Oh come on Spring, I can almost smell you....

And I need to ditch the jumpers.  I've loved wearing them, I really have, but I am itching to get into lighters clothes, less heavy jackets and have some flesh on show (by this, I mean ankles.  Steady on, we are only in Feb)  

Actually maybe I should remember we are only in February.  Not one to wish my life away.... errr ok so that's a lie, that's what I have this blog for. 

To wish upon a clothing star.  And today, I'm back to the blouse.  

Maybe I should stop wishing my life away as I've just realised this makes me feel old.  A) I don't even mind the word Blouse anymore and b) I'm not sure I would have contemplated wearing these a couple of years ago but my collection seems to have multiplied. 

Especially in the print department.  I seem to remember pontificating in one of my first ever blog posts about how I very rarely bought print clothes as I didn't find them as versatile as plain ones and preferred to add interest with scarves. 

Well blow me down with a feather, but the past couple of years has seen me loading up on the plain scarves and pigging out on print blouses.  Don't get me started on patterned trews (I can hear the 39 yr old me hyperventilating somewhere in the dim and distant past....) 

Some people when they get older embrace colour.  To a certain extent I like the odd bright thrown in....... ok on reflection I may have gone overboard on this too (she says remembering the green coat, the Nessa cardigan from Hush and the Cat Lady cardigan from Zara yesterday...not to mention the bright yellow scarf I'm sporting as I type.  Oops). 

But essentially it is a more muted colour palette that I'm drawn to (just give me this one please) with print being the main difference in my wardrobe in the past couple of years.  

Now that we have that (total fabrication) sorted, I am on a mission for the best ones out there that I can add to my growing collection. 

The ones that I have worn consistently for a couple of years now, are the silky print numbers (ie *blouse*).  

So previously I have worn them untucked over skinnies with a more fitted blazer and for sure, I shall still be doing this.  But the beauty of a high waisted pair of trousers, as well as being able to tuck your muffin in, is that you can tuck these in too - being silky, the fabric hopefully won't be too bulky (pretty sure I can confidently say, it's no one's ideal having more padding round their middle?) 

Like the pussy bow blouses from the other day, these are super versatile.  They are the ideal transition from Winter into Spring.  You can wear them to work as part of a suit, for smart casual, they look great with a pair of trousers (I'd go so far as to say any shape) and a blazer, great with jeans (again any shape) and team with the new A line 70s inspired skirts, tucked for a modern update. 

Let's dive straight in with some more unusual ones from Anthropologie.  I love a really random print.  I find these are the ones that have the most longevity.  If you're drawn to a print, you'll keep it for years.

Casia Henley from Anthropologie £68  Green shade

Now these are different but I really really like.  I appear to have morphed into Dr Dolittle for the next few - you have been warned.....

Casia Henley in black motif - £68

My personal fave though is the red motif £68 

The animal theme continues over at Phase Eight with this, verging on neutral pale grey and ivory, swan printed blouse.  This will look lovely now with charcoals and blacks but I think it will come into its own with white denim in a month or so.  (we can but pray we'll be wearing white denim that soon...)

Phase Eight Swan Printed blouse £59

Horses at Mint Velvet again in grey and ivory. 

Elouise Print Blouse from Mint Velvet £59

Similar shades again from Mint Velvet but this time storks. 

Reina Print longline blouse £89

Birds again at ASOS - this time blue, green and teal shades.  

ASOS Bird Print Blouse £36

Animals are done. 

Monochrome but with a navy twist now - again these work so well with indigo denim and a navy jacket for Feb and March (I'm assuming the temperature isn't going to get significantly warmer any time soon... obviously we'll all be in bikinis come April....).  Faded denim and white shades for late Spring, early Summer gives these the versatility you want from a top. 

Ghost Shona Top in Vintage Trees £90

John Lewis Capsule Collection, linen shirt £69

Texture print layer shirt from Warehouse £40

Ganni Monochrome Tilda Shirt in crepe from Atterley Road £90

Now you didn't think I could do a post about new season stock without mentioning the 70s?  Hell, no.  Check - oh yes, check and denim.  These with a pair of kick flares?  You can't go wrong.  These also work really well a jumper or tank over the top.  These print tops are perfect for layering.

Red and blue check shirt from Dorothy Perkins £20

Blush and navy check shirt £20 from Dorothy Perkins 

Personally I prefer this sort of check - a two tone grid print.  Plus, this one looks slightly longer which would suit a tallie better.  The above DP ones would be great if you were on the shorter side. 

Blue Grid check Longline shirt from New Look £19.99 (navy jumper over this = lush)

Another longer colourway at New Look again.  The slightly longer length is ideal for those of us who are still addicted to our skinnies.

White Check Roll Sleeve longline shirt £22.99
Moving onto some 70s style prints. (you didn't think I could do a post without mentioning them did you?!)  Love the colours in this blouse from M&S.

M&S Collection 3/4 abstract print blouse £29.50

This one, I saw in store and I actually had to check it didn't have a St Michael label in it (remember them anyone?)  It could in fact be a vintage blouse - it has that look and feel to it.  I think it will come up on the short side, so this is the perfect blouse to wear with boyfriend jeans as it will sit on the waist and not billow over, which I find can sometimes give a too voluminous silhouette.  It would though, be ideal to just tuck into/sit on top of those high waisted gems. 

No Peep Star Mix Print shirt from M&S £29.50

Finishing with super summer shades - I love these with grey or khaki (hankering after the idea of a khaki military shirt jacket over the top)  Also looks good teamed with black or cream and would be perfect with denim.  Can be worn on any occasion - this for me sums up how useful they can be.

Pink Printed Tilda Crepe Shirt from Ganni at Atterley Road £90

So there we have something to give a bit of interest to the tail end months of the Winter but that will serve us well as the weather warms up. 

And warm up today it did.  It was verging on lovely this afternoon in the sunshine.  I felt very Spring like in my yellow - I do in fact have a yellow breton top underneath which will get a proper outing shortly. 


Yellow breton - Zara 
Triple zip jeans - Mint Velvet
Grey military coatigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim
White cracked leather Stan Smiths - adidas
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang
Daffodil scarf - Hush 

Right, I'm off to a school meeting but boy do I have a gem for you tomorrow.  You have been warned....

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13 comentarios:

  1. I've just pinched a "vintage" skirt from my mum that's St Michael!

  2. I have to say, I'm itching to get out of chunky boots & get my ankles out too! I did last weekend but nope, it's still too early, my feet were frozen :(. Love your yellow scarf, it's the perfect shade as I'm not keen on all the lemon around at the moment! X

    1. It was GORGEOUS today - is Spring finally on its way? This is a daffodil which I think is much easier for me to wear.

  3. I was watching the Great British sewing bee and saw some lovely pussycat blouses on it and then catching up with Miss Marple (I know, living the dream, rock n roll) and someone was wearing said PC blouse under a little short sleeved jumper - looked lovely! Must resurrect mine, have one with black stars on it from ASOS - thanks for idea!

  4. Loving proper vintage - surely the 'two season' rule is just a misnomer? I still embrace a selection of very glam (yet controversial now) snakeskin Peter Robinson clutch bags once draped on my glam mothers arm. But don't blouses with pussybows shriek Mrs Sloacombe?! Have an excellent selection on Google.

    1. As in two seasons is vintage?? Add a 0 to that 2 and maybe I'd say yes!

  5. Love, love, love that green Anthropologie blouse ... forget the Golden Gate! This will be my mission when I get to San Fran next month!!

    1. Oh you will want it all.... do you have an Anthro in Dublin? IF not, we must go tomorrow.....

  6. I have the Zara white leather pumps that you also have so want to know if you think the Stan Smiths look lots better or are more comfortable - as they do look very similar and I would want to justify a similar purchase.

    1. Hmm I got them as my Zara ones are exceptionally tired. I have worn them to death and so they owe me nothing. They're also a bit different with the cracked leather - much much better than the plain one in my humble opinion. But they do look already lived in, which some people might not like. Are they more comfy? Well I find the Zara ones ridiculously comfy and I've worn these for two days in a row and yes, these are as comfy I reckon x

  7. ahh, the yellow breton was from Zara in the sale and is a child's aged 13/14. It's scarily oversized. Which is unusual as normally Zara Girls comes up v small..... V neck sounds gorgeous. So fab with grey or navy. x