The boots I couldn't make work

We're talking about the classic Chelsea boot.  I love the idea of these - the bringing up to date of a timeless piece of footwear.  These work really well with our skinny jeans that I'm sure most of us have oodles of in our wardrobe, teamed with a slim fitting longline coat or peacoat.  I think they look great with boyfriend jeans, continuing the masculine theme with a mannish blazer on top.  You could even wear with a skirt... I'm thinking perhaps A line above the knee, little jumper and drapey loose coat.

The classic ones are great but awww lord, they didn't love me.  I tried on so so many as I think they are such a great addition to a wardrobe in being able to wear some more on trend pieces.  Classic boot plus quirky coat = great outfit. 

Except that I looked like Max Wall in them.  However thanks to the wonderful people at Penelope Chilvers, I have found a twist on the trend that works perfectly for me.  I mentioned Penelope Chilvers on the blog in the Summer when they asked if I'd try a pair of their leather espadrilles and since then, the brand has gone from strength to strength.  They've opened their second stand alone store opposite Selfridges on Duke Street, their shoes and boots have been seen on the Duchess of Cambridge, Alexa Chung and a host of Fashion Editors and other celebs.  And now little old me!  I have discovered my perfect version of the Chelsea boot which they sent me and I am loving.

The Cubana boot in Conker £299

No they're not cheap but the leather is like butter, the detailing is exquisite and you won't find the same thing lining the shelves of the High Street.  It's rare to find a pair of boots that are a classic but are still unique. 


It was a toss up between the Conker and the Black but I don't have a pair of brown leather boots in my wardrobe so choosing these was a no brainer.  

The Cubana Boot in black £299

There do also do a classic Chelsea boot too online in a range of more traditional colours but I love the navy suede at £269.

Whilst the Cubana work for me - I think because of the little heel and because they're not super flat - there are still some flatter ones out there that I think are great. 

And handily, if you are in the market for boots or shoes then Clarks currently has 20% off all women's shoes and boots if you spend over £70, using the code BOCT14.

These are from the Orla Kiely range and are that little bit different. 

Orla Daphne £160

A pointy version may work better for some, these almost have a 60's vibe... hmmm or maybe they're slightly more 80's?  Whichever they're definitely more ladylike than the more traditional boot that I think has a rather masculine vibe (I'm not going to say Max Wall again but....) 

Lolly Dawson in Taupe Suede £57

Speaking of classic - fear not, I present you with the Mariella Busby from Clarks in black leather £80

If you can't decide between a brogue and a Chelsea Boot then Clarks have solved your problem with the Hamble Maze in black at £79.99

I love the cuban heel of the Cubana boots I have (the clue is in the title....) but there are lots of options which also have a heel, however they're a block heel. 

H by Hudson Bronte Chelsea Ankle Boots £160

M&S are on form this season with their leather boots and the Chelsea Boot is no exception with a great block heel version in patent. 

Leather Chelsea Boots with Insolia £69

Also in a black patent, again £69

More Oxblood available at Whistles - Bryton Oxblood flat Chelsea Boot £160

And finishing with my left field pair of not so classic Leopard print non leather ones from Monki.  How cute are these?

Monki Selina Leopard Print Chelsea Boots £40

So have you succumbed to Chelsea Boots yet in the ankle boot department?  Do you have the same problem as me with the Max Wall/golf club effect (and I don't even have feet that big).  If you do, I can highly recommend a pair with a slightly higher heel. 

Here I am in them from yesterday - love this outfit.  

Camel and navy jumper - M&S
Navy dress coat - H&M
Distressed skinnies - Zara
Cubana boots in conker - Penelope Chilvers 
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe 


Great day today at my Annie Sloan painting course with three fab friends.  I simply cannot wait to get cracking on more housey projects.  Put it this way, if it's not nailed down, I shall be painting it.  Actually even if it is, I'll give it a good old go.  Anyone else mastered the Annie Sloan chalk paint gig?  Top of my list of things that must be done are 14 dining chairs, a small kitchen table, two lamp tables, a whole host of mirrors, two steamer chairs and a wardrobe that's so stupidly large we can't even get it out of a bedroom so I'm going to have to just paint it and make it 6yr old boy appropriate.  Not much then..... (I shan't be doing any of this in my new boots..!) 

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  1. It's like you read my mind, i am 2 weeks in of trying to find a chelsea boot that i love and have an image of how i want it to look and work but failing so far. i thought it was going to be so easy as its such a classic boot i couldnt see how it was going to be so difficult. thanks for sharing your finds will be venturing out again on the hunt for my boots.
    Annie sloan (ing) furniture for my oldest and her new house at the moment. Enjoy.

  2. I looooooooove the Whistles ones so much! But I thought better and bought the clarks Lollys. Been wearing them a lot! Like the PC's but not at £300 sadly!

  3. Love a Chelsea boot and for me the more classic the better, ie flat and yes, slightly masculine. Am doing a Annie Sloan course on Sat and can't wait!

  4. Re-decorating as we speak........if it's not nailed down everything is getting a coat of Farrow and Ball!!!!!!!...... It's getting a little bit addictive?!?!

  5. I bought the blue suede ones from Topshop with the slight heel as I had the same problem as you. I think its because there's no detailing or laces across the front so it makes them look longer iyswim? I love mine too but a little bit cheaper F xx

  6. I have these, which I mainly wear for work:

    On me, the don't look quite right with skinnies, and I tend to wear them with opaque tights and structured dresses. Randomly, I always get compliments on the boots!

    I love your Marcie bag. Could I ask a question, please? I'm toying with the new iteration of the Marcie satchel or the Mulberry Alexa. I have yet to see them side-by-side, and am contemplating a long drive this weekend to do so. Do you have any sense as to how they compare? And how is your Marcie faring? (I've tried on the Alexa several times, and the Marcie hobo, but not the satchel version). Thank you :-)

    1. I have the Mulberry Alexa and find the only problem is you need to pack the bag out to keep the shape, so I tend to put a scarf in to pack it out a bit ;)

    2. Yeah, the floppiness is a slight concern (I'm a bayswater girl usually) - I'd get a samorga liner for it. [First world] decisions, decisions :-)

  7. I bought the oxblood patent M&S ones but had to return them. I also had an image of how they would look on me but the reality was the opposite- whilst I am not small at 5'7" I am longer in the body than legs (damn genetics) and when I had them on with skinny jeans or tights and dress I looked like a dwarf! The Penelope Chilvers ones are fab on you but then you are blessed with long long legs, you bitch! Haven't caught the Annie Sloan bug yet but everyone else around me seems to so I may have to investigate

  8. I LOVE those boots but sadly out of my price range

  9. Hi also just discovered the Annie Sloan paint, haven't done anything yet, but have a few pieces; walnut side tables etc that all a bit dated and were initially purchased when we lived in a Victorian property and have since moved to more modern. Will look forward to seeing what you do and how it turns out. Going to get a sample pot the weekend and start experimenting. Oh and nice boots but still yearning for the toga pulla boots xx

  10. Gorgeous boots! I have the Next Western Chelsea boots - I like that they tick two trends in one, I'm always up for a bit of multitasking :-)

    Becky x

  11. Beautiful boots! Lucky you, they were send to you?! I have a simular pair in navy from as spanish brand, Catharina Martins, and they too have a slight higher heel but they are chunkier then yours. I've had them for two years now, so third season of wearing and they are still very good. which makes me happy because they were in the same pricerange a the Penelope chivers. Is Catarina Martins sold in the UK?

  12. Oh they're so lovely with the Cuban heel but way out of my price range unfortunately :(. I love Annie Sloan paint & am sorely tempted to paint my huge kitchen dresser but it was ridiculously expensive & I'm scared I won't like it!! I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your housey blogs :) x

  13. Love your new boots Kat! Really gorgeous. I bought a pair of Chelsea boots myself recently-different style heel to the ones you have. Was looking for a plain pair but when I saw these I liked the buckle detail on them. They are super comfortable too.

  14. Great post as always! I love Chelsea boots, but they just always look better on other people than myself! LOVE Annie Sloan!! Chest of drawers, bedside tables, hallway bench, table and chairs...done! So easy and always looks great! Looking forward to more housey blogs from you xxx

  15. My mam always said I looked like Max Wall in my skinny jeans and chelsea boots! So I've worn DM's, converse hi-tops and.of course skinny knee boots for over twenty years now. Fashion sure does come full circle, I'm almost trendy now, at 40!
    (5'11" and skinny of leg)

  16. I bought some tan leather ones in the Zara sale last year, only 45 quid and lovely soft leather. So this year I thought I'd get some black ones, and I think I must have tried on every pair out there - too short, too chunky, uncomfortable... Eventually found the perfect ones in good old JL, Lone Star boots for £99. You could try this pic of Vicky Beckham for inspiration how to wear them -

  17. Damn Max Wall! Took me a long time before I could wear leggings, jeggings or skinny jeans without my mum's words 'you look like Max Wall!' ringing in my ear.

  18. I have a pair of Chelsea boots from the 90s that are still going strong although I have had them re souled . As for Annie Sloan its brilliant you can literally paint everything but be warned it is very addictive , I have now taken to buying second hand furniture just to paint and as I call it shabby shit it !

  19. I have only 1 pair and they are my favorite ankle boots. Alexander McQueen with a tall heel and wingtip details. I love the color of your new boots!

  20. Love the M&S ones!! Yours are also fab but just a tad expensive. As for the painting I love Annie Sloan paint. Spent last summer painting everything in site lol. I bought a second hand cabinet and wanted to use it as a bookcase. It turned out really well even if I do say so myself. I used the duck egg blue and yellow, covered the mirrors in wallpaper, added new handles and that was my masterpiece finished- I am still so proud, can u tell? Good luck with it all- enjoy xx

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  26. What a lovely post! So fashionable, so cool. Love your views on Chelsea boots and sweet detail. All the photos you showed in this post made me crazy. But I have to admit the Hudson Bronte Chelsea Ankle Boots snatched my prompt attention.