Confessions of a pathetically fickle individual

So clearly my blog on Monday was all about how, this season, I was going to wear my sensible fashion hat and would be eschewing the dangerously mutton area of print jeans.  

Well here's my blog today.  On how I talk an absolute crock of shit. 

As I now don't just own one pair of print jeans - oh now, that would mean I was just verging on being fickle.  Hell no, I needed to include the word pathetically in my fickle title and went ahead and bought two pairs. 

I did return to the wonderland of Primark to replenish my embarrassingly barren underwear drawer (check) and needed to pick up something appropriate for an 80's party we're going to on Saturday night (oh Primark, you so so didn't let me down - there will be pictorial evidence of the outfit I promise).  Whilst I was there, I did have a squizz for the tan leopard print jeans (only pink or purple which really did scream, dear lord no, to me - lovely on others, not entirely my bag) and ended up coming away with a pair of pastel floral ones instead.  Yes exactly.  How?!  a) I had decided that floral jeans were seriously not going to work and b) pastel? I loathe pastel and there's even lilac on them.  Lilac is a colour that can move me from nausea to a little bit of sick in my mouth, in one glance.  

But stone the crows, I love these jeans.  The fact they were £13, I'm not going to lie, was a big deciding factor in their purchase.  And, as importantly, they are really a fantastic fit.  They do come with the most hideous lilac plastic belt which has gone straight into the bin but all I can say is - bring on the sunshine! 

Here is a quick pic of them - a terrible terrible pic - even more dire than the usual abysmal quality of photo I offer up. (photo taken exceptionally late last night, The Husband was out and I'd managed to do justice to the majority of a bottle of wine and therefore sorting through all my wardrobe seemed like an exceptionally good idea.  As you do.)  Apologies but hopefully will give an idea that they're not "that" bad.  Of course, you may well be sat there thinking, holy hell, the woman has lost leave of her senses, they are completely ming a ring ding.  And seeing as I now hold the title of A Pathetically Fickle Individual, I'm guessing the chances of me holding that opinion in the near future, are quite high. 

Here with a new Zara blouse (I don't normally do blouses.  I look like a politician's wife in them.  But this one I love - fabulous Mulberry Silk cream loose blouse) and new Zara shoes.  (to be discussed at a later date)  Just a lovely outfit for casual nights out in the Spring/Summer.   Are you not just loving my optimism that one day, who knows, we may actually get a sniff of a Spring (I'm not counting my chickens with regards to a Summer. I'm glass half full - not a complete moron)

The second pair are for a Christening, birthday party, evening shindig (ie fab day out!) I have next week.  I had originally planned on getting a dress (despite my pathological hatred of dresses on me) that would serve for the number of "events" I have in the Summer.  However it occurred to me last week  that although it's in May and that, surely, is miles away, it is, in fact next Saturday.  The chances of it being 73 degrees with wall to wall sunshine aren't great.  Bugger. 

So I was thinking trousers (in fact I was thinking - huzzah trousers - my beloved trousers, I will have an opportunity to buy new ones). I had ordered the JBrand floral ones.  Big Fail.  And had clearly moved on to thinking about plain trousers.  

But a chance quick shop in Whistles and I spied the following on a rail.  All on their little lonesome, looking lost and bereft and quite gorgeous.  I did think they were a DVF print, it's very very similar to the print on the Kenley scarf and the leopard print she did in her vintage range last year. I hadn't seen them at all before and was told that they had only been in the main London stores and these were a return.  In.  My.  Size.  Meant to be or what?  I've since found them (admittedly mostly sold out) in John Lewis, so the "exclusive" bubble has been somewhat burst.  But I don't care. I still love them.

Here they are - another dreaded print jean!

I am infatuated with them.  All I can say really.  They will work so well with most things I own, they can be dressed up, dressed down and are totally trans-seasonal.  They tick every single box I think should/could be ticked when purchasing a new garment. 

So, caught up in the excitement, I also bought this jacket to complete the outfit - again, just perfect and a complete box ticker. House!  The Leni Jacket in dark cream.  I get so much wear out of the camel knitted blazer I have from Whistles, this is set to be also a staple in my wardrobe and will be perfect for next Saturday. 

Shoes, still to decide but I think I have my heart set on a pair of stack heel, double ankle strap sandals in tan and black from Zara.   Which will go work really wel with my tan De Manta Alexander McQueen clutch. 

Huge fly in the ointment and my mission for tomorrow is a shell top to go underneath.  This is proving to be really difficult to track down.  I want something smart enough to wear to a formal occasion but not something so prim I can't wear it out at night.  Sounds easy?  You'd think so, but boy am I struggling.  Zara has a black crepe sleeveless top that I've ordered which might work but I'm not convinced about it under the cream jacket - will have to try it all on. I'm really pinning all my hopes on a trip to Cos tomorrow. 

I seem to have so much else to catch up on but time is running away with me so I'll save it for Saturday. 

A quick round up on what I've been wearing in the rain (aren't you impressed with my lack of harping on about it?  My lucky friends have been party to my incessant moaning instead. Oh how they love me)  On the upside I've just realised I've been able to give all my By Malene Birger scarves a good outing (great value scarves by the way, highly recommended.  Have my eye on a couple in the sale - always worth watching out for)

Tuesday - dull dull dull outfit, the coat is now going in the bin as I'm so over it.  However I did get to try out the navy and black theme which I think is going to be massive come the A/W and I'm loving it.  Am also completely over these boots which are at least 4 years old, probably 5.  Definitely in need of a big clear out come September. (yippeeeee!)

Distressed skinny jeans - Zara
Black vest (not seen) - Primark
Black fine knit jumper - Cos
Black and navy spot scarf - By Malene Birger (terrible photo)
Black patent moc croc boots - Gabor
Gold chunky link bracelet - Made
Navy trench - Zara
Black patent Lily bag - Jaeger

Wednesday.  Yesterday I had actually gone out first thing in my winter parka and a jumper.  And thought oh bugger this, I am NOT going to let the weather ruin my mood. I felt hideous in it, so bombed home and changed and felt my compromise outfit was much better.  Armed with an umbrella whilst out and about. 

White ribbed longline tee - Joseph
Black jersey double breasted blazer - James Perse
Distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Tan and black snakeskin scarf - By Malene Birger
Tan leather and suede boots - La Redoute
Chestnut battered cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo


Stone and olive striped tunic - Toast
Khaki skinny zip jeans - By Malene Birger
Khaki and black leopard print scarf - By Malene Birger
Chocolate leather biker jacket - All Saints
Gold chunky link bracelet - Made
Tan rivet and leather cuff - Mulberry
Brown leather and chain detail cuff - Hultquist
Tan Cypress Ankle boots - Acne
Chestnut cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

Tomorrow I have an utterly blissful day ahead of me.  School coffee morning early doors and then I'm shooting off to London for a whizz round the shops and then a spot of lunch with The Husband and the Damien Hirst exhibition at The Tate Modern.  Back home for a night out at the first birthday party of a local restaurant (and "night spot" ie where it descends into "mumdancing" on a Friday and Sat night.  Pure unadulterated class, not.  Huge amounts of fun, absolutely)  Theme is Ibiza night.  The Husband is beside himself with glee. (The Husband doesn't do dancing.....) I am all of a quander about what to wear, mostly because of (and I couldn't not mention it) the effing weather.  Have yet to mention to The Husband that ideally they'd like people to wear white............

See you on Saturday!

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8 comentarios:

  1. I absolutely ADORE the Zara blouse and might be tempted to copy you !! Both the print jeans are great but definitely not me as I'm far too short for that much pattern unfortunately.

    1. Thanks love. Honestly the pattern is actually quite subtle in real life - I think with such a pale colour it wouldn't matter if you were more petite. I actually think it's riskier on someone tall. One could be forgiven for thinking I had stolen my daughter's jeans.......

      And yes, the blouse is utterly gorgeous. Definitely worth looking into (I sized up to give it more oomph) This is the mulberry silk one that I wondered if I could handwash........

  2. If I could have half your style Cat I would be happy!

    1. oh that's very sweet of you, thank you!

  3. I just found you from Mum's Net. You have amazing style- and a fabulous figure! I've bookmarked your site- I'll be back!

    1. Thank you so much, what a lovely thing to say. i'll check yours out. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  4. And what does your 7 year old think to these particular jeans - too many flowers or OK? (I love them by the way!)

  5. Fab memory! Yes actually she's decreed that these ones are far better. The seal of approval from a 7 yr old. I can wear them with a clear conscience. Ha ha ha. (haven't actually worn them out yet - am blaming it on the weather........)