If you keep something for long enough...

... then yes, it will come right back into fashion. 

Yes, the idea is that we declutter our wardrobes on a regular basis and get rid of those things which we haven't worn in a while. 

I am an absolute tool when it comes to doing this.  Honestly, there can be no-one on the planet as cretinous as me when it comes making room for new things in your wardrobe. 

I am the only moron who keeps things for years.  "Just in case". 

I then cave and have a huge clear out of said gems that I have been hoarding and not worn... "just in case".

It is then precisely the following season that said gems are RIGHT back in fashion again. 

About 8 years ago, my look du jour was flared jeans which I wore religiously with converse, tees and tank tops - oh I loved a crew neck tank top (to be fair, a sleeveless jumper).  With a fitted blazer and skinny scarves.  Eat your heart out Ali McGraw - I'm not even sure this was majorly on trend but I loved this look (and to be fair, it doesn't look too bad in the photos... trying to convince myself on this one)

So what did I throw out last year?  Oh yes, all the tank tops (cashmere too - SOB), ditto the skinny scarves.  What would be perfect for this season's 70s vibe?  That'll be aforementioned sleeveless tanks and scarves.  

What did I keep?  The jeans and the converse.  Ah but that's not too shabby, I hear you cry?  Well no, they would have been great things to keep and wear this season.  I could have been fist bumping all the way to the temple of smug people on my forward thinking.  If the jeans still fitted me.  And the Converse didn't look so tatty, not even a charity shop would be grateful for them. 

I am a muppet.  Low cut flares after you've had a third child and are marching merrily into your 40s with an unquenchable thirst for wine on a far too regular basis, means that jeans that worked when you were 34, bring a new meaning to the word "unflattering", when you're 42.

I am not going to lament this though, I am going to focus on the positives.  I have bagged the high waisted (thank you dear angels at M&S, found one pair hanging around in my size instore) kick flare jeans which I can wear again with sneakers.  And I'm going to treat myself to some little jumpers (with sleeves this time....) to go with them (which I will be hunting down shortly). 

I also have managed to keep a couple of favourites which I can be super smug about.  Ok I will come clean, one I only kept as I loved them but never wore them and couldn't stand to admit defeat at having bought a howler.  So it's pure luck that they now have come into their own and will be adorning my legs on many occasions for the foreseeable future - my kick flare Jessie jeans from Topshop which are at least 4 years old. 

The second item is one that has paid for itself, I can't work out how many times.  It is a total staple in my wardrobe and is constantly admired whenever I wear it.  Again, this must be maybe 5 years old - a black pussy bow silk blouse from Zara.  You can tell how old it is by the fact I've had it for years, it's from Zara and hasn't fallen apart.  Bought back in the days when their stuff was vaguely decent quality. 

It has been worn non stop through Autumn, Winter and Spring, it has worked with skinny jeans, smart black trousers, boyfriend jeans and kick flare jeans.  I have worn it for a NYE party, I have worn it on countless dinner occasions and I've dressed it down during the day. 

The work horse blouse of my wardrobe.  Which is so painfully on trend now it hurts.  (a bit like writing that sentence to be honest - I'm not nearly fash pack enough to talk like that) 

And today I'm going to dig out ones that we can all be investing in.  These are the perfect tops to go with our new flares.  They are also the perfect tops to wear with your hair up which gives you the ideal excuse not to wash your hair and just fling it up in a pony tail.  Which can be more useful than I give it credit for.  (minger alert. I am one of those wash their hair once a week peeps.  I know, I know.  Barf)

I am in the market for a cream one - we're going in.....

Starting with a couple that I've found in the dregs of the sale at Mango. 

Mango Tie Neck Chiffon blouse was £34.99 now only £9.99

Slightly more expensive but a silk blend, although again a great reduction. 

Mango Plumeti Neck Tie Silk Blend Blouse was £59.99 now £29.99 

Not such a high neck now which some people may prefer.  For me, I do love the full on, up high under the chin bow but I have boobs like fried eggs so I'm able to do this. 

Black Satin pussbow blouse at Topshop £39

Moving into print now at M&S. Now thinking about this, theoretically I'm not sure this should work.... but I have to say, with there not being too much detail elsewhere, with the v neck and with the thinner tie, it all makes a pretty lovely and easy to wear blouse. 

Front Tie Spotted Blouse £29.50 from M&S

Again, slightly lower but I love the extra detailing on the shoulders - I do think it can make all the difference.  This one would be amazing with all those gorgeous new jeans around.  Top of my list this.

Somerset by Alice Temperley Tile Print Blouse in navy £89  I would wear this on the school run and with cream or white kick flare trousers and a navy blazer to a super smart occasion.  Exceptionally versatile and one that you'll be depending on for years.  Not a bad price for the Temperley range either. 

Another print version at Mango - this time a snake print. 

Mango Bow Front Snake print blouse in light beige was £34.99 now £17.49

We've come over all The Good Life at Dorothy Perkins.  

Peach Floral Tie Button Blouse £25 with 25% off - DPFW25 - actually there's 25% off everything at DPs this week.  This one to me is the most 70s out of all of them - love it with a cream blazer. 

I've found a khaki option at Debenhams.  Adore this shade (would look amazing if you had camel flared trousers...). 

Alice & You Khaki pussybow blouse £25.00

I also quite like the tan option although I'm not as sure it would love my colouring.... 

Alice & You Tan Pussybow blouse £25

Cream chiffon at Topshop £36

Apparently it looks like this on.  I'm not going to say I'm not convinced but, ermmm,... I'm not convinced.  Would be a total winner if it did though, those sleeves are to die for. 

And here I am in mine from last night.  I honestly wear this so so much.  One of my favourite recent outfits has been it with the peg leg pleather trousers and heels.


Black silk pussy bow blouse - Zara
Indigo Jessie kick flares - Topshop
Leopard print wedges - M&S
Leopard print bag - Tory Burch

Are you a buyer of the 70s style blouse?  Fear not if the pussy bow is not your thing.  On doing all my research, I realised that it doesn't necessarily have to have a tie to make it 70s or to make it perfect to tuck into jeans.  I have found a whole host of fabulous up to date prints in a more classic shape blouse that I'll be bringing you shortly.  Something for everyone, I promise. 

I'll have you all wearing blouses by the end of the season, you see if I don't...... 

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21 comentarios:

  1. It's not just you. I got rid of some kick flares about six months ago! To be fair they were now a size too big but I'd hung onto them for years, for god's sake! Luckily, I have kept my pussy bow blouses...

    1. There's always the consolation that they won't be exactly right for sure!

  2. I ebayed an amazing cream one with voluminous sleeves and a purple one a couple of weeks ago. I eagerly pulled them out of the wardrobe to wear with the flares. Alas they've either shrunk(!) or I've gone baggy so off they went to ebay-land. I will be replacing them though and I love the khaki one you've featured. I saw some amazing white flares in Mango in Spain. Oh they were to die for x

    1. White. Flares. Call off the dogs........ *off to check out Mango* And isn't it criminal how cheap Mango and Zara are there compared to the rest of Europe. SOB

  3. The trouble is, you can't keep everything ( unless you have a mansion!) and often when things come back in, it's with a twist, or your body shape has changed etc. Don't beat yourself up! I think that blouse looks lovely on you xx

    1. I LOVE YOU. Exactly exactly exactly right x

  4. You look stunning in that outfit Kat. Really beautiful. I always admire that blouse on you when you wear it and recently bought the cream Mango one you linked. I love it with indigo jeans and leopard heels.

    1. Thank you! (I've also bought the Mango one.... ordered it yesterday - hoping exactly for the same outfit.)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I chucked a lovely pair of pale denim flares last year as the stretch had gone and although they started off ok, by midday they looked hideous and baggy. I was looking to replace them last year, but there wasn't much choice. This year, there will be. I have got a pair of velvet flares, I kept from last time around. I haven't dared to try them on, though. I have a sneaking suspicion they will be very low cut!

    1. Good luck with the jeans! There are oodles of them out there. x

  7. Struggling with this one. I think if you are slim and quite 'trendy' I can see that pussy bows would work well but at 50 and slightly overweight I can only see Mrs Slocombe , rincess Anne and margaret Thatcher

    1. Hmmm there is that perhaps - I think you do have to team them with something on trend. But the key is all about feeling comfortable in them and *owning* them. Hence I simply can't get the sneakers to work - they just don't feel me and I feel a fraud in them! (a frumpy fraud at that...!!)

  8. Ok glad it's not just me but got rid of a tan suede look A line skirt and trench coat a matter of months ago after even moving house with them as I loved them so much - kicking myself now! Though hopefully still have my Oasis flare jeans from about 4 years ago. More blouses please I'm too booby for pussy bows x

    1. Good luck with your jeans (so pleased I'm not the only one who throws things tho!) And I have the blouse thread coming up on Wednesday which hopefully will work better for you. xxx

  9. So true. I'l literally just thrown out my long loved cowboy boots when they came back in fashion the last time, so more cautious now! I too liked the look of the M&S spotty blouse, but seeing it instore, way way too short for us tall folk. Prepared to try the pussybcat bow, but I too may end up like Maggie T!!!

    1. aha. I have a pair of super high waisted Tibi jeans which I need something shorter for, so that could be interesting! You need to wear your pussy with pride to eliminate all Maggie comparisons. Plus I'd avoid wedgewood blue...!

  10. I feel your pain! I am in exactly the same boat, I seem to get rid of the good stuff and hoard the crap that never comes back into fashion, only for it to become the next big thing the minute I charity shop it. I do love a pussybow blouse, though. I found a bright electric blue (do we still say 'electric blue?' I always feel like an old buffer saying that) one in M&S last year, which I know I'll wear for years to come. I won't be throwing that one out!

    Becky x

    1. I think we say cobalt?? Same colour you're thinking of? They're fab, aren't they?!

  11. Good luck lovely - maybe try with longer tops or peasant style blouses which hide the top of the jeans?
    Right, kitchen cabinets are F&B Pavilion Grey and the walls are white - Dulux Timeless. xxx