I officially declare...

... the Season of the Dress Open. 

Let's take advantage of the discount madness as it will stop once we get further into November and we start the inevitable countdown to Christmas.  They realise that the panic sets in and do nothing but make it more difficult for us all.  Gits.  So let's play them at their own game and stock up on our Christmas outfits now - one less thing to worry about (and it beats thinking about how massive the turkey crown you need to order has to be.  Yawn)

Last year I had huge success with my two black dress purchases.  I *may* go so far as to say that I actually don't need another one.  (yeah right)  I went to a dinner party last night and cracked out my Me+Em dress that I bought for Christmas Day & New Year's Eve last year.  I had forgotten how much I love it, how versatile it is and how perfect an LBD is.  I teamed with black shoe boots (the M&S ones - oh my lord, for heels they are so so comfortable.  All hail the Insolia - it does what is says on the tin.  Or the sole in this case), gold earrings and a leopard print clutch bag but the opportunities are endless.  

I have seen a ruck of fabulous print dresses which I've made a note of and will bring you shortly but in the meantime, I think it's only to fair to kick off the Party Season Search with an LBD thread.  

Starting with a set of dresses that remind me of my Sandro dress from last year - black crepe with black leather detailing on it.  Simply simple but with a twist. 

Lauren Ralph Lauren on offer now at £136 Now in my opinion these tights combined with the shoes don't work.  This look sums up my opinion on sheer tights and lady like shoes.  To me this is just bordering on mumsy - I'd prefer to see it with a slightly edgier shoe and either opaque or good old flesh coloured tights.  It is of course horses for courses and it's personal preference. 

Rapture Seam Detail Dress at Great Plains £85  Full on pleather here. I know, I know I said that I was sworn off all things pleather but well, this looks too good not to give it a go. (wouldn't put it with the sandals though - that does strike me as kind of random for this time of year - my M&S boots would be perfect though.  Can you tell I love them?!)

M&S Panelled Tunic dress £49.50

Coast have 20% off dresses at the minute and whilst there are still the old "Coast Classics.." I do truly believe their selection has improved over the past year. 

This one I've seen in the flesh and it's gorgeous.  Faux leather waistband brings a traditional style kicking and screaming into A/W14.  Super flattering, goes in the washing machine and would work as well for a glitzy Christmas do as it would for a dress down lunch or even Christmas day. 

Black Estra dress was was £85 now £68

Mila Textured Dress from Coast was £85 now £68 A much plainer dress but with a great texture close up.  The looseness of this would put it at the top of my Christmas Day list - no waistband required.

Speaking of texture, I've spied a couple of lovely lace dresses which have been popular now for a couple of years.  Firstly, they do a wonderful job of crossing that smart but not work looking line and somehow seem dressy but don't scream Christmas. 

Phase Eight Stephania lace Dress now £55.20 - this one is a bargain from PE at John Lewis.  It appears to be reduced and then has a 20% price match on as well.  What's not to love?  Flattering ruching around the tummy area and at the hips. 

This one thought at Coast is my absolute favourite.  Yes it's much dressier than the others and personally I wouldn't be able to bend over but for a special occasion and the more diminutive - hell, this is gorgeous. 

Coast Miley Lace Dress now £92 was £115

Victoriana at M&S sounds grim but this could so look amazing on the right person.  Personally I think it would better on someone more petite but that may well be me talking out of my behind. 

Dobby Print Prom Dress £49.50 

There is of course the stunning lace dress which is in all of the M&S ads - but would you then be able to buy it online?  Cos that wouldn't make sense At All, would it?  M&S please please please sort it out. 

This is it. I have seen instore, tis amazing.  They do have it in red online but not the black (well I can find it and I've spent half an hour of my life that I'll never get back, looking for it)

Totally plain and letting the cut do all the talking is also an option. 

An elegant midi dress from Nicole Farhi

Farhi by Nicole Farhi Jersey dress in black £140

Another drape front dress at Baukjen where there is 20% off certain things using the code PTY04

Kirkham Drape Dress in caviar black £139 pre discount
And a similar looking longsleeved one. 

Darton Dress in Black at Baukjen £109 pre discount

Speziale V-neck Bodycon dress from M&S £89.00  This is the perfect dress for those with curves. 

This is much more similar to the one I have - I love the looseness of the skirt. 

Long sleeve Trapeze Skater dress from M&S £45

A skater midi style from ASOS £28

Now one of my two favourite winter dresses is from Me+Em.  They don't seem to have the same dress this season (I could have sworn I did see it though), but this is a similar version.  They also do it in a navy which is simply lush. 

Pleat Front Swing Dress £148

I also managed to find this one at ASOS which looks hilariously short - perfect however if you're not a giant like me.  Texture looks lovely if you do a close up of the green version. 

ASOS Swing Dress with 3/4 length sleeves in texture £25

And here I am in mine from last night.  Fantastic evening with lovely friends. 


Black swing dress - Me+Em
Suede shoe boots - M&S (LOVE these - oh my lord they are so so so comfy)
Leopard print clutch bag - Tory Burch
Gold chandelier earrings - Forever 21 

Ridiculously lazy day today - smallest is still under the weather, asthma is now kicking in as well so rugby wasn't an option this morning.  Absolutely gutted not to be standing out in the rain for hours... although I have finally found an option for my wet weather issues which I will be bringing you this week. 

Also got some other festive outfit ideas up my sleeve and we do need to start thinking about Christmas pressies.  For all those lovely ladies in your lives (not to mention your own lists.....!) 

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25 comentarios:

  1. Thanks Kat. I will be checking out the Mila Coast dress. It looks relaxed which is what I need.....cooking for the in-laws!

    1. It's the perfect relaxed but dressy dress, isn't it?

  2. Wow, I am salivating over that M&S pleather panel dress - just gorgeous. I'm sure I've seen someone blog that Victoriana dress and they looked great in it. I just can't remember who it was! (Old lady brain kicking in...) Yours looks fabulous too, of course!

    Becky x

    1. It looks amazing doesn't it? Hmmm I think there was a longer one that was around a while ago that lots of people had. And thank you - it's so lovely when you still love a dress the next season!

  3. How have I missed these boots? They're exactly what I'm after... Do you have a link please Kat? Loving the Coast dress and your dress from last night. Stunning as always! I'm having quite the girl crush :-)

    1. http://www.marksandspencer.com/suede-elasticated-panel-ankle-shoe-boots-with-insolia/p/p22327759

      There you go lovely x

  4. I'm nearly 40 & I've NEVER found a perfect LBD - it pains me, it really does! :(. I have been known to sob a wee bit in the fitting rooms when trying on dresses....they just don't like me, lol!! X

    1. oh no, you're kidding me, why?!

    2. I'm extremely body conscious & have just never found one that I feel entirely comfortable in hence I'm always in trousers!! I really need to get one though, it's verging on the ridiculous now.....! ;) x

  5. Hello just wanted to mention the phase eight dress is £47.20 @ House of Fraser, Trish

  6. Know what you mean about comfy boots I did actually try on a pair from ecco the other day high heeled black leather felt amazing, am very tempted...slippery slope!!
    ps hope you dont mind my sharing this with you but i was reading an article today about all things gut related in the mail on sunday and then got onto amazon to order the book, and noticed that there is a book for kids with autism, add, adhd etc involving keffir, kombucha basically natural probiotics and it makes a difference to asthma allergies and mental health....I have a teenager with ADD...and its very sad when they are big and troubled, and this has been helping him immensely...Just had to pass this on, as I wish I had known about it all...the gut and everything eons ago....x

    1. That sounds super super interesting. We did go through Electro Dermal Screening with him when he was much younger - only 5 and it did come up with him having a gluten intolerance which would make sense - his sister is a Coeliac. So we did put him on a GF diet for 2 months which was a disaster as he was such a horrific eater anyway and his 7yr old Coeliac sister had meltdown after meltdown as it was *her* disease and he wasn't a proper coeliac, honest to god it was a total nightmare and a disaster and made NO difference whatsoever to his behaviour (although I am aware that we didn't do it for long enough..)

      But I definitely should think again about other supplements he could take... Do you have the details of the book? Thank you so much xxx

    2. Amazon have the book called gut and psychology syndrome by dr natasha mc bride there is also a cookbook!

  7. Do you have a code for Whistles - can't get my Elle £20 off to work?

    1. ARgGH no I don't I'm so sorry - you could maybe try seeing if it's on offer at John Lewis or HofF?

  8. Love a swing dress, I hide all manner of things under them :-) Question; when you wear something like above, are you bare legged, or have you found some nude (I can't bring myself to use the word 'flesh'....bleurgh!) coloured tights that actually look normal???

    1. YES! These are the cheapest of the cheap 15 denier from Boots that I grabbed in a total hurry. I will be doing more research though as I love the look of a bare leg at the moment but clearly the amount of time involved (and only then to be covered in goose bumps) is not happening. x

    2. Do some research for the sake of us all!! I can never find ones that aren't too pasty or too tanned or too shiny or too matte...you would be helping women across the land...!! x

  9. Love that leather panel dress from M&S, must have a look for it next time I am in. Love your outfit from last night and arent those boots the best ever? I have got so much wear from mine and they're so comfy. I was back in Warehouse the other day returning and rebuying my previous weeks purchases with Grazia discount and I spotted that teddy bear coat that you love- definitely a marmite coat it would be perfect on you but absolutely hideous on me!

  10. You look GREAT! I need a Me&Em black swing dress in my life! Good tip re the skin coloured tights - I've been using Sally Hansen lately, really handy and quick but goose bumps NOT a good look, I hear ya! Audrey x PS. Check out the new season DKNY cross body bags, they are FAB for the money, defo on my xmas list x

  11. Absolutely bloody stunning. I want that dress but with a polo neck please

  12. Hi Kat, I like the Em & Me swing dress with long sleeves, the one you are wearing is very pretty on you. I am rather tall (5ft 8inch to be precise). I have not purchased anything from this range previously. I wondered if any of the swing dresses would be a good length (i.e. not too short with a medium heel) ? Also do you know if the dress you are wearing is still in stock? Thanks so much xx