What a fabulous day and an overdue Lust of the Day

As a lovely friend of mine said earlier "don't you just sometimes pinch yourself, as life can be so good?".  Well today was definitely one of those days.  A number of wonderful husbands (including mine) ran the Paddock Wood Half Marathon in memory of one of our best friends who sadly passed away just before Christmas after a brave battle with cancer.  He had run the half marathon last year with a couple of others, including my husband who was in training for the London Marathon, and so today, five fantastic men ran in his memory.  Well done guys, you are all absolute stars and we are so proud of you!

Supporting wives, friends and children were in their element in the sunshine, whoop whooping all the amazing runners along - a huge congratulations to everyone who participated.  And then a just glorious relaxed afternoon at our local country club (that honestly sounds unbelievably grander than it is - as The Husband says, it's a cross between an old people's home and the most rundown boarding school on the planet.  What's not to love?  In my book that = Rugrat proof)

The weather was stunning, the rose was on tap and we didn't see the kids for hours.  Happy happy days.  On another note, two of my slightly more insane (admittedly fitter) friends have pledged to do it next year.  Girls, the best of British to you, I shall be there whoop whooping on the side lines with a large glass of something cold for you at the end.  I know my limits.  They're running to the end of the road, not a half marathon. 

So a speedy one as I still have Rugrats to deal with and dinner to defrost, sorry, cook.

At one point when the sun was beaming down, I was slightly concerned that I may have overdressed, but actually as sunny as it was, there was a slight chill (or maybe I'm a complete wuss - either way, I didn't take my scarf or jacket off all day!)

White longsleeved longline teeshirt - Isabella Oliver
Distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Black jersey double breasted fitted blazer - James Perse
Black suede stud ankle boots - Pied a Terre
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Chestnut battered cross body bag - Campomaggi at Plumo

Now, as I haven't done one for ages and the lust list is starting to expand, I thought I'd bung a quick one in for good measure. 

Shopping last week, as I briefly mentioned, I was trying on some boots.  No I haven't lost my mind, trying on boots as we're coming into Spring/Summer and it was as hot as Tahiti outdoors.  These are summer boots (I can just feel The Husband rolling his eyes  - yes a SUMMER BOOT) and as I am only briefly holidaying in Italy and the rest of my holidays shall be spent in the UK, a summer boot is wholly appropriate.  I have had so much wear out of my peep toe Kurt Geiger ones in chestnut (which were thought to be very on the cusp at time of purchase yet we can't move for peep toe boots these days.  Oh how smug am I? Actually not very as it means I can totally justify another pair!) 

This is an absolutely abysmal photo but I am a complete technical luddite and the All Saints website is a flash doobry which makes copying images basically impossible for IT morons like me. 

But the link is a good 'un.  The All Saints Aster boot in Natural

Now all I need is an All Saints discount code.  Which are like hen's teeth but every now and again there's a 20% off. Normally the week or even more insultingly, two days after I've made a significant purchase.  Pretty please, a code in my direction.....

I'm off to raid the freezer - see you all tomorrow!

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