Single handedly spending us out of the recession.




Or at the very least, I must return the enormous amount of guff that I have purchased but am not going to keep.  And unfortunately, it's not even because I don't like it (ok well some of it is - I've mentioned before about the perils of internet shopping).  Recently I have been kissing very few frogs.  Bob hasn't been let loose with the credit card, it's been wall to wall lushness that I've been finding. (that has then made it's way home with me....)

But unless I clone myself/it stays above 18 degrees until Christmas (risible thought, no?  If it makes it to 18 degrees a handful of times before Christmas I shall snog Santa), then I will no way have the opportunity to wear everything, along with my current, perhaps too bursting at the seams for it's own good, wardrobe.  What a bugger.  Alternative of course, is winning the lottery so I would only have to wear everything once.  Two chances of that happening and one of them's Bob. (Bob Hope and no hope - I love this phrase and moronically think it's hilarious when I use it but about 95% of people stare back at me blankly.  Who's the fecking eejit then?)

Even worse, there are oodles of things that I would just love to buy.  I shall consign them to my Lust list and bookmark them for the sales. (which, frankly, is just a depressing thing to do as they're either a) always sold out b) reduced by 5p or c) not reduced at all.)

In fact, here's how out of control the situation is.  Subconsciously I fear, there is even a part of me that's screaming "get a grip on the wardrobe situation".  As on Saturday night before going out, I lost my purse.  Absolutely nowhere to be seen.  Admittedly I am a complete disaster area when it comes to losing things on a short term basis.  There isn't a day that goes by when I'm not heard screeching into the ether, 5 mins before the school run "WHERE ARE MY KEYS/SUNGLASSES/GLOVES/ONE SHOE? etc etc"  Completely rhetorical clearly but it makes me feel far less like an incompetent individual to blame everyone else in the house bar me (even a three year old.  There is so not a place for me in Heaven, is there?) 

However I never lose my purse.  Ever.  Ever.  Ever.  Even made a quick dash to M&S on the way to the party as that was the last place I'd had it out.   Alas no.  Forty minutes of my life that I'll never get back, sat on hold to the Lloyds TSB call centre (name and shame you useless gits) and I cancelled all my cards.  All my cards.  Eek.

I am now penniless for the next 5 days until my new cards turn up.  I feel like I've lost a limb. 

And of course, I have since found my purse.  In the bathroom.  Where (as completely feckless as I am) I would honestly never have put it.  Said bathroom is next to Rugrat One's bedroom.  She who has a sudden found interest in coins for her piggy bank and has been found rifling through my bag more than once for change.  She denies it to the hilt and of course I'd never accuse her as it "could" have been my subconscious hiding it, forcing me to cancel my cards and have a week off shopping. (I feel faint just writing that)  

So the plan Stan is.  Outfit for party on Saturday is sorted.  Ish.  I still need a shell top.  Friday was a useless trip to London for my top.  Ok not entirely true, I may have bought a necklace that I've had my eye on for months (well I "might" have bought three necklaces but two are still safely in the bag and perilously close to the return pile.  Sob)  I'm almost out of options but I'm sure I'll be able to rustle up something....

The rest of the purchases are going to be ruthlessly scrutinised and unless I am unable to live without them (that's slightly drastic perhaps - I'm sure I will downgrade that to some lesser level of necessity) they will be returned.

What I am keeping and have recently bought is the following 

Nude Strappy sandals from Zara  Absolutely love these.  A proper staple for the summer.  £39.99 and not leather but I don't plan on a) wearing them for hours on end or days at a time b) they're definitely only shoes for going out in and c) I don't expect them to last for ever for that price.  They definitely don't look like pleather, I was surprised in fact that they weren't. (well with hindsight not, considering the price.  Doh)  

A little bit of bling from Primark.  Fabulous value for £8.  Perfect for the summer.   They're actually more nude than they look in the photo.  Clearly they're going to fall apart after two wears but I shall enjoy wearing them before they do. 

Statement necklace from Anthropologie  I absolutely adore this.  Already wore it out on Friday night.  Set to be one of my favourite pieces this Summer.  I may have also bought it in the green - trying to work out if I can thoyle both. (the answer is clearly no - I'm obviously trying to work out if I convince myself somehow I can't live without it.....)

By Malene Birger navy and black scarf  This is an utter bargain - go forth and shop.  £35 down from £70.  Ironically useful in this dodgy weather but will come into it's own come the Autumn when we shall all be living in navy and black together - mark my words.  (well I certainly will as I now have a scarf that will make it work.  Navy and black usually make me twitch, but this scarf is going to make it easy. Loving the justification)

The rest of the large amount I've purchased may or may not make it onto here. (must.  be.  strong.)  Tomorrow I will put up my Lust List of things I papped on my shopping trip on Friday. (as you can see, I'm clearly going in the right direction.  Not.) 

But now onto a quick round up of what I've been wearing. 

Friday for shopping, lunch with The Husband, a hop, skip and a jump round Hirst exhibition at the Tate Modern (fabulous by the way) and home.   A more than usually horrendous photo but I had to get changed to go out so it was this or nothing.  Poor poor excuse.

White vest - Primark
Beige linen tee - Zara
Distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Beige and grey jersey blazer - Zara
Fabulous Finches scarf - Mulberry
Tan leather and rivet cuff - Mulberry
Matt gold chunky link bracelet - Made
Tan shopper - Zara
Tan Cypress ankle boots - Acne

Friday night out - Ibiza theme. hmmmmmm.  Not exactly Ibiza weather but nevertheless a nod to the theme.

Blush pink vest - By Malene Birger
Blush pink cropped coated jeans - Zara (new but to be returned as hem came down.  Balls)
Blush pink sequin cardigan - Zara (in love with this - finally tracked it down - yee ha)
Nude strappy sandals - Zara (can you spot a theme?)
Statement gold and cream stone necklace - Anthropologie
Matt gold chunky link bracelet - Made
Tan De Manta clutch - Alexander McQueen

Saturday - usual rat race of doing stuff with the kids - gymnastics, cinema, shoe shopping (for them - yawn) etc.

Indigo super skinnies - Zara
Indigo chambray painters smock - Joseph
Black and navy spot scarf - By Malene Birger
Tan suede and leather boots - La Redoute
Tan shopper - Zara

And now for the piece de resistance.  An 80's Fancy Dress party for a friend's 40th.  Not really much else I can add, bar thank heavens for Primark and how bloody expensive is Claire's Accessories??!  Pocket money shop my arse. (no wonder RR3 regularly delves into my purse)   Daylight robbery.  Rugrat Three is delighted at the new legwarmers, clip on earrings and Mickey Mouse top she is now the proud owner of. 

I somehow don't feel that anyone is going to be remotely interested in where anything is from.  Top and shorts are from Primark, all other accessories are from Claire's and the shoes are from the attic.   Who knows why I kept them but thank goodness I did.

Haven't papped today's outfit, will save it for tomorrow.  But let's just say thank heavens for the sunshine.  As tomorrow we're back to boots by all accounts.  And welcome to May.

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11 comentarios:

  1. Love the Zara shoes, but not as much as the 80s outfit. Brilliant.x

  2. I'm over the moon with the shoes. I may have another pair to add in the next day or so but am keeping them under my hat. Am filing them under "clearly don't really need them but have managed to persuade myself I can't live without them" category.

    And yes, the 80's outfit was actually hugely hugely fun. As someone who would rather poke pins in my eyes than go to a fancy dress party, I have to say this one was a blast.

  3. I also love the shoes - how high is the heel please?

    1. hmmm I think it says it on the Zara site? They're certainly not ridiculously high, probably about 10 to 11 cm? But actually I do find it easier to walk on higher wedges or block heels. They are on the spindly side.....

  4. haha love it Kat!

    Gorgeous new purchases & I bloody LOVE the twinkly jacket outfit - all of it!

    Nic x
    ps look how many followers you have now - go you!!

    1. Thanks darling xxxxx And yes the jacket is completely to die for, isn't it? Expect to see a lot of it as it's going to be one of my staple going out outfits for the summer. A couple of people have asked me today when I got it - actually a couple of months ago and it's completely sold out now. It sold out almost immediately, a friend had to pick it up for me in London. And they never got it back in stock.

      Having said all of that, chances are they'll have one exceptionally similar in the next couple of weeks!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Oh if you see a similar jacket please post it here asap. I just love it!!!! Gorgeous!!!

  7. Firstly, note to self: most stop reading this woman's blog as it only encourages my wanton spending... I have serious wardrobe envy but as a 5ft nothing size 8 miniature, I think you need not worry about me stealing it. My favourite is the navy and black scarf... is it very huge?? And I love the anthropolgie necklace. Keep posting.

  8. Thank you so much and nothing wrong with being petite. I adore petite and there is so much that a petite person can wear that just looks plain wrong on a giant like me! The By Malene Birger scarfs are a really good scarf. So much is in the way you tie it and so it can really look as huge as you want it to look (clear as mud? I'm a couple of glasses of wine in so anything makes sense to me right now- in the morning, it may well be a different matter)

    Definitely worth buying - gorgeous quality and honestly I think we'll all be living in navy and black come the Autumn. I have 3 (I think) BMB scarves at the moment and would definitely purchase more.

    And can't recommend Anthropologie jewellery enough either. Classics.

    And just and try stop me posting. I have blogging diarrhoea. (ok that sounds wrong on so many levels but it's as good as an analogy as you're going to get at this time of night!)


  9. Hi, I cant seem to find the cream Anthropologie necklace on their site, only the turquoise, is it current season? Love it and want to buy it! X