The perfect inbetweeny jacket

Well - one of them at least... I've obviously discovered how completely superb a biker jacket is and how I'm unable to live without mine, but a new option that you might want to consider is a military style jacket. 

I am testament to how useful these are.  I bought mine from Zara, hmmm three seasons ago now.  So it's done two Springs, one Autumn and I'm wearing it into my second Autumn now. 

The perfect alternative to the blazer.  Which I have to say is also another option.  Which I'll discuss another day.  Ok so actually there are a fair few perfect inbetweeny jackets.  But I adore these as they're the ideal jacket to wear with dresses and skirts.  Nipped in at the waist, slightly cropped - the proportions work perfectly.  

Plus, my new found obsession with all things leather (skirt, culottes, leggings...) means that a biker on top = double leather.  And if double denim is a Canadian Tuxedo, I pretty much dread to think what double leather is called.  Obviously I am way too scared to google it.  The mind boggles as to what that will bring up (I fear it may ping my computer onto some random "watch list").  Well I've clearly had to go and google and (I'm not going to say disappointingly but...) it brings up links on how on trend it is.  The fact that these are mostly from 2012 means that it's not something I'm looking at in any more detail.

And besides - can you ever have too many jackets?  As we established the other day with stripe tops - if you wear them, then the answer is most definitely no.  Result.  Biker, military, it's easy to justify both.  

Probably the most similar to the one I have, style wise:-  

V by Very Military Trophy Jacket £45

Although I think I do in fact prefer this one..

V by Very Double Breasted Blazer £50

If you don't mind more detail.   And I could easily go more detail.  This is rather fabulous and has been in a lot of press so I would expect it to sell out.  Love.

Black smart buttoned blazer from River Island £65

Black again by Julien Macdonald. 

Star by Julien Macdonald Military Jacket £75

Another black option from Rare London. 

Black Military Trim Jacket from Rare London £45

And a slightly different style - also from Rare London. 

Black Military Jacket £49

Moving into navy territory now.  I've seen a fair few different pics of this and this is the most oversized I've seen it.  But I love it enough to convert me from black to navy I think.  In fact, this is the best of both worlds - navy with black on in, but not too detailed that you transcend into Adam Ant tribute territory (there is a reason I haven't searched for any red ones).

Double breasted jacket from Mango in navy and black £89.99

Band land now - a move I'd be super happy with as I LOVE this - at Free People. 

Free People Military Embellished Band Jacket £169

But when it comes to navy, if you're on the smaller side, do I have the bargain of the day for you.  From Boden.  With 20% off...code 6B4B (off everything until tonight) only teensy tiny issue is that you have to be small as it's Johnny B's range.  Although I do think it's comparable to a size 10...

Military Jacket £50.50 age 15/16

Green now.  Well, olive.  From a company I haven't come across before so if anyone can help out with info, that would be great.  They look to be kosher but it's not something I can confirm (to be honest, the website is very Free People/Anthro-esque so I wondered if they were from the same stable but all googling has proven to be of no help).

This jacket however is sublime.  For $59.99. 

I Glam Hardly Believe it Jacket in Olive from Modcloth $59.99

However call off the dogs - velvet, military and green.  And I thought I was done with the jackets.  Need.  Need need and then need again.  Ok so we know you can't have too many striped tops but can you have too many jackets?  NO NO and NO again.

Trims velvet jacket from Mango £89.99

Look how fabulous they are with skirts....

And today - enjoying the last of the sunshine.  

Maxi dress - Zara
Glitter Copeland Sneakers - Air & Grace
Haworth Bag - Village England 

So coming up, I still have to tackle velvet, I've got jumpers to look at and dare I say I think I may have found the perfect lipstick (which is a big thing seeing as don't do beauty)... not to mention THE perfect midi skirt.  In the meantime, I've got to tackle a super exciting project which will take up most of tomorrow so am now looking forward to an hour with my kids on the sofa, catching up on Bake Off from last night with a small glass of red... as we've all made it till Thursday. 

Jackets wise - where do you sit?  Fan or do you go straight from nothing to coat?  Cardigan instead?  (actually I have got loads of those on the horizon as well).

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22 comentarios:

  1. I've just bought an embroidered jacket from Zara as my in between one and I love it. Not done military before but that Mango one - definitely my favourite, its gorgeous. Funnily enough just done a coat post too but I've gone straight to Winter! Your dress is perfect on you by the way, absolutely stunning X

    1. Thanks love - the Mango one is amazing no?! I can't *quite* get to coats just yet.. give me another week!

  2. Can you give us a hint about the skirt pretty please :) I'm just about to buy a Zara one but will now wait because of you I love all the clothes you feature

    1. Either of the black M&S ones on this blog.. Utterly sublime! (if you want black that is... and I will say if you're not on the tall side, they *might* be quite long... Something I NEVER get to say!)

  3. Thank you for this post and for reminding me of how I love a military jacket. I have a mossy/olive green tweedy one with dull brass buttons from Banana Republic a few years back. It has been a faithful servant and had been destined for the ebay pile on account of the fact I have so many bloody coats and jackets and need to free up some space. Now I think I have to keep it - just need to find a bigger cupboard (no mean feat as my coat cupboard is already fairly massive).

    1. On the upside I am delighted to hear that I'm not the only one who is obsessed with coats. I have a MASSIVE clear out to doo....

  4. Military look not for me I'm afraid but so looking forward to lipstick, velvet and midi skirt posts!

  5. I love the military jackets, only thing holding me back is that I already have four navy jackets (albeit very different), and navy would have to be my route. I do like the olive jacket, but I know I wouldn't get the wear...
    As it is I have two summer jackets that haven't seen the light of day this year, either too much rain, or too hot - a summer of extremes with too much of the one and not enough of the other!
    Like some of the other readers, I can't wait to see your lipstick and velvet offerings, not to mention Next.
    Danish Pastry

    1. And to be honest, that's why I love a leather jacket so much as they're perfect for the rain!

      Oooh yes, I've got Next to do.. I might do that today actually!

  6. Adore the jackets but I am quite long waisted so wary of cropped jackets without trying on. I end up with too big a gap to the waistband of my pants. Mod cloth is quite above board. A US website with a retro feel. Great dresses and jackets though the dresses tend to be short. I'm an inch or 2 shorter than you I think and always have to check the dress length or risk flashing all and sundry. Love the blog, it keeps me out of a rut and trying new things. Still working on ankle boots...

    1. ooh I have some new ankle boots that I've tried on, coming up in the next week or so. And thanks for the info about Mod Cloth - great to know!

  7. These are lovely! I had a dark brown military style wool jacket years ago that I literally wore to death. I love the River Island one, and the Rare London one, and the Free People one. So gorgeous!

    1. OOH you've just reminded me I have a beige tweed one.....!

  8. Loving the military jackets and velvet. The Mango offering would go straight in my basket. NEED the article on what to wear with midi skirts. When is it coming?? Please say soon.

  9. I'm also reminiscing about military jackets I've had. I completely forgot what a handy transitional piece they can be and I agree I need something to prevent the dodgy double leather look when wearing leather skirts and leggings.

    Can't wait to see your choice of perfect lipstick.

    1. Now that is coming shortly.. I keep getting distracted!

  10. A Military jacket has been on my wish-list for a while. The River Island one looks great but I have been chasing this one since it went OOS a couple of weeks ago Good old M&S seem to have got new stock in this morning so I have ordered to collect on Monday. Looking forward to all your up-and-coming A/W goodies, I do so enjoy reading your blog! xx

    1. Oh that looks amazing but sold out again... SOB

  11. Oh that m&s one is gorgeous! Really nice and fitted.