I've come over all Russell Crowe...

...as in Gladiator.  Not going to lie - when I say in my head, Gladiator, it actually comes out as GLADIATORS.... READY... in a Scottish accent, courtesy of the, with hindsight, horrendous (although didn't we all watch it?) programme from the 90s.

However I digress - it's Russell we're after today as he wore WAY better footwear. 

Yes, it's my beloved gladiator sandals that I'm a crushing on.  Seeing as the sunshine shows no signs of abating (bar a minor blip - although I do seem to have swerved all massive downpours), we can definitely squeeze in another pair of shoes for the next couple of months. 

Plus, they're a perennial classic which you will have in your wardrobe for years and years.

And I'm looking at flats as they really are the most versatile (with a tiny heel thrown in for good measure).

Starting with a variation on the theme - chucking in a flower addition.

Flower Toe Loop Sandals from Topshop £42

And in black.. again £42

Back to a classic.  I LOVE these.

Rope Sandals £22 from Topshop

And in black... 

Classic Tan for a bargain price in the sale.

Raina Tan Flat Sandals by Miss KG were £49 now £19

Or if you'd prefer a black pair... again now only £19

A pair of white sandals is actually much more useful than you would think... they literally do go with everything.

Banker White Flat Sandals were £69 now £34

Slightly more utilitarian looking now - these look like you could actually do some gladiatoring in them...

Malin Khaki Studded Gladiator Sandals from Kurt Geiger were £119 now £39

Finishing with my favourite flat sandals though from Carvela.

Marci Tan Flat Lace Up Sandals were £99 now £39

Which are as awesome in black... again £39

But maybe best in white.  LOVE these. 

And for those who love a little heel... I know there are some who can't wear a flat flat heel at all.

Fable Strappy Sandals from Topshop £46

And in green, again £46

And here I am in mine.  Which are ancient.  Like verging on originally Roman.  Well.. in fashion terms anyway!  They were £15 from Forever 21 about five years ago and I absolutely love them.  They owe me nothing but they still do exactly what they say on the tin so I carry on wearing them.

Dress - M&S (see blog here - part of paid partnership current)
Bag - Rae Feather (gift current)
Sandals - Forever 21 (5yrs ago)

And now.. in Aldeburgh!  WHOOOP.  This was me last night, giddy at arriving with high hope of an amazing two weeks ahead of us.

Dress - Zara (sale 3yrs ago)
Bag - Skyn Iceland from Gift Pop Boutique (gift current)
Sandals - Forever 21 (5yrs ago)
Hat - La Redoute (part of paid partnership)

This was me today - broken with the realisation that the first two days of holiday are utterly miserable.  Doesn't help that I'm married to Victor Meldrew who acts like the children are some sort of hideous species from another planet and it's clearly my fault that we've reared such vile creatures.  It takes a couple of days and he's then THE best Dad and husband on the planet....  

Tis definitely my fault that I have Disney level expectations, forgetting that we have a child with special needs which means our holidays always come with a totally different level of "challenge" and throw a hormonal teenager into the mix and it's essentially a disaster movie.

Dress - Boohoo (ss17)
Bag - Skyn Iceland from Gift Pop Boutique (gift current)
Sandals - Forever 21 (5yrs ago)

BUT give us a couple of days and everything calms down... well, I hope it does otherwise I will be a bona fide alcoholic come the 10th August! 

However the sun is shining, we are staying in an amazing house and I have no meetings for two weeks.  AND I have loads of blogs on the horizon - hiding in my room for an hour whilst the children take control of the tv is my little holiday haven!

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