It's the top I can't really master

A blouse.  I've even got to grips with the word, which used to be up there in the collection of my most loathed words (belly and moist still remain if you're interested) but I've managed to not snigger like an 8yr old when I say it now. 

However I still struggle to wear them.  I want to.  As they're really a super versatile little number to have in your wardrobe.

For a start they're perfect for work.  And I'm always being asked for work appropriate blogs, so we had the black trousers one the other day which works perfectly hand in hand with this one for work attire.

But they also make a party outfit too.  There's nothing I like better than clothes that work hard for you - little irritates me more than something hanging in my wardrobe staring at me saying "you can't wear me, you can't wear me".  

And this is why I always end up wearing dresses.  But since I've rediscovered all the black trousers (see yesterday) and my leather bottoms  (jeans - I'm ignoring you), there is a place in the wardrobe for a blouse or two.  

Dare I mention that Spring is round the corner (ok so it's a three month shaped corner but I'm already seeing lighter colours creeping into collections online - you have been warned) and these are the perfect transitional item of clothing.  

So I'm going in.  With print.  Today, I'm all about the print.   The great thing about a pattern blouse is that they work as a great layering tool.  Perfect for putting under a jumper to give you a very different outfit. 

I especially love these layered when they have a pussy bow and this one offers the best of all worlds.  It's a punchy number to begin with, that's for sure.

You can either put with the matching skirt for a full on print assault in dress form, team with skinny kick flare black trousers and heels for a more subtle night out or layer under a black crew neck jumper with a leather skirt for a more pared back look.

Cherry Blossom Gold Blouse from Warehouse £69

Staying with in your face, unashamedly statement with the most gorgeous shades of purple and red along with a frill at & Other Stories.  This is a stunning print - I've tried the dress on (this was before I had the blouse inspo) but alas, it didn't quite work.  Think Helena Bonham Carter does Upstairs Downstairs on acid.  The blouse though, looks like it holds a lot more promise (couldn't hold any less to be fair...). 

Frilly Blouse in red form & Other Stories £55

Floral at & Other Stories. 

Gardenia Silk Shirt in Black £69

Much more subtle and ridiculously useful all year round with good old animal print.  There's not a lot to say apart from, how do I not have one of these?

Silk Shirt in Beige from & Other Stories £69

Animal print but in a sheer fabric at Mango £49.99   Either be bold in a contrast (or black - for me it would be black) bra or vest.

Sheer again but this time in an embroidered floral shirt at Topshop £65

Going back to subtle, again at Topshop with a stunning star print.  How many occasions would you wear this on?

Mini Star Print Shirt from Topshop £32

Collarless now at M&S.  Gorgeous petrol blue shade - ideal if you're a navy fan.  Would also be the perfect partner for denim. 

Feather Print V-Neck Long Sleeve Blouse £35 from M&S

Ruffles with no collar at Boden. 

Deborah Ruffle Blouse was £69.50 now £48.65

Or in the navy embroidered spot version was £69.50 now £41.70

Now.  To me, a blouse is a silky shirt.  But apparently I'm wrong.  It can also be a top thingy.  A silky number with a round neck by all accounts, which I will be looking at another day.  Out of interest - what does a blouse mean to you? (that's not supposed to be as deep as it sounds by the way).

I own one print blouse - a super old Marant from H&M silk one that gets dragged out a couple of times a year and was well worth the money.  But that's it.  I can't believe I don't have a leopard one. 

I do though have a leopard dress which - yes, I will admit I do find easier to wear.  Especially in maxi form as this time of year it means no tights and no fake tan.  Yes I went without tights today and no I wasn't cold!

Berry Port Red Leopard 70s Maxi Dress - Lily & Lionel
White and Glitter Copeland Trainers - Air & Grace
Burgundy leather bomber jacket - Gerard Darel
Black Mario Fringe Bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

Lovely day in London with one of my oldest friends - the day that I should have had last week.  Allegedly Christmas shopping although managed to get absolutely nothing done bar a lot of catching up.  Oh and some handbag virtual shopping.  I can safely say I don't think there is a black bag we haven't looked at (but if anyone has any great suggestions, do let me know). 

Has everyone else managed to sort their Christmas outfits yet?  This week I have a day out on Thursday and have no idea what I'm going to wear - not to mention a big party on Saturday night (it has to be a dress but which one...).  I did though have a look today at party tops and it's not too late to get one bought.  I'll be back with some ideas shortly.  

Oh and apologies for no blog yesterday and a slightly truncated blog today.  We are having serious BT issues.  Actually we've had broadband problems since day one but it's now a joke.  They have been saying for months there's no problem when clearly there is (duh - it just doesn't work constantly so we have to use our iphone hotspots but yesterday there was no 4G either) but they've finally finally admitted (after me spending two hours on the phone - which wasn't remotely painful and I couldn't even order anything to lessen the misery.  Wine was drunk)  that it appears to be "cutting in and out".  Is that code for it doesn't work and is impossible to get anything done on?  

So we have an engineer coming out on Friday.  I am giddy about having vaguely normal broadband (not going to happen, is it... *weeps*).

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12 comentarios:

  1. "Panties" is the word that makes me shudder... Even worse, "panty" - what's that, only one leg?! Not really a blouse wearer, but I do wear a lot of shirts - denim, check, camo, leopard. Not really sure of the difference to be honest, but I definitely wouldn't describe mine as blouses. Maybe because I wear a t-shirt or something underneath mostly?

    1. EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW yes you're right! Panties is a terrible word!

  2. Did a wardrobe audit yesterday counting everything I own in my closet and discovered I have an obscene amount of sweaters and very few shirts/blouses. And not a print in sight. Not surprising as I find shorts harder work in general and prints are so tricky. Such a fine line between chic and carefree (on the model) and middle aged frump (me)!

    In terms of inspired Xmas pressies, how about some fart filtering boxers for that difficult man on your list? 😂

  3. For me a blouse is more round neck (maybe v-neck), so you could say it's a posher version of a t-shirt. If it buttons up with a collar, or even more open and grandad style, then it's a shirt for me. There will always be some blurring of the boundaries though.
    I love blouses, I wear them mostly in the summer, but they do come out in the winter too. Mine are mainly short sleeved so I throw a cardigan on top. My long sleeved silky shirts mostly get worn in the spring and autumn and don't have a propper collar.
    The clothing term I dislike most would have to be panty hoes, I'm so glad I'm from the part of the world that gets to call them tights.

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  5. A shirt is the equivalent of what a man would wear and a blouse is anything similar to that ;-) Peasers. I can't make them work if they have a collar. I spent a whole day in the shops yesterday (we had no power so what else was there to do?) trying on shirts/blouses because surely there must be one for me out there and Christmas party outfits that I don't need but I do love a sparkle. And silver boots. Who knew my whole life has been incomplete because I've never owned silver ankle boots? :D xx

  6. God, I love a blouse - skinny jeans, blouse plus ankle boots is a work staple of mine. I have had my eye on that Warehouse one, but suspect it could be quite stiff in the flesh which puts me off. I've not seen it in any shops.

  7. I thought a blouse was a silkier, often drapy shirt too, sometimes with no collar. I have a few that I wear more in spring/summer that are peasant tops, do they count?

  8. As I am small framed, ALL blouses swamp me and look hideous - is there such thing as a fitted one?

  9. A blouse to me is something that buttons up, definitely silky material, and not tight fitting. Whereas a shirt, buttons up, but is a stiffer, stronger material, often cotton, although can be fitted or baggy!

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