the ASOS Southy.  This is incredibly similar to the Bea from Kurt Geiger at a fraction of the price.  Ok so no they're not going to be leather but unless you wear these every day for work, then I don't think it's too much of an issue. 

ASOS Southy Pointed Heel in Marigold £25 (and they do half sizes. Get them before they sell out) 

Practising what I preach and here I am in my shot of yellow.  Absolutely hideous photo of me gurning at something but the 10yr old insisted I use it.  

Continuing my love affair with navy and black but I do think it gives it a hint of Spring with the yellow scarf. 


Breton jumper - TK Maxx
Navy coat - H&M
Black coated skinnies - Cos
Buckle boots - Toga Pulla
Black quilted bag - Zara
Yellow scarf - Hush

And here is my dress from last night - out for a dinner party with friends.  Great great night (our friend is a chef, what's not to love?!) and I have to say I was beyond pleased with the dress.  And the bargain DP boots.  An entire outfit for £37.  I also wore the above navy coat (which was £20 from H&M two years ago) going to prove how useful coats like that are.  I think the yellow M&S coat that I tried on would be ideal with this colourway dress. 


Print Dress - M&S
Navy satin boots - Dorothy Perkins
Tan De Manta clutch - Alexander McQueen (ummm yes, this isn't part of the bargain outfit... it is 5 yrs old though and gets used constantly so cost per wear, this has been more than worth it)

So tomorrow I'm back with another idea for the new season - you're either going to love or hate it....... any guesses as to what it is?  It is an item of clothing and not a colour.... It's one to divide that's for sure. 

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23 comentarios:

  1. Wow, you look incredible in the bottom picture...have to admit I wasn't sold on that dress when you originally posted it but you've proved me wrong! I love yellow, picked up a fab textured yellow jumper from primark for £12. I bought one almost identical from French Connection this time last year for £50 (mistakenly dyed in wash hence replacement!). Certainly in need of some sunshine right now, so fed up with these grey days!! Xx

    1. Thank you - I am over the moon with it. That Primark jumper sounds amazing - I am well overdue a visit......

  2. Love the yellow but not sure if, as a redhead I could pull it off. Maybe need to give it a try!��

    1. Hmm I think it's a question of trying but how about a mustard shade?

  3. Love that dress! Rushed out and got it and worn it loads already - such a good buy. I have a lovely warm yellow scarf already that has been sadly neglected - will hoist it out and have a go- not convinced on the bare ankles front Kat. Everytime I see yours I want to put a cosy pair of socks on them! Tried that Hush jumper but sent it back as too eggy yellow for me - great post and I am thinking culottes? or maybe (no no dungarees?) Hoping for jumpsuits!

    1. It's great isn't it? Such a shame about the Hush jumper. But hope you enjoy the jumpsuits thread.

  4. Kanye West Body Stocking????

  5. You look lovely in the M&S dress - are those bare legs and if not which sheer tights do you wear as the colour is fabulous? Not sure about yellow on me - I'm pale but have yellow toned skin so always look like I have a buttercup under my chin with bright yellow and lemon washes me out plus now my hair is bright copper blonde think I might look radioactive!!! Going to guess dungarees but secretly hoping for a jumpsuit round up as have been living in mine the last few weeks - so easy. Have a lovely Sunday x

    1. I was just going to ask the same thing!

    2. Yes, Kat, please tell us (more specifically me, in my 50s) how to manage the legs with these dresses - in fact would you consider doing a post on tights generally as I've always found them so difficult to understand / buy :-))

    3. I SO do not have bare legs. These are the cheapest tights from Boots! I will definitely let you know exactly which ones they are as I do need some more. Watch this space. I'll hunt them down this week xx

  6. I so agree about February, I think it can lull us into a false spring. As soon as the frosty mornings stopped, I managed a few days in a leather jacket not a duvet coat, the days seem longer and a little brighter... I almost managed to think spring's coming. But it's not, it is still mid Feb, sigh. At least it's a short month.I think I prefer the very cold, bright mornings to the grey gloom we have now.

    The yellow looks lovely on you. I find it hard to wear, even though I have dark hair and pale skin, I can just about manage a pale lemon yellow. I like the idea of a flash of it on a scarf, maybe with grey or navy. I so don't need another scarf. But I completely love them!

    1. You can never have too many scarves.... we use them as blankets in the house too!

  7. Hi yes I dislike February too. Mainly because in January you can still have a proper winter weather with snow and it still feels like a Winter. In February its just boring..Just feels like it. Only good light is Valentines Day gor flowers and for free meal.LOL.
    I cant wait for Spring- I already bought so many spring accesories and clothing..oh boy!

    1. ooooh I have been pretty good in the scheme of things...... I can feel myself on the edge of going nuts though!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. LOVING the yellow - just bloody loving it

    1. You would look so so so SO good in yellow too. Actually you look amazing in loads of colours - in fact, you're a great colour embracer I've just realised. I am such a sludgy turd in comparison!

  10. I WILL do culottes I promise but at the moment my legs are not fit for human consumption! Well you half got your wish as it was jumpsuits and boiler suits...... ooh my 10yr old did rugby for a couple of weeks till we realised that it was full contact with no age range so she was playing with 16 yr olds. The size differentiation was rather large so we gave up! I didn't have to wear wellies today as we were on Astro. Such a treat!!

  11. Bloody love yellow but it has to be more mustard or ochre for me, I look very washed out in lemon! I think I need a yellow scarf to wear with my new navy jacket :) x

  12. Re your boots - they have two shown in stock here
    in US sizes

  13. Hi from Italy ... been following your blog for ages, this is my first comment ... Just wanted to say how look you good 'regardless' meaning that even some outfits I didnt' like when you posted them looked gorgeous on you ... jealous.... ;-) ... here I like almost everything but those Cipputi jumpsuit.... is it just me hating them...? the breton+navy coat however ♥