Do you need an excuse... buy another form of jacket?

If you do, read on.  As I have a genius idea.   You didn't think you could justify another jacket?  Well, I have some excellent news for you - I've discovered the sort you do need.

This morning, off out to rugby and it wasn't warm but it wasn't cold - ie the weather we're looking at for the next month or so, if not longer.  I remember not needing a full on coat coat way into November last year.  

And even then, if you're driving around a lot and don't spend ages outdoors, a Winter coat can often be too warm. 

The half coat is what you need.  A coat without arms.  Also known as the gilet (vest, sleeveless thingymajig or long waistcoat).

Inspiration struck this morning when I spied one of these in my wardrobe and thought oh hello, that is perfect.  So today I am sharing my moment of genius by bringing you the best on the highstreet and how to wear them.

I got mine earlier in the year from New York and love it (a "bargain" from Helmut Lang, as in it was half the price in dollars as it was in pounds in Selfridges and I'd had a very boozy lunch) .  Mine's reversible, longline and navy and I shall be wearing it into the Winter an awful lot. 

It will look great over the mini skirts I mentioned yesterday. Not to mention dressing it down as I did today with jeans and a jumper.  For a smarter outfit, I'd put with trousers (I have much trouser work to do... looking for a worky pair to wear casually if that makes sense?), jumper and trainers.  Come the cooler weather, the collarless neckline to lots of these (mine included) makes it really easy to team with a huge chunky scarf. 

The only one that I've found that is vaguely similar to the one I have, with regards to length, is the Whistles one which I had been eyeing up for months before I got mine (seeing as the Helmut Lang one at UK prices was ridiculously out of my budget)

Black longline sheepskin gilet from Whistles £695

Mine however is navy and I have found a shorter one at Mint Velvet.

Navy Faux Fur Collarless Gilet at Mint Velvet £109 don't forget 15% discount using the code GREY15 

Slightly different but still with that shearling look...

Black Suedette & Knit Gilet from Mint Velvet £89 pre discount

Collarless at Mango - this time with a zip which I have to say I really rather like.  Although I have to say, I think over a midi skirt is a very modern look - possibly too punchy for me.  It has a whiff of "proper fashionista".  In other words, I'll be doing it next year when everyone else is too.

Faux Fur Gilet from Mango in black £59.99

Real Shearling now at a ridiculously low price from Jaeger Outlet.  A more traditional look and interestingly, even though it is more classic, I don't think it would be as versatile as the ones above.  But for weekend dress down - oh so cosy.

Shearling Gilet from Jaeger Outlet was £699 now £199

Moving into (faux) sheepskin territory at M&S and this is definitely casual.  But a lovely alternative to a biker, military or denim jacket.  These are so handy to layer up - not having sleeves means it's easier to wear more underneath and not look like the Michelin man.  One of the issues with layering is there's a fine line between Vogue Street Style and The Fridge.

Shear Sleeveless Coat from M&S £69

Similar version at John Lewis.

Numph Quintina Faux Shearling Gilet £49

And then there are the knitted options.  I got one of these last Autumn from Primark and I absolutely love it.  Mine is grey and no, it's obviously not the best quality but over all black and other shades of grey, it really does hold its own.   Mine was a lucky find but had I not found it (and I will be using it again this year definitely), I would be eyeing up one of these. 

Really like this two tone.  And love the styling although right now, there will be no bare arms happening - change the shirt for a fine knit jumper and I'm in.   Am also going to check out the trousers as these are exactly what I was talking about earlier.  Worky trousers to wear casually.  Funnily enough, no one has a category for these on their retail sites (they so should, shouldn't they?)

Wool Ribbed Longline Gilet from Jaeger £125

And in the navy £125  Randomly I prefer the one above.

Double faced at Jaeger with an extra 20% off knitwear from the outlet.

Wool Double-faced Gilet was £175 now £120 (pre extra 20% off)

And in the navy and dark grey

Full on colour anyone?

Vero Moda Draped Waistcoat with oversized stripes £45

Moving onto slightly smarter but staying with wool.  Jaeger again, ergo not cheap but definitely a classic that you will have for years and years. 

Double faced wool gilet from Jaeger £275 in black 

Another smarter version but still in a wool fabric in a seasonal green at Mango £69.99

Now into properly worky territory.  However it would be so easy to dress these down.  Jeans, sneakers, you're done.

Astrakhan Collar Gilet from Jaeger £250

Handmade Gilet in Navy at Mango £79.99

But finishing with a great reduction from Me+Em. 

Sleeveless Swing Jacket was £169 now £126.76

And a lighter coloured great reduction again at Jaeger Outlet. 

Double Faced Funnel Neck Gilet was was £269 now £119

Whatever you decide to call these - gilet, sleeveless coat, long waistcoat, vest (if you American) - are you in or are these a no no for you?  I just think, at this time of year when the weather is not warm not cold, these are the perfect outwear option.  

And here I am in mine. 

French Kissing in the USA jumper - Zoe Karssen
Phoebe jeans - MiH
Navy shearling gilet - Helmut Lang
Copeland glitter trainers - Air & Grace
Soho Disco bag - Gucci

So I had planned on doing an early wishlist bag wise for... dare I say it.. Christmas, but inspiration from my outwear today meant a change of plan.  Fear not thought, bag porn is on its way.  I'm thinking tan or beige.. any other colour requests?

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34 comentarios:

  1. spooky timing as I am literally just lusting after the White Company black reversible gilet - v pricey but actually you get 2 jackets for the price of one .. and 20% discount - very very tempted! What's the consensus around burgundy / oxblood bags? I am considering going off piste for one of these .... loving your articles by the way - I am now a midi/maxi dress fanatic and am unreasonably obsessed - and you've made me want the Self Portrait Aurelia dress so am stalking ebay and Vestaire to find one!

    1. Oh that sounds amazing!

      Burgundy bags area a massive yay. I did a blog on the in the Summer but can definitely do another round up xx

  2. spooky timing as I am literally just lusting after the White Company black reversible gilet - v pricey but actually you get 2 jackets for the price of one .. and 20% discount - very very tempted! What's the consensus around burgundy / oxblood bags? I am considering going off piste for one of these .... loving your articles by the way - I am now a midi/maxi dress fanatic and am unreasonably obsessed - and you've made me want the Self Portrait Aurelia dress so am stalking ebay and Vestaire to find one!

  3. My choice would be the navy Jaeger one, but it does look massively long for my short legs!
    As for work trousers to wear casually, that is definately my thing! I add sneakers or my leather jacket to take it out of the office. Just bought a pair from boozt, skinny pinstriped in navy, with 20% off (I was looking at a pair from great plains, navy check rather than pinstripes, but the discount and the fact that the GP ones were dry clean only made it an easy choice).
    On the bag porn front, might I suggest blue, not navy, but more statement blue.
    Danish Pastry

    1. Nail head - yes, they do look like they have some great ones in Great Plains but nooo not dry clean only?!

      Hmm blue - they have some lovely ones in Village England at the moment!

  4. What a coincidence, I bought the Whistles gilet last week. Last one in my size and in navy, exclusive to Selfridges. It's absolutely gorgeous. However, to try and save myself a heap of cash I also ordered the Mint Velvet one. Unfortunately, there is just no comparison. So, my plan is to keep the Whistles but return this week when the Grazia offer starts and save 25%!!
    I walked away from a Chloe Marcie last week at Bicester. It was a brown colour but just not the right shade for me, so am really interested in seeing your bag choices.

    1. Did you buy the long one or the shorter one? Yes, I have to say the Whistles ones are divine although I did try on the huge shearling patchwork coat - omg I looked like something out of Game of Thrones. Not in a good way...!!

    2. I got the long one. Do have the short one being delivered today just to try but don't think it'll be a patch on the long or as wearable!

    3. I think it depends on how tall or how petite you are. If you're titchy, the longer one could wear overpower you but as Gulliver, it was fine on me!

  5. RIght love - how about if I do a round up of the sorts of looks I'm planning on wearing this A/W? As in the main things I'm buying/wearing and how to wear them differently? x

  6. Caved in and ordered the white Company one today - I'll let you know what it's like! Investment piece
    Also spotted a gorgeous longer one on Rae Feather .. Various colours .. Looked gorgeous but as I'm on the shorter side I thought it might swamp me .. !

    1. Oh my lord I need NO encouragement to go and see her site..!

  7. These are lovely but look like they would be murder on anyone with curves. Did you spot any belted ones?

    1. Hmmm I did see belted ones but they were more sleeveless trench style.... I will return with them shortlyx

    2. That sounds fab, I look forward to it!

  8. i just ordered a new topshop one on ebay, for £35. there are more sizes if anybody is interested. its a long one, around knee length.

    1. That sounds amazing, off to look. Thank you!

  9. Oh, yes. Sleeveless cardi/coats are great. I had a chunky, grey cable one which has sadly seen its last. I maybe need a new one!

    I did spy the Whistles ones last week...

  10. I have quite a collection of these already in different weights including two faux fur ones in navy and grey which I can't wait to start wearing again. They were from a Chinese site on eBay and were recommended by another blogger and they are fabulous and about £20 each.

  11. Lovely!, please do the hoisery post that you mentioned the other day. Are Wolfords the only ones that can be relied on not to itch?. I can't stand another winter itching at work in tights !! X

    1. For the couple of years, I have had Topshop ones which have been AMAZING. But will do some more research as well (although if they do the TS ones again in Tall and in 120 denier which is what I got - I will not bother looking anywhere else!!)

    2. I have got to try these !, thanks Kat X

  12. I splashed out and bought some from Heist - they have no seams whatsoever and come in a high waist .. They wash brilliantly and haven't snagged - and don't itch! Have a look at their website as they often do discounts ...

    1. Great!, I'll check them out thanks Caroline X

    2. I will definitely check them out. Have never heard of them! I'm assuming they do opaques too? Sound amazing!!

  13. Here's a review ...

  14. Hi Kat - remembered you had posted about your amazing H Lang gilet -
    Now on the OUTNET and with extra 20% discount so I am v tempted ..! How is the sizing ...? thanks!