I caved

And said that I wasn't going to buy anything new for the funeral.  But then I had obviously last minute jitters about the outfit not looking "right".  GAH.  I thought the coat would be too short with the dress, ya de ya and headed straight to Bluewater as I needed another option. 

Was happy with the dress - it was the coat that was the issue.  Which is rather ridiculous, seeing as I need a new coat like I need a hole in the head.  But I just thought a black coat was what I should have - even though I have tried to find a black coat that I loved and have failed all season - what made me think I was going to find one in a spare hour at Bluey, lord only knows.

I tried on loads - most of these below in fact but didn't have time to pap.  The 11yr old didn't realise she'd signed up to coat shopping (a shopper she is not.  Complete Saffie to my Edina...) and even the promise of a trip to Waterstones at the end wasn't enough to persuade not to MOAN INCESSANTLY the entire time... Clearly we'd done all her shopping at the beginning - school boy error on my part.  She needs drastic training in the art of shopping, she really does. 

So obviously I started completely off piste in Topshop and even I couldn't justify the purchase of this.  But how I wish I could.  Alas, on the right track, this was not.

Faux Fur Hybrid Gilet £75 

Which then continued at M&S with errr a leopard coat?  I have looked at this again and again all season but simply couldn't justify one that was so similar to my beloved Fenn Wright and Manson one.  Of course that didn't stop me buying the full on fur leopard print number a few weeks ago, also from M&S - but that was fine as it was "different" to what I already have.  Completely ignoring the fact I wasn't going to be buying any more coats this season.  One down with the fur one and I was well on my way to buying a second... 

If you don't have a leopard coat - this, for going into Spring is a winner.  Which will then look after you come the Autumn as well.  (am I sure I can't justify another...?!.  Put. the. leopard. coat. down. woman.)

Animal Print Coat with wool from Autograph at M&S was £129 now £63.00

Thought I'd have a look in Jigsaw as their sale has started and there had been a black coat I remembered I'd liked but had forgotten to look at in more detail.  Obviously they didn't have that in stock as that would have been way too easy but just to compound the problem, they did have the other coat I have been eyeing up all season.  Could I justify this as a funeral purchase? 

Hmm navy and grey.  That was going to be quite a hard one.  Even I had to admit defeat (although I will be honest and confess that I had been going to buy it "just to see" except that you can't  get a refund on sale items, only an exchange.  Which isn't irritating much, Jigsaw....)  And no they didn't have it in John Lewis as I went to look.  Jigsaw, look and learn... 

However it is an amazing coat.  Absolutely gorgeous and would be perfect for going into Spring.  Had it been black and not navy.   For all you black swervers and navy lovers, go forth and purchase, you won't be disappointed. 

Reversible double faced wrap coat from Jigsaw £208 was £298

I did remember though that one of my best friends had got the most fabulous bargain of a black coat last week from Jaeger on Regent Street which is closing down.  Alas, diddly squat in ours (there was a theme developing and my blood pressure was starting to rise with the hoards of people who kept arriving as the morning went on....along with the moaning levels from the 11yr old) although I did try this one. 

An absolutely gorgeous coat but it was very heavy and I was really looking for something I could wear into the Spring as well. 

Wool mohair cocoon coat from Jaeger was £499 now £325  I'm ignoring the slacks... if only there were slightly more cropped?  Although that might look odd with the bracelet sleeves so maybe with a long sleeve to underneath?  Just manages to look slightly frumpsville like this, when genuinely it's a super cool coat.

Things didn't get any better at All Saints (we needed a coffee break by this point) where again, I had earmarked the Rune Coat in black at £348.  Not in stock.... Which is probably lucky as, by this point, I would definitely have bought it.  Especially as they had 20% off in store.  They do say there is 20% off sales things online with the code NEWYEAR... which is better than a slap in the face with a wet fish. 

I then struck gold at The White Company.  One of my favourite fabrics for a coat, unlined so it's not too heavy and a really lovely fit.  But was it me...?  Well, I bought it anyway as it had funeral written all over it (it didn't and it doesn't but it was pretty much exactly what I was looking for.  But would I wear it again...?  Is there a reason I don't have a coat like this already?)
The White Company Boiled Wool Coat now £149 was £249

But then.. last minute success in John Lewis.  Oh hello.  As if by magic, they had one lone coat that was completely perfect. 

The Whistles Split Seam Reversible coat in grey £150 was £250 at Very Exclusive  In all sizses.  It is sold out pretty much everywhere else apart from ASOS where it's £175. Err no thanks.  I paid £125 for mine on Monday although I would definitely have paid £150 for it.

If you are looking for a complete bargain though and I really can't recommend this coat enough, then the cream and grey version is now only £75 at House of Fraser. 

Whistles Split Seam Reversible coat in cream and grey was £250 now £75.  I have the Medium which I would say is a 12.

Also available on the Whistles site but only in a Large - again £75  Do remember this is reversible so you can have a grey coat with a cream lining.

So there I was with two coats and which one was I going to wear?  Well, we ruled The White Company one out straight away as, as much I did love it and it would have been perfect for the funeral, it wasn't really me.  The husband said I looked mumsy in it.  Which is always a big tick in the box for KEEP ME, isn't it?  I don't think I looked mumsy but it's not what I'd usually wear and whilst it's definitely worth it for the quality and a good reduction, if it's just going to sit in my wardrobe along with a whole host of other coats that I might not wear that often (ie ever... note to self - you need a coat purge) then that's not a good buy.

That just left the Whistles one which I loved.   As I've said a number of times, you know you get that feeling when something is right up your street and you cant wait to wear it?  That's what you need to bottle and ONLY buy an item when you get that feeling.  (a sneak peak at the New Year's Resolutions there....)

And then I didn't wear it.  Snort.  After all that.  I went with what I had originally planned to wear and was absolutely over the moon with the outfit.  I know my mum loved this coat and I wore it my 7yr old's Christening.  I've also worn it to a Wedding so it sort of seemed apt to round it off with a Funeral.


Black Swing Dress - Me+Em
Grey military coatigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Black patent and suede mid calf boots - LK Bennett
Black clutch - Tory Burch

The funeral was actually lovely.  Really really lovely.  There must have been over 300 in the church.  My cousin did whisper to me as they just kept coming down the aisle for Communion, "err we're going to need to make some more sandwiches!.."  But in fact only close friends and family came back to the church after the crematorium for tea, coffee, sandwiches and cakes and there was more than enough (she says having eaten her body weight in leftover sandwiches today).

Drove home and then straight round to friends for a Snow BBQ (without the snow) until the small hours where much wine was drunk and copious beef fillet done on the barbie, consumed.  A massive massive thanks to my friends and family for getting me through yesterday.  You all know who you are and I genuinely couldn't have done it without you. 

I also had a new coat to crack out in mum's honour (she'd love that excuse...) 


Charcoal Adele jumper - hush
Black leather leggings - hush
Grey reversible coat - Whistles
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci

I also feel that she's prompting me to buy new boots..... With all the trawling around Bluewater looking for coats, clearly the only things I saw that I NEEDED were boots.  Which leads me on to the blog for tomorrow... Maybe I can justify them for New Year's Eve?!  I do happen to be returning to the scene of the crime in the morning to take the 11yr old Ice skating... (cue a trip to A&E before our party tomorrow night, you can guarantee, can't you?)

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24 comentarios:

  1. So glad to hear the day went well, Kat. I'm sure you gave your mum a lovely service. And it sounds like you rounded off the evening in good company.

    I love that grey coat, I've seen it in many of your photos. A definite classic.

    Look forward to seeing lots of boots. I'm looking for a 'going out' pair of black ankle boots or show boots. I love my m&s autograph pair in burgundy so now I need black.
    Am not adverse to looking at knee highs either :)

    1. Shoe boots of course. Not quite sure I need show boots in my life, whatever they may be!

    2. Show boots.. Hmm!! No, not those..... !!

  2. You looked very elegant so glad everything went well. Just a tip Jigsaw online accepts returns for full refunds something to do with distance selling act, always a good trick if you need to think about sale purchase.

    1. Yes, all online retailers have to offer a refund! DIdn't help me alas when I"d left it too late and only had the instore version open to me! Oh well - found the one at Whistles which is better for me colourwise anyway. Sometimes it pays to be super disorganised!

  3. Oooh I need ankle boots! Glad it all went well and you looked wonderful. I treated myself to a lovely black sparkly coat after my mums funeral from Jigsaw. Still love it 3 years later and know she would've loved it as well, sucker for sparkles both of us.

  4. Lovely outfit, your mum would be proud.
    I managed to get s fabulous black jaeger wool coat from brandalley- £85 instead of £299- I know it's hit and miss the n delivery times but this is a classic which should last me a while!! Good luck with the boot shopping!

    1. omg that sounds amazing, fab bargain and yes, anything from Jaeger is a classic.

  5. Hi Kat - you looked lovely and I'm sure you did your mum proud. I am on the hunt for some black opaque tights! Can you tell me what denier you're wearing and where you purchased? Thanks x

    1. These are XLarge ones from M&S and are either 100 or 120 denier. Hope that helps xxx

  6. Am glad it went well, good friends are invaluable at the shittest times xxx

  7. Oh, you looked lovely. I am so glad that the funeral went well. We have a funeral in 2 weeks, similar circumstances to your mum, sadly.

    A grey coat from whistles is an investment, surely?

    1. I hope the funeral goes well. I was honestly shocked at how "lovely" it was.. which sounds like a random adjective to use, but it really was. And yes, it MUST be an investment...!

  8. Love both of your outfits and coats. Just checked the Animal print coat at M&S and it's now discounted to £56! But only few sizes left. Better hurry before someone else snaps it up!

  9. So glad the funeral went off well. And you looked lovely. Enjoy your NYE party. I shall be on the sofa with wine and a takeaway - due at work tomorrow at 7am so no late night for me. Here's to a great 2016 X

    1. Hope you had a good day at work today my love xxxxxx

  10. Hi, I've just come across your fabulous Blog, loving everything you wear, you look amazing!
    My hair is similar length to yours and I was wondering which babyliss wand you use please??

    1. The Babyliss Boutique Salon Soft waves.. I also use the Babyliss curl pro spitty outy thing.. Hope that helps!

  11. This is such a difficult time. Have no idea if you are like me in this, but for me when things are so big and so out of my control the task of something like coat pursuit (in my case, the hunt for the perfect boot) gave me a way to focus, something I could control. Plus, I got some adorable boots out of the deal. And you, a darling coat.
    Wishing you the very best for the next year and extending my thanks, again, for your blog. I love reading you.

    1. Nail. Head. xxxx And thank you for your lovely comments xxx