Throwing shapes

Yes I know it's a billionty degrees out there and thinking about anything Autumn related is the last thing you want to do now.  Let alone haul on a pair of trousers. 

However I see rain on the horizon... yes - cooler days are coming and they're called Thursday and Friday.  

Plus, is anyone else running out of Summer clothes?  Well - not running out, running out, but dare I say, I am really quite excited about the thought of TROUSERS.  I'm not going to say "jumpers" as that does bring me out in a hot sweat right now.  I'm also going to whisper "shooooos" too and leave that there. 

For today though, I'm looking at an addition to your Autumn wardrobe - or should I say, endless Summer wardrobe, that can give all your old favourites, a totally fresh, modern feel. 

And I should just point out that the whole point of this blog that I started seven and a half years ago, wasn't to persuade you to buy EVERYTHING.  It was and still is - a look at what is out there in the shops at the minute and to give you some ideas about how you might like to style new season gems.

It was also about helping us all put together a fabulous set of basics that we can wear for years and years and just ring the changes with the addition of one or two more on trend pieces.  Which may or may not be expensive, depending on your budget and how much you like them and would wear them (cost per wear has always been one of my favourite rules to shop by).

Not everything is going to suit everyone.  But I try and cover as many different styles as possible so people can cherry pick what they think will work for them.   If we all wore ALL the styles, wouldn't that be a super boring world?  Plus I'm not entirely sure there are enough days in the year. 

Everyone also has different tastes, different body shapes and different lifestyles.  Before every new season I do write a little list of some easy to follow rules that I find help me not to make expensive howlers when I'm out shopping (still manage though.. GAH!) .  Sneak preview - always shop for the lifestyle you have, not the one you want.  More on that another day... 

Today however, we're looking at pair of trousers which I keep seeing everywhere and I personally know I love and have worn for a couple of years - especially in transitional seasons.  They're the perfect segue from one season to another.  Into the Autumn, you can still team these with tees and sandals, then shirts or jumpers and shoes or mules before dragging the boots out. 

It's the cropped trouser.  My perennial fave is the wide leg cropped but I do have a pair of peg leg (sometimes called carrot - no doubt they'll be called something completely different this year) which I also love and I think I've spied a few of them.  

First up - 

The classics that I have from Whistles.  Bought these two years ago, still going strong.

Whistles Flat Front Crop Trousers £109

Bargain black versions at French Connection were £110 now £30

Cotton Blend Wide Leg Cropped Trousers from M&S £35 in navy

More navy at ASOS WHITE.  I have a pair of ASOS WHITE trousers and they are superb quality.  It's a slightly higher price point than main brand ASOS but it really is a step above.  And no, I have absolutely no idea where the Basketball bit comes from.  Ideas?

ASOS WHITE Basketball trousers in navy £55.  They also come in Tall, Petite and Curve.

Khaki at Warehouse £36

I've got some denim ones which I can't wait to get back and wear. 

These are a bargain for the forward thinking amongst us.

Dennery Denim Cropped Jeans were £85 now £35

Dark blue denim also in the sale at French Connection.

Cargo Twill Wide Leg Culottes were £75 now £49

Darker blue at Reiss - Leo Wide Leg Jeans were £95 now £45

And a lighter blue now only £22 from French Connection!

Off White Denim at Reiss in the sale at John Lewis. Leo Wide Leg Jeans were £95 now £35

These which I really shouldn't love but absolutely adore.

Premium Leather Trousers from Topshop £175

Or these from Selected Femme £190. These.  Oh THESE....

Tapered now and these are very similar to the ones I have from a couple of years ago which I can't wait to resurrect.  Except I have black...

ASOS WHITE Jeans were £55 now £38

Navy barrel leg (new term for me...AHA - it's this year's peg or carrot) from Whistles in the sale were £109 now £69

Another slightly ovoid pair at Selected Femme £75

So... what do we think?  Are these your Autumnal go to trouser or are there others I should be looking at? 

Till we get there though I have been loving the sunshine on holiday here in Suffolk.  And therefore donning the dresses.

Dress - Neve & Noor (gift ss18)
Bag - Gift Pop Boutique (gift ss18)
Sandals - Apiedi Official (gift ss17)
Sunglasses - Victoria Beckham from Bicester (4yrs ago)

Dress - Me+Em (gift current)
Sandals - Forever 21 (5yrs ago)
Basket - Sue Ryder Charity Shop
Sunglasses - Chloe from Very Exclusive (ss17)

Next time I will be back with another Autumnal suggestion... am warning you.. we are going OFF PISTE!  These are "out there".  It's just an idea and I'm not entirely sure I'm fully on board but it's so ubiquitous, it's got to be explored. 

Hope everyone is enjoying this superb weather.  Was today the last day of the super scorchio weather?  

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3 comentarios:

  1. Like the look of peg leg/ carrot/ barrel! Sky blue is supposed to be big this autumn, wouldn't mind a pair of sky blue trousers to take over from my summer versions.

  2. With the hot weather forecast to last until October (except for today and tomorrow) I really need to know where I can buy some more summer clothes. I've run out. Help! Where is anything decent left in stock???

    1. Have you tried the outlets, lots of end of season discounts too! It may mean rummaging through rails though. I'm slightly surprised at how excited I am at wearing a sweater today!