Oh the weather outside is frightful....

...well ok so it's not that bad but yesterday I did have to do the first scrape of the car this season.  Even though I am refusing to fully accept that we are deep in the depths of Autumn (today I have bare feet and pumps on - I'm hard I am/foolish), the John Lewis Christmas Ad is out.  

Open the floodgates and let the Christmas shopping begin.  And that also means, it's time for me to break out the Christmas jumper.  AKA The Val Doonican.

Yes I have one.  Ok, so mine may just be a silver jumper (therefore not full on Val) but it's a full on silver jumper that I LOVE.  It must be three years old now and it had sold out everywhere that year in Zara - one of my fabulous friends managed to track it down for me and since then, I wear it regularly all season. 

But this year, as the jumper is definitely the New Coat for me this year, my head may have been turned and I may feel the need to crank up the Christmas knitwear volume. 

Being a lover of all things Scandi, I keep coming across some fantastically Sandi inspired sweaters.  So I'm not talking full on Rudolph jobs, complete with pompom nose, but certainly something with a little bit more Seasonal detail may be worth considering. 

I am definitely a dress person on Christmas Day but for Christmas Eve or Boxing Day, a jumper with a pair of skinnies could be a great relaxed alternative.  And hell, why keep it just for Christmas week - like I say, I crack out the silver number as soon as I throw out the pumpkin and have been known to wear it on my birthday which is in January.  I think we could say as a rule of thumb - until we no longer have to scrape the windscreen in the morning.

Boden this year have really got into the spirit of detailed knitwear. 

The High Jinks Jumper (I'm saying nothing about the name........I can sort of forgive them as it's a pretty cool jumper) £99 this is actually the silver melange....

Love the navy version

Or gold rush

If a jumper isn't your thing then they also do a cardigan version.  Ideal for layering. 

Fair isle Cardigan from Boden £89

Love the colourway of this one - perfect with a cream layer underneath, distressed skinnies and a camel/tan coat.  In mouse £89

Another fairisle yoke version at New Look for £22.  This would be great to add interest to a monochrome outfit.  Or just add it to an all black outfit. 

White Fairisle Yoke Jumper from New Look £22 

Staying with the monochrome theme, I haven't talked about them yet but they are big this season which I am over the moon about as I have two (*punches air*) - ponchos. 

This is Val does the Good the Bad and the Ugly.

Fringed Poncho from Next in mono fairisle pattern £35 

Or in the cream fairisle version £35  This teamed with denim and tan boots would be wonderful for a traditional Boxing Day walk (just make sure you don't go anywhere too muddy... my recommendation for an alternative would be a quick stroll to the nearest pub)

What's more festive than red?  This is a modern take on a traditional theme at M&S - ribbed and jacquard. 

Jacquard Retro Christmas Jumper £29.50 - this one definitely looks better on a slim fit - would also look great with an A line skirt (leather perchance?) and ankle boots for a smarter look or dressed down with boyfriend jeans.

Next have some lambswool rich jumpers with an all over fairisle pattern which are a rather bargainous £35.  These I think would work best on the loose side, so I'd probably size up.  I'm thinking these need to be slouchy, screaming comfy sofas and a warm snuggly fire (mulled wine and a mince pie obligatory)

In Ecru 

And in navy £35

A similar all over theme but for me this colourway wins hands down from White Stuff 

Mino Printed Jumper £47.50 Another one that would benefit from being a snugger fit.  This would look great under a navy blazer with a mustard/yellow scarf.  Gorgeous.

Now I haven't done fluffy jumpers yet (there may be a reason for this) but I have to say I'm not averse to the fluffy fairisle navy one at Dorothy Perkins - £28

Navy definitely does seem to be one of the most popular ways to wear fairisle - this is teamed with a lovely pink - stunning with a huge navy coat, jeans and boots.   I also like the turtle neck detail to it.

Brushed Fair Isle Yoke Jumper £45 Marks and Spencer

This for me ticks all the boxes - I'd wear with faded jean, grey jeans or even drag out the old white ones with a navy or grey coat.  Who would have thought a Christmas jumper could look so sophisticated?

Pale Blue High Neck Snowflake Sparkle jumper from New Look £24.99

And on the subject of the John Lewis ad, instead of buying a Monty penguin for £95 (SERIOUSLY??  The name is very very close to my heart but a) Monty is a dog's name if we're going to attribute names to animals and b) NINETY FIVE QUID for a small stuffed toy?  I'm assuming it can actually swim and makes Christmas dinner for that price.....) why not get into the Christmas spirit with a Festive Penguin Jumper. 

I know, I know I said I wasn't going to go down the comedy route but I love this.  I really REALLY love this.  I love it so much I may well order it.   Adore it with the white jeans (I'm thinking biker boots and an oversized black coat.....) or a grey coat, black jeans and black boots.  Time of the month for me maybe?!  Have I gone overboard on the Val front?

Festive Penguin Jumper from Boden £79

So anyone else join in with the tradition of a Christmas jumper?  Are you full on snowman that lights up and sings Jingle Bells or more of an understated nod to the theme?

Finishing with outfits from yesterday.  Yes, I underestimated how chilly it was during the day and whilst I had warm ankles I may have had a cold neck.  Remedied with a scarf today. 


Paisley silk top - Zara
Navy boucle blazer - Zara
Real Straight jeans (these are an old style in a size too big and are enormous.  I swear they grow with each wear....) - Gap
Navy Newbury boots - Rag & Bone
Whisky Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe 

And last night for a lovely supper in the local pub with girlfriends. 


Logo Tee with foil sleeves - Captain Tortue

Black blazer - Topshop
Real Straight jeans - Gap
Studded ankle boots - Zara

Off out tonight for an Abba tribute evening at a local Italian restaurant with friends.  The food is absolutely amazing at this restaurant - the best Italian food I've ever eaten in the UK bar none but the average age is usually about 65....... However there are six of us going so hopefully it will be a laugh.  I have been reassured it's not fancy dress....... (and I still have no idea of what I'm going to wear.  I'm off out in twenty minutes so I must go and haul something out of the wardrobe and fling some more make up on) 

Hope everyone else has a fab evening. x

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11 comentarios:

  1. http://www.clothingattesco.com/knitwear/f+f-sequin-front-jumper/invt/bm422273
    I am thrilled with this subtle snowflake jumper that I threw in my trolley last week!

  2. Sorry, but much as I love Johnny I am not prepared to spend 79 of my hard-earned English pounds on a penguin jumper that would probably get worn once or twice as a bit of a novelty, even with 25% off (diminishing discount starts again on Sunday with 25% off everything). The gold fairisle I can get on board with - I blogged it today too! - but I still think much of Boden's knitwear is crazily overpriced

    If you want to get really festive, M&S have some rather fetching reindeer sweatshirts with actual bells attached!! For just £19.50, you too can jingle incessantly and drive the rest of your family potty for the entire Christmas period. Now that's what I call great value :-))

    Becky x

  3. I bought the same penguin version from the Johnnie B range. Being diminutive means I fit age 11-12!

  4. Oooh like that Tesco one! Sorry Kat, we part ways on these. The turtleneck ones just look darn itchy and the others a 5 min wonder that I might get fed up of (except the Boden ones perhaps) Strange how the tacky Xmas jumper thing has taken off -

  5. Gap have some lovely festive jumpers this season too. Question, how do you organise your wardrobe? By colour or style? Have just had mine done and can't work out best way!

  6. Got to love a Christmas jumper! Fab picks here, Kat. Lynne xx

  7. I've been looking for a Fairisle dress for two winters. Got this picture of Wham's Last Christmas in my head, floating around putting Christmas decorations up in Christmas Eve and serving hot mince pies. In reality I'll be running around like a headless chicken and screaming at any one who crosses my path. I love the White Company one, actually I love them all. You look gorgeous Kat x

  8. Having a bah humbug moment. Can t bear Xmas jumpers. Was once given an awful one from my brother which I thought was a joke . I couldn't t stop laughing at its awfulness but it turned out to be a serious present.

  9. I also think that some of the above jumpers would look ok on someone size 12 and under but any bigger and you ç look like an extra from Last of the summer wine

  10. I will not buy anything Boden because I think they donate to the Tories, but I can recommend the fun and reasonable ones from M&S

  11. Can you show us your fabled silver jumper please?