That's enough of the dark side

Right, I'm over with looking at black and navy.  I need a change.  I'm starting to bore myself with the dark and dank (it's gone from elegant and mysterious to ugh overnight) and I need something a bit more exciting. 

What is a more perfect pick me up than a bit of leopard?  Can you ever have too much?  Well, to be fair, yes you can.  For me, whilst I am a full paid up member of the "leopard is a neutral" club, I think for it to not look.. errr, well basically crap, you need to wear it one item  at a time. 

Any more than that and you run the risk of edging into lady of the night territory.  Clearly there are some people (La Moss or La Chung for example) who can probably wear it head to toe in all textures and shades and still look hot as shit whilst the majority of us would just look shit.

Also inspired by my bestie who popped over the other day in an old M&S coat that she got in the sale for about £20 a couple of years ago and it still looks ace.  Now I do have a leopard coat - I have the Fenn Wright Manson one but it's not really wearable this time of year. I have a yearning, all of a sudden, for a full on furry number. 

And as if by magic, oh look what I've found.  "weeps"  (this is what happens when you spend too much time "researching").

Kirikou leopard print faux fur coat from Maje was £370 now £185 (ok so I've ordered.  Of course I've ordered.  In the interests of research...if nothing else it can be the most expensive dressing gown I've ever come across).

I love the fact this is a grey version and I can justify it TOTALLY on the basis that my other (albeit not remotely similar) leopard coat is of the brown variety 

However that doesn't stop this being a close second on the list.  Love the oversized blazer style of this one from Mango
Leopard faux fur coat from Mango £89.99

And a heavier fur version also at Mango £79.99  Although I will say for only £10 more, the one above does look about £100 more.  But maybe that's the secret of good styling (funnily enough, I'm not sure many of us of a certain age will be wearing it with a denim pelmet.  I could be wrong of course...). 

This is a full on brown version. 

Pull & Bear Leopard coat £59.99

I have to say though, I love the look of this bargain one from ASOS.  It looks longer to me.. (am always rather sceptical on things like this as it *looks* longer but she could be 5ft5 and it would be mid thigh therefore on me)  But for the price... 

Brave Soul Faux Fur Coat was £80 now £40  I just love this over the all black outfit.  And the hat.  Heart the hat.

Adore the vintage feel to this one from Topshop and the perfect way to wear - teamed with a plain outfit.  Elevates the usual to the err not so usual (we're clearly not reinventing the wheel here but a print can lift the mood as well as an outfit).

Wool Blend Animal Coat from Topshop £89

Other clothing items which I think work quite well include a skirt, this one also from Mango.  I love the idea of this with a black polo neck and black opaques.  Little ankle boots or even black knee high boots would work perfectly for during the day.  A black or cream blouse would make it ideal for an evening out. 

Leopard cotton skirt from Mango £34.99

Another skirt from Topshop and again, I think this is more grey based than the classic beige tones to a leopard print. 

Jacquard Animal A line skirt £36

My favourite though may just be the metallic version.  Which they also do in a Tall. 

Metallic Leopard Print A Line Skirt from Topshop £36

Or, this is a gorgeous dress that will take you right through into the Spring.  I would happily wear this with sandals out in the evening or in the day with flat gladiator sandals (I DID IT - mentioned summer sandals.. oh my lord, the mind boggles.  Already.  I had hoped to at least make it till Christmas...). 

Bare legs here but personally I'd be cladding mine in opaques.  Heeled ankle boots.  And I think there's a button you can undo at the neck - a thin black scarf from the other day would look marvellous with this.

Leopard Print Dress £49.99

However they are quite full on versions of leopard and if you didn't want quite so overt a print, then a scarf is of course the perfect alternative.  And if you're still looking for inspiration for under that tree - I found you some more at The Outnet.

Michael Michael Kors Yesler Leopard intarsia scarf was £115 now £57.50

Or in the grey colourway again 50% off at £57.50

A more reasonable and more unusual option at Mango in a blue.  This into the Spring is gorgeous.  And would make such a lovely difference to a grey, black or navy outfit now. 

Leopard Print Scarf £14.99

And be quick with this one as it will fly out.  Complete bargain and again - think Spring....

Becksondergaard Blurred Print Scarf was £33 now £15

Then of course there is the shoe option.  Oh how I love a leopard shoe (of course I do wear two).  I have my M&S boots that I wore the other night which I got a couple of years ago in the sale for £29 and have been one of my favourite pairs to wear.  Still going strong. 

These are a flat pair which simply rock. 

Joni Boot from Boden £119

More ankle boots with an every day wearable block heel from Warehouse. 

Warehouse Leopard Print Pony Hair Block Heel Calf Boots £75

If you don't fancy full on leopard then this may be enough for you.  A classic ankle boot. 

Keira Boot from Boden was £119 now £89.25

Hint of leopard again at adidas with their Stan Smiths £55

A stiletto is my other must have option coming into the Spring.  Or for now (so long as you're not outdoors too long.... cold ankles) with trousers (or even shove on a pop sock.. go on...) these work really well.  In fact, I'll take that back and say a black dress, black opaques and a pair of these.  Go party.

Leopard Stiletto Shoes from Mango £69.99  Perfect heel height on these.  Which is rare.

And finishing with bags.. how can we forget these?  My favourite leopard bag is a print clutch that I think I'm going to use this evening actually. 

Zip top pouch from Boden was £35 now £26.25  This is more of a grey tone than brown which is more unusual.  And for some reason, slightly less scary to the men.  Are all members of the opposite sex terrified of leopard print?  Mine absolutely abhors it.  "Cheap" is what the says... He knows nothing.

And another clutch that would work equally as well during the day as a cross body bag.  Perfect. 

Chancery Clutch from Boden was £69 now £55.30

I now have to stop as I could go on and on and on and on.   I'm going to save myself for the sales even though I will admit I have ordered the grey Maje coat from The Outnet just as it's not like anything I have (suspend your imagination here for a minute.  Clearly it's a coat and I have coats.  A lot of coats.  Just not one identical to this... that's what I really mean by "not like anything I have".  Obviously).

It also has a belt with it and I think the style will also work well over midi skirts and cropped wide leg trousers which are notoriously difficult to team coats with.  It's arriving on Monday.  I am super super excited. 

So here I am - wrapped up to the nines for footie this morning. 


Grey Baxter jeans - Topshop
Champagne Off Duty Cashmere Jumper - Boden
Edie boots - Seven Boot Lane
Nessa cardigan - hush
Bobble hat - Amelia Jane

This afternoon, I am determined to come round to Les Mis.  I have loathed it in the past and never watched it but my 11yr old LOVES it and I was blown away by the music and dance on Strictly the other week.  So my gorgeous girl are I having a sofa afternoon whilst the love of my life (just in case he's reading!) goes and gets my dry cleaning as I have, yet again, forgotten the blasted stuff and I need to wear the dress this evening.  I think....  Still not decided....

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21 comentarios:

  1. Never mind the leopard print, you've got that damn cardigan on, that I lusted over last winter but they sold out within 2 weeks! I hate you!

    1. Oh gosh sorry! It's definitely a keeper. Can imagine bringing it out for years and years. Randomly, I prefer it in the Spring over a long sleeve tee, jeans and sneakers than a full on winter cardie. Did you not like the blue one they did this year? Personally I much preferred the pink version.

  2. I bloody love a bit of leopard, sadly it makes me look like a right old tit *cries*.

    1. Nooo I'm sure it doesn't. Although I absolutely agree with the sentiment below from Mama of Boys. You have to own it! If you think you look like a fool then I think other people can smell it.. you need to think you look amazing and it will shine out of you!

  3. Love a leopard print. Got 3 coats...all different of course!! :) and I have the topshop metallic skirt which I love. Hope you are feeling ok. Kisses xx

    1. I feel totally justified in buying another one then!

  4. Don't forget the Hush leopard cashmere scarf - which I've been mulling over forever - and there's 15% off everything right now with ADVENT1312 (for 48-hr only!). Sigh, this past week I've been desperately trying to finish my Xmas list and all I end up doing is finding more stuff for myself!

    1. I KNOW! Is it still in stock? It had sold out....

  5. See now, I think this is one of those things that def looks shit hot IF YOU FEEL SHIT HOT. It's all in personal wearing attitude. If I were to order and wear that first coat I would walk down the street thinking 'I look like a prize tit, why have I come out dressed as Glenn Close chasing puppies?' and thus, everyone would look at me and think 'golly, look at that prize tit, she looks like she's on a dalmatian hunt...' Whereas YOU will order that coat and love it and look glamorous and funky cool and all stylish and everyone will look at you and think 'look at Kat all glamorous and Alexa Chung - esque, I must buy one immediately...' It's totally true, it's all in the attitude.
    I'm hungover. That might not make sense. I won't buy a leopard print coat because I'm not cool enough BUT I do adore the blue scarf and the Boden boots. I can manage a 'nod' to the leopard!!

    1. Nail. Head. (well not exactly as I'm sure you could absolutely pull it off) but, as I said in the comments above - I think it's absolutely in how you wear it.

  6. Loving the top shop skirt and the mango scarf. May have sent links to BF's with the addition of 'no you can't have too many leopard print scarves'
    I'd maybe add to your list my black leopard Stan smiths. Subtle but amazing

  7. I like a touch of leopard print but not too much, and adore my scarf from Alice Wonders (I got the navya nd orange print but need the grey and black too!)

    Oh and I have and love my leopard flats from M&S and wore them all summer.
    Right now I'm wearing the Nessa cardigan (in blue) which has become my favourite cardigan ever LOL. So incredibly cosy.

    Hope you love the Maje coat, I think it looks great in the grey tones.

    Off to do some damage on Hush now. Meaning mostly to replace my Adele jumper; if you have one DON'T wash it in the machine like I did, totally ruined it :(

    1. Really?? Omg how are you supposed to wash it? Is it handwash? I handwash everything in the machine that it says you can hand wash......

  8. Leopard is so not my thing, and yet this post is the one prompting a reply after two months of reading you. Time to thank you for writing such an witty, honest, entertaining blog. It's an important part of my morning and my favorite way to put off my own writing for the day.
    Want, too, to extend my sympathies on the loss of your mom. Mine, thankfully, is still in grand health and spirits, but I lost my dad ages ago and still feel the loss. As others have said, be kind and patient with yourself.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely lovely comments xxxxxxx

  9. my leopard print buy this season is the Leopard print Dakota court shoe from Mint Velvet whichi have liked for a while and is now half price so would be wrong not to. Love the first coat you featured, think it is the grey drawing me in, thankfully now out of stock otherwise it could have very well found its way in to my basket. You will look amazing in it. How did Le Mis go, i have never managed to get into it. Had free tickets to see it on stage in London as a friend was in it. felt awful that i didnt really enjoy it despite trying to.

    1. half price - it's always rude not to... Hmm and Les Mis didn't happen as they've taken it off Netflix. GAH. There really isn't one single film I want to watch on it. Total waste of money. PAH!

  10. Love love love that Maje leopard coat! I find I can wear grey or other colour leopard better than brown/beige (not my colours). I love the scarves too. The topshop skirts look fun but very short. Now I sound old.

    1. Ha ha ha ha! It's not arriving till Tuesday now. Grrrrr.

  11. I bloody love leopard print. That is all :)