A not so Happy Easter

Did you think that the Rugrats had finally got to me?  That they'd bound me with skipping rope and bundled me into the cupboard under the stairs? (to be honest it would be a fight to see who got ownership of it first - thank you rain the other day - Rugrat One either skipping or rollerskating inside. "But Mummy you said that exercise was good for us and better than watching the tv"  How much longer of the holiday?)

So Wednesday was spent, washing and washing and packing. New tyres on the car fitted, obligatory trip to the 99p store to stock up on sweets and batteries (£30 worth which is a Lot of sweets), presents bought (not from the 99p store I'd like to point out) and a stack of magazines at the ready as on Thursday we were heading off on a roadtrip to see our friends in Scotland.  Early night for the kids, takeaway for us, in advance of 10 hours spent en famille on the motorway (s!).

However Thelma and Louise were not Scotland bound because at around 3am in the morning, The Husband could be heard being violently sick.  Again and again and again.  And then from both ends apparently.  Poor bugger, I've never seen him that ill and did actually feel very sorry for him.  I should probably preface here, that Florence Nightingale I am not.   I usually have the bedside manner of Dr Crippen - sympathy is not my forte.  I've worked out over the years why.  When The Husband is ill he can stay in bed and life goes on around him.  When I am ill, I get up and get on with it.  I could of course stay in bed but carnage of a rather large scale would ensue pretty quickly.  Luckily I've never been sick enough to warrant The Husband taking a day off work.  Let's just touch wood and move on.  But this time, using ones senses at venturing into the bedroom (and hotfooting it again quickly) it was evident that he wasn't well At All.  

So we wouldn't be going anywhere for at least a couple of hours, if at all. (no way was I a) getting in a car with him like that or b) driving all three of them on my own.  Suicide or what?)  Rugrat Two was packed off to football, as I picked up one little boy, dropped Rugrat One off to play with his sister and resorted to taking Rugrat Three to softplay.  Which could have been worse to be fair, there weren't people "actually" swinging from the chandeliers and four of my friends were there.  Sod's law though, within half an hour, RThree went, in front of our eyes, to happy little boy legging it around, to docile, hot, pale little ball of mess on my lap.  

En route home, the reason why became clear.  "I've got a sore tummy Mummy" transpired into a rather large accident from which the Peppa Pig pants will never recover.  We then throughout the day proceeded to consign to pants heaven, the Thomas ones, the robot ones and the Fireman ones.  Welcome to the house of poo and sick.  The roadtrip had been called off.  

Thursday evening was therefore spent, rather than knocking back a bottle (or 3) of champagne with one of my best friends and putting the world to rights, traipsing round Waitrose as we had absolutely no food (bar the foodmountain of sweets) in the house.  

To make matters even better, I then spent Friday, not able to venture further than 30 yards from a loo.  Hence there is no outfit on Friday.  Not because I had any sort of accident I hasten to point out, but because I just couldn't be bothered to get dressed as it was clear I wasn't going anywhere.  

Saturday morning, here we are.  The aroma in the house does seem to signify that all may be on the mend.  Rugrats One and Two are proving teflon so far.  Although doesn't stop The Husband muttering under his breath about them "bloody petrie dishes".  

So as you can see I have had So much to dress up for and get excited about...... And was so looking forward in sharing my arctic Scotland wardrobe with you.  Boo bloody schmoo. 


Navy hitch dress - Phase Eight
Distressed skinny jeans - Zara
Chestnut lace up heeled peep toe boots - Kurt Geiger
Chocolate leather biker jacket - All Saints
Gold bee necklace - Alex Monroe
Denim blue and stone tie dye scarf - Cos
Chestnut battered cross body bag - Campomaggi at Plumo


Black and white cashmere jumper - Joseph
Red Leigh jeans - Topshop
Black vintage style tweed blazer - Zara
Fabulous Finches Scarf - Mulberry
Black suede stud ankle boots - Pied A Terre
Chestnut Lily bag - D&G

And finally I am going to have a Lust of the Day as I bloody deserve one.  Actually I deserve to buy it but I won't as I don't "need" it and can put it or similar on my wish list for the A/W.  This delightfully chilly weather has made me drag out all my slightly warmer clothes and has made me realise that I do genuinely have a Blue shade scarf hole in my wardrobe.   Clearly I don't not have any, so it's not a black hole size hole - more of one of a little mouse shaped hole variety but it's a hole that could be filled.  I will admit, it's a talent of mine to create holes in a wardrobe.  Very rarely do I manage to talk myself out of needing anything completely.   I don't necessarily end up buying it, but I can certainly normally justify it were funds available.  Gifted. 

A friend of mine has this and it's just a gorgeous gorgeous scarf.   Pictures here really don't do it justice.   The Kenley scarf from DVF

Off to see if we may in fact all be able to leave the house today.......

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  1. I hope everyone is feeling better soon. On a shallower note I love the DVF scarf.xx