The devil's in the detail

New season.  I've gone in.  And I am salivation point.  All the jumpers.  I need all the jumpers and I need them now.  But I'm still clinging to those gems that we can buy in the sale that one would be forgiven for thinking that are from new season ranges. 

For the next couple of days, I'm on jumper watch.  Which is surely perfect for the no man's land that is the time between Christmas and New Year.  When meal times mean nothing and chocolate and mince pies are a legitimate lunch replacement.  Although personally I'm more of a Bombay Mix girl which I appreciate is a punchy option (seriously I am obsessed with it.  The fact I put extra raisins into it, in my head does mean it counts as one of my five a day.  The remainder may be taken in grape form - that of the liquid variety).   Don't even get me started on when it's appropriate to have a drink.  The only time of the year when it's practically the law to have a Baileys in your coffee after a long dog walk in the cold.

And speaking of dog walks, if I'm not getting dressed up for drinks and parties, I am one step away from hobo.  The sofa has my name all over it and that equals loose pants (of the trouser variety, I don't sit around in just knickers) and jumpers.  Jumpers, jumpers and more jumpers.  In theory because they are cosy and comforting but in reality because they hide a multitude of sins.  My stomach is doing its best annual impression of a bouncy castle.  I am totally ignoring it and hiding it under a knit.  

However even when Jan 1 comes winging its way round and alcohol is a dirty word (except for designated days.  My birthday is in Jan so there is simply no concept of a totally dry month but I always make an effort to only have a glass of wine on a handful of days which usually lasts well into Feb.  Until half term defeats me), I know that knitwear is going to play an integral part of my outfits. 

As I say every year, it's those small additions to your Winter wardrobe that can make all the difference and stave off drastic Spring purchases.   A treat here and there that compliments perfectly your favourites you've been wearing for months, will get you through the next couple of grey months. 

And seeing as the weather really doesn't improve until at least March (one can hope), it's a safe bet that new knitwear is a wise purchase.  So for the next couple of days, I am all about the jumpers. 

Today, it's those knits that are a bit different.   Mostly one block colour for those who are averse to print and would prefer to stick to one shade but with a slight twist.  A frill here, a tie there, these were popular for A/W and are still very much S/S17 (I couldn't resist including some new season beauties which will sell out, I can guarantee).  

Starting though, with a sales jumper from M&S which will happily take you into the Spring with faded jeans and a pair of sneakers.  No jacket required.   I would wear now layered with a black or striped think knit polo. 

Eyelet Hooded Jumper from M&S was £35 now £21

The most gorgeous shade of blue from Finery.  And of course I had to fling in a polo neck.  We may be heading into Spring but it's still chilly for weeks.  This hits the nail on the head with regards to what I'm looking for in a jumper.   Functional, warm, something that bit different and in a colour that will both go with all the neutrals in your wardrobe but also add a bit of cheer into bleak January.  If you sign up for Finery emails, you should also get 15% off your first order.

Eastbrook Ruched High Neck Clean Knit £65

Something different again at Finery.  And it's all in the back detail this time. 

Dutton Tie Lace Back Detail Sweat £55

I think we can possibly name S/S17 the season of the frill.

Funnel Neck Flute Sleeve Crop Jumper from M&S £35

And in the blush again £35

Frills also at Topshop. 

Ruffle Shoulder Jumper £34

And in a grey version £34 from Topshop.

Having a frill in at & Other Stories with more grey. 

Frilled Merino Wool Knit £55

But how about a navy.  Far more difficult to get hold of than it should be.  Bring back the navy peeps.

Knitted Frilly Sweater from & Other Stories £55

The frills keep on coming.  This time in cream. 

Frilled Collar Knit from & Other Stories £55

There is in fact, no escaping the frill. 

Knitted Jumper with a Frill from H&M in pink £24.99

Pink again at M&S and again, that little bit more than a plain knit but we've moved into sleeve territory. 

Cotton Blend Contrasting Edge Jumper £29.50

And the navy with a yellow contrast edge again £29.50

Letting the sleeves do all the talking at & Other Stories.  Ok so theoretically this one is black and shades of black (ie grey and off white...) but it doesn't fit into either of my two other categories so I'm putting it here.  As it's epic.  And I adore with the wide leg leather culottes. 

Chunky Bishop Sleeve Knit was £69 now £48

And then back to black.  The colour of the Christmas for me so far.  Somehow every year I seem to live in black at this time of year.  Who knows why - it's hardly jolly.   But you could always layer this with a shirt underneath.  Or a thin longline striped tee?  Both of which I handily have although not even I can justify another black jumper.  Although this.. over leather leggings... oh hello....

Buckle Strap Jumper from & Other Stories £65

Although I've found a very similar version at sister company H&M in off white. 

Knitted Jumper with lacing £24.99

Which also comes in a ....drum roll.... navy.  Ta Dah!   Navy lovers - don't say I never give you anything. 

Just to prove how much I love a navy knit, albeit this one is totally plain - I let my scarf do the talking.  A lovely present from my mother in law.  Saw this in Dunnes stores in the Summer and couldn't get over how fantastic it was.  And lo and behold, she remembered and bought it from me.  The pic doesn't do it justice - the embroidery on it in navy and black with tiny fringed edges is exquisite.  Maybe I should also do a scarves with personality blog too?  Anyone interested?. 

The obligatory dog walk with lovely friends and back to ours for yet more drinks and food. 

Navy Off Duty jumper - Boden
Grey beanie - Black 
Grey cashmere fingerless gloves - Black
Skinny jeans - Mos Mosh
Eliza boots - Seven Boot Lane
Scarf - Dunnes Stores
Fringed Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss.

I'm off to start research on tomorrow's blog.  It's more knitwear folks but jumpers again with a difference.  The husband is actually cooking proper food tonight instead of party food which I am more excited about than I should be.  I've spied a salad leaf.  And a prawn.  And a scallop.  And some chorizo.  Plus Jonathan Creek to sit down to which I love love love.  There really is something rather special about this no man's land isn't there?  Oh and still bag-less here.... 

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7 comentarios:

  1. Oh My God. How fabulous is the buckle strap jumper? After a long-overdue purge on my jumper collection a few weeks ago (some very sad specimens in there) there is definitely room for some replacements and I feel this should certainly be one. I too am all about the chunk right now - no skinny or lightweight knits for me. The muffin has developed more into pannetone territory and I need decent coverage (and probably some maternity leggings).
    Lovely Christmas gift from your MIL too. I always await mine with some trepidation as past form dictates that it often leaves me questioning what kind of personality I'm presenting to the world. This year was no exception, with a pair of peach and grey tartan woolly slipper booties with pom pom ties. Perhaps she's trying to tell me it's time to give up and embrace my inner housebound 90 year old.

    1. Isn't it amazing? Just the round coverage and just what we need going into January. I have two more knitwear instalments coming up - second one gone up today. But my fave coming tomorrow. Oh and I reckon Gucci are only a matter of weeks away from releasing a pair of similar slippers....

  2. That title, it's my motto! I love details, they just elevate basic items.
    I'm not so sure about the ones with lower sleeve detail, I envisage them getting dipped in whatever meal I happen to be eating! Maybe I should reintroduce dressing for dinner, then I could change out of said sleeves into something more safe!

  3. Hi Kat, off topic, but as a biker jacket guru please could you advise on a good alternative to the Hush Onyx (out of stock!) I've suddenly decided I'm in need, having never had one before (I blame/thank you!) Something along similar lines would be fab, not too fiddly. 40 tomorrow so I'm compensating... thank you. And thanks for the blog, has given me great ideas and made me laugh and I always look forward to reading it xx

    1. Oh you're more than welcome! And they are definitely re releasing these for the Spring if you fancied waiting... or in the meantime, I have to say I am LOVING my non leather hooded studded one from Zara. Which is a steal at £60 (or maybe £70..).

      Other that that, All Saints bikers are always very good. But I'll have a think and maybe do a blog on them shortly. xxx

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