Seeing as it's the only discount around this weekend...

... I have spent the last hour having a rather enjoyable peruse through the Boden site.  25% off till Thursday (code X4K7).  For a start I need to think about Christmas presents and the Elves that bring the kids jamas on Christmas Eve *always* need a hand...... 

And I keep seeing gems about the place on tinterweb, Instagram and in magazines that are from Boden.  Haven't really given them a look this season but with 25% off (and I found a voucher in a drawer I got given last Christmas that I'm assuming doesn't have an expiry date), I'm wondering if there is something that I need.  

What I definitely do need to do, now that it's officially Autumn, is go through my wardrobe and make a proper list of what I think there is missing.  So this week, I will be putting together a list of my Must Haves for A/W (some of which I have already covered in posts) but hopefully it will throw up any holes if there are any.   

Starting with scarves.  I have ummed and ahhed about a check scarf.  They are on the ubiquitous side and whilst I love them on other people, interestingly I have tried a couple on and they look horrendous on me.  I veer more towards the Tony Hadley in Spandau Ballet circa mid 80's look as opposed to a cool and sophisticated 41 year old in 2014.  Darn it.  Although to be fair, it's not as if I don't have enough scarves.... I feel much more comfortable in my beloved leopard print. 

However I love these that are slightly different from the more popular colourways out there (in fact the first does remind me of my Zara coat from last year - oh I see your scarf and raise you a whole check coat!)

Skye Scarf was £39 now £29.25 in cream check

Yellow Check 

Speaking of leopard print however, I am rather in love with these leather gloves. 

Westminster Gloves were £69 now £51.75

Moving onto one of my favourite items which I bang on about way too frequently - dresses.   I did have The Perfect Dress from Boden last year - wore it twice and each time, it was complimented heavily and no-one could believe it was from Boden.  Then I washed it and the leopard print ran.  I STILL have to call them about it - but I'm sure they will be absolutely fine and give me a credit note - which means that I then have to replace it.  Nothing similar this season (which is a real shame as it was a great great dress - well, apart from the fact the colours ran, a problem which I know other people had as well....) 

But top of my list instead would be this lace dress. 

Luxurious Lace Dress in navy and pewter was £149 now £111.75

For me though, I think it would have to classic black. 

I do wonder though, if this one is perhaps more me.  Now I know it's Boden but actually, I think if you told me this was Kenzo, I'd probably believe you.  Put with some killer ankle boots and you're set for the evening in a dress that looks as if it cost three times as much. 

Eliza Dress in Peacock Blue was £99 now £74.25

Or in the grey peacock

Have been a big fan of Boden jeans for a while now and I keep meaning to try their other skinnies.  Love the detailing on these casual zip jeans in both the zip at the ankle and the seam detail through the leg. 

Casual Zip jeans in Raven were £59 now £44.25

In faded fatigue

And in the aubergine 

Speaking of things that go well together, was rather taken with that top in the pic above with the Raven jeans and what do you know - it's the top version of the bird print dress that I love.  Pleasing to know that I'm consistent at least. 

Eliza Top in navy abstract floral was £69 now £48.30

In the red watercolour spot was £69 now £41.40

In fact I love this look above inordinately.  It seems to be saying from the webpage that the jeans are the Zip ones in raven (although I can't see any seam detailing on the legs so I think someone is fibbing.....) but the shoes are definitely the Jackie shoes.  Which have sold out in black.... (see how popular Boden is?!) 

However they do still have them in silver and I think these could be the perfect addition to a Christmas outfit from last year instead of buying a whole new dress.  Just fling on new shoes.  Would also look great with jeans and a casual top for a pub night out.  Or with skinny black smarter jeans or capri pants for an alternative festive outfit. 

Jackie Heels in silver were £99 now £74.25  The perfect heel height.  LOVE 'em.

So now I've gone to look at the super skinny jeans to see if any one of them might be the above ones (as I'm sure they're not the zip jeans) and I am officially pissed off.  Actually make that Pissed Off.  WHY did I not look at Boden before?  GAH.  

They do have these left in some sizes but not very many (and not mine) 

Super Skinny jeans in metallic pewter were £69 now £51.75 These look so like a Helmut Lang pair I nearly bought last year, I want to cry.  That weren't £50 odd.

Plus they do a waxed one which I think in fact might be the ones in the pic with the Eliza top above

Knitwear I am going to get obsessed with this week (even more so than I am already) and so will just touch on a couple which I think might be super useful. 

Firstly this to hide a multitude of "can't go to the gym as I'm too busy/ in reality can't be arsed" sins. 

Textured Off Duty Jumper was £89 now £66.75 - personally I'd go for it in the charcoal or navy as I do love this colour but would like something slightly more neutral.

I have a multitude of research to do but in the meantime, I like the look of this Roll Neck and will try for sure (free delivery and free returns, it's rude not to, isn't it?) 

Favourite Roll Neck was £49 now £36.75

Of course though, I would buy in the black. 

Or maybe the navy - I definitely don't have a navy one..... 

So I'm off to lick my missing out on the pewter jeans wounds and order the dress (peackock or grey...) and the jumpers with my voucher and ring them tomorrow about my dress disaster (I promise it wasn't me as I know it has happened to a very good friend of mine with exactly the same dress) 

Anything I've missed that you think is a must have?  Do you love Boden, have you been converted in recent years or are you still of the "Johnny is Evil" brigade? (not evil evil obviously just comedy evil....)  For the record, I have zero, diddly squat, nada to do with Boden although I was invited to their press day this week for S/S next year but couldn't go as it was the same day as the hospital appt for my daughter last Wed. (I had thought her appt was later but clearly I am disorganised as a disorganised thing and when I thought I had to pick her up at 3, I realised that morning her appt was at 3. I'd be dangerous if I had a brain......) 

Anyhoo, outfits from yesterday - ridiculously hungover and heaven's knows why I'm smiling, although it did improve through the day, made better by hair of the dog later. 


Black and cream striped jumper - Joseph

Black coated jeggings - Dorothy Perkins
Black coat - Zara (this is the coat that I bought in the sales that I wasn't sure whether to keep or not - super pleased I did actually)
Black wedge trainers - Russell & Bromley
Black Faridah hobo bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs. 

And a special treat photo of me looking like a tool in a high-vis vest.  Up with the lark and at the Rugby Club for 9am where for 90 minutes I was mostly abused for telling people that the car park was full.  Charming.   But on the upside, the 8yr old after his catastrophic days yesterday and on Friday, had an amazing morning and got Man of the Match (obviously I cried)


High-vis vest - on loan (quelle domage)

Down quilt jacket - Ilse Jacobsen
Black coated jeggings - Dorothy Perkins
Black wellies - Ilse Jacobsen

Is everyone else sorted for this season?  Lots of stuff on your wishlist still to get?  I shall be doing a run down of what is a must for me which hopefully will be useful to some.  Off for a glass of wine, whilst the smalls all watch a movie and The Husband cooks me dinner later.  Perfect.  (except I've just remembered all the washing including uniforms is still in the machine. *&*(*£$%!!!) 

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9 comentarios:

  1. I'm managing to tick off some wishes by getting things for Christmas! There's a fab sale on Zoe Karssen stuff at My Wardrobe, so have ordered a blue bat tshirt and star joggers. Also pulled the trigger on a faux fur coat, a leopard short one from Next - the only one I've found that is slim cut so I don't look like a linebacker in it! As far as check scarves go, I got the beigey one from Mango in the last 30% off sale, well pleased with it.

  2. I am quite addicted to Boden and it's all your fault. Ha! Everything I have bought from there I have loved and worn a zillion times and it still looks new. Can't argue with the quality. Another blogger said Boden is to clothing what Clarks is for shoes and I have to agree. I may just have to get those leather gloves but apart from that I am done for Winter.

  3. I have a love/hate thing with Boden....I love the pieces, they hate me!! Seriously, they just don't suit me for some bizarre reason but I love seeing them on others! I do love their bags though :). I think the peacock dress would look amazing on you x

  4. Lovely picks, Kat. I have the off duty jumper in this colour and I love it! I've managed to resist and just bought the hubby some bits and pieces (I can't quite believe it myself!). Lynne xx

  5. Oh goodness, I've got wildly distracted by your high-vis outfit. Love the Ilse numbers! On the subject of tricky to dress for parental occasions, could we possibly have a post on what to wear to the school Mums' Christmas night out for a meal in a country pub? So so tricky and wd be enormously appreciative! X

  6. Oh you bought the Ilse Jacobsen boots and jacket! I need new wellies as I discovered my cheapies have split horrendously during a muddy walk yesterday.

    I need to do that Autumn/Winter list thing as I realised I'm short of long-sleeved tops for layering as several of last year's have been relegated to pyjamas.

    How do you find the boots? I have an Ilse raincoat that I love.


  7. Hadn't seen the peacock dress really really like it in the grey and the off duty polos look perfect...and those jeans...mmm actually maybe I have the same in my wardrobe somewhere...I am inspired off to check out Boden avec le discount!! Xx

  8. I just love that you co-ordinated your scarf to the hi-vis jacket!

  9. love the black zara coat bought mine last april and lived in it with jeans and trainers...have had lots of compliments...lovely squishy fabric!
    PS Do have a look at the marks and spencer tartan blanket coat (navy, burgundy, rust, blue with fringing down the front)...its very cool, I got it at the weekend...I thought I may belt it but its better left hanging loose!