My Sales Wish List

Admittedly I haven't got very far.   And that was only online.  But seriously, as I said in my last post, where do you start?  Sales for most people are a quagmire of crap to wade through.  Made only marginally easier by looking online.  (made more difficult by having at any one time, a small child screaming at you "but I was half way through my game of Angry Birds...." as you wrestle the ipad from them) 

My advice is always only buy from shops where you know the quality and sizing and ideally you've already made a wish list of things you can just hone in on.  Smash and grab shopping.  Normally I would have a list of wonderful things from NAP and My Wardrobe but I have been so disappointed in the last couple of seasons with there being diddly squat left come sales time or it having sold out of your size.  I did have my eye on a couple of pairs of 2nd Day jeans from My Wardrobe but they'd sold out at full price, even before the sale preview. 

So rather predictably this year, I had earmarked a couple of things from Zara and Massimo Dutti.  Massimo Dutti sale is always quite good actually, especially online.  People don't yet seem to have sussed that you can buy online and so there always seems to be a good amount of stock and good reductions. 

Zara on the other hand.  Well.  Used to be great instore with pretty decent reductions.  (if you got there early doorsm otherwise, one hour in and you're faced with Primark style chaos)  Online, it's not been too bad (issues with website reliability I recall).  Reductions haven't been quite so great though.  This season though?  Mostly pants.  Rubbish money off on the whole with limited size selections.  Just getting too popular I guess.  Ho hum.  I need to find another high street altar to worship at. 

In the meantime though, I refused to be defeated and had my wish list at the ready.  

So to begin with, those things which I have ordered and am waiting for.  And after that, a wish list of things which I could easily also buy.

Firstly these wedge boots which I did try and buy instore at full price but they were sold out in three stores.  Randomly though, in all sizes online.  I clearly need another pair of wedge boots like I need a whole in the head, but these were my "treat myself as I didn't buy another pair of going out boots".  See?!

Wedge boots £49.99 from £79.99

I also ordered a navy blazer and two drape neck tops, neither of which I can find online any more.  Fingers crossed they show up.......!

Moving onto Massimo Dutti, I've broken one of my own cardinal sins of buying something I haven't seen in real life.  I had wanted a camel quilted leather jacket in Zara but they didn't have it online and I wasn't going to drag my sorry butt to a real life shop on Boxing Day.  I spied this on the MD site and thought, since I was doing an order anyway, I might as well chuck this in just in case.   

As it's such a great reduction it's clearly going to be hideous in real life.  But worth a shot.   

Leather Jacket with topstitching £125 from £265

This one I have had my eye on since the beginning of the season.  Am really looking forward to trying it on with different outfits.  Marmite I appreciate it, but I love it. 

Quilted leather jacket £155 down from £225

A staple navy tee (although I have since spied ones full price I prefer so this will probably go back)

Combination t-shirt with 3/4 length sleeves  £19.99 down from £29.99

You can never have too many bretons and I think this in the burgundy colourway with zip detail on the shoulders will fit really well into my wardrobe. 

Striped t-shirt with zip  £19.95 down from £29.95

There was also a bracelet that sneaked in as well - a nude colour leather wrap cuff which again I've had my eye on. I wear my Mulberry tan one so much, I know I'll get lots of wear out of in the Spring. 

Now moving on to the wish list of things I could buy but really can't justify.  And certainly don't really need.  All these things I've looked at with half an eye on Spring, which is obviously round the corner (bar the month of snow we're due.....and no I don't actually know that for sure but since we haven't had any so far, it seems predictable that we'll be snowed in come the end of Jan.  When it's my birthday and I have plans.  Always always the way.  And people wonder why I loathe snow.)

black ankle boots £39.99 from £69.99 - Zara

Sandals £19.99 down from £39.99 - Zara

Drape neck top £12.99 down from £17.99 (I find these so useful.  Perfect for hiding a multitude of sins round the midriff) - Zara

Checked Blazer with elbow patches  £49.99 down from £69.99 - Zara.  Probably not the most Springlike of choices but I love it.   Delicious dark red velvet elbow patches which you can't see.  If I had an unlimited wardrobe selection I would so get this)  Watching like a hawk for further reductions....

Black micro-structured blazer  £79.95 down from £145.00 - Massimo Dutti.  This I think is a great staple number for anyone's wardrobe.  Great quality at that price.  Perfect for wearing over jeans or wearing to a wedding. 

Wool Jacket with Piping - £47.95 from £69.95 Massimo Dutti - This is a style I personally love.  Again, easy to wear for dressing up or dressing down an outfit.  Every one should have an LBJ (little black jacket) in their wardrobe.  Karl Lagerfeld says so therefore it's the law.  His LBJ may be of the Chanel variety but details schmetails.

Fantasy cut jacket with leather trim £69.95 from £99.95  - Massimo Dutti.  A complete nod to Spring with this gorgeous blush shade.  Easy to wear now though with grey, as here.  Or looks lovely with tan and white as well.  Ditto khaki. 

Leather Bracelet  £12.95 down from £22 - Massimo Dutti.

Silk Knit Polo Neck Smock shirt  £37.95 down from £54.95 - Massimo Dutti.  I love this and will keep my eye to see if it goes down any further.  Stunning quality in real life. 

Floral Print Blouse  £32.95 down from £64.95 - Massimo Dutti.  This I actually think I may order as it would make a fabulous Summer outfit with my peach coated cropped zip trousers from Zara last year and my pale tan sandals.  Definitely going to get it.  Have managed to talk myself into it as I type.  Looks so stunning with the grey as well - what was I thinking not ordering it?

Sleeveless Oriental Print Silk Shirt   £37.95 down from £54.95 - Massimo Dutti

There is also some stunning knitwear and a selection of linen t-shirts at Massimo Dutti.  Go forth and shop. I can't wait to hear about the bargains you've managed to snag.  Please do share! 

Now I'll do another post on Christmas but suffice to say I wasn't well and managed to haul myself out of bed pretty much only for Christmas Day.  And the Gok Dress served me proud.  Shall be doing a rerun of the outfit on NYE.  So so comfortable to wear. 


Black half peplum dress - Gok Wan at Sainsburys
Nude tights - Tesco 
Black ankle boots - Zara
Diamante earrings - Forever21
Diamante bracelet - Forever21 

The other outfit I have is from Sunday (seriously I have mostly been bumming around in a trackie since then, feeling rough!) when we had some of our best friends over for lunch, all the way from Germany and then out in the evening for drinks.  Chief photographer was in bed when we got back and I had forgotten to pap earlier so we had to go back to old school.  Rubbish I agree, but it's one of my favourite outfits so I thought I could justify....


Black swing jersey top - Whistles
Paint splattered jeans - Zara
Washed black suede jacket - All Saints
Black suede and patent boots - LK Bennett
Pegasus necklace - Stella & Dot
Brushed gold & diamante cuff - Taylor Stephens
Black clutch bag - Tory Burch 

Will be back tomorrow with my Christmas highs and lows! 

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13 comentarios:

  1. I have been so disappointed with Zara for about 18 months now which saddens me because it used to be THE shop to shop in (for me). I've moved on to Mango now because the fit is the same and for me it's all about the leg length for jeans and trousers.

    You look stunning in the black Gok Wan dress - I'm tempted to go and have a look now.

    I keep forgetting about Massimo Dutti, I shouldn't because my friend dresses so well from there.

    Pleased you're feeling better now and as always you look great


    1. Zara has definitely changed - some stuff I like some, i'm meh about. Biggest problem I find is it's so ubiquitous. Which sounds completely up my own backside, but do you really want to walk round in a distinctive coat and bump into 5 people wearing it?! Mango I used to love when I lived in Spain but here, I have a love hate relationship with it. Their maxi dresses are always super long though which is a winner. (not that I've actually got one from there thinking about it - duh)

      The Gok dress I am beyond pleased with. Definitely a winner. Can't wait to see his next collection!

      And yes, MAssimo Dutti is always worth a look. Will be doing a feature soon on their basics as I think they're going to be winner for S/S

      Am slowly on the mend..! Thanks love xxx

  2. Hi Kat, do MD tops run small? I've never ordered from them before so want to try and order right first time if possible. Thanks.

    1. Hi there. I find with MD tops, unfortunately it completely depends on the style and the fabric. Which, I appreciate is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. Pretty much the same with any of the Inditex brands - they have so many manufacturers that there is v little sizing consistency. I have ordered both of mine in a Medium if that helps. I am a 10 to 12 on top depending.


    2. Thanks so much. I think I'll have to order 2 sizes then to be on the safe side (silk floral top has my name all over it) xx

  3. the white drape top is a great find, I trawled through the whole site recently looking for a cream or white one and did not see it! Have their drape tops both long and short sleeved in black they are soo flattering as draw the eye away from stomach area. Now duly order plus added the black sandals just to see how I like them. Love the massimo dutti silk polo and the floral top, will watch and see if they're reduced futher in the second cut which should be next tues or weds i would think. I live in the sticks and its still very joules and boden-y here so Zara is seen as a bit 'egdy' (amongst my mummy friends at least) so can get away with it for now. Really enjoyed the last few posts, real food for thought outfit wise, thanks.

  4. lovely items! love the boots!

  5. Love leather cuff.
    Have ordered a couple of Zara tops,and the Red Herring navy sequin jacket that you recomended a few days ago came within 24 hours and is fab!
    Many thanks Kat.

  6. Great sales run down - thanks. Sorry you've been ill. Me too, poor DH had to do Christmas dinner by himself.

    My MIL bought me your M&S reindeer scarf for Christmas though which cheered me up.

  7. Thanks Kat, this post has really spurred me on as I haven't really had the energy or inclination to even check out the sales online!! But did manage to drag my sorry butt into town today and boy was it worth it!! Got a Whistles cream jersey jacket I've been after for ages which was less than half price and also picked up a lovely Whistles dress for £25!! Bargain!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!! Off to an outlet tomorrow so just hoping to yield some more bargains in Jaeger & Phase 8 :0)

  8. Hi - great tip off re MD. I've just ordered the long sleeved floral top and also a long sleeved navy top which I have been hunting for for a while now.

  9. Great idea! I know exactly what you mean about the clothing that look a little too well loved this is a way to give them a second life.

  10. Amazing and interesting Clothing collection, great sale on the Tops.